The Skyfi Labs Winter Training Program for Aeromodelling/ Automobile/ Mechanical Engineering Students

on Quadcopter and RC Aircraft, IC Engine and Automobile Prototyping, CNC Machine using Arduino and 3D Printing

Mehanical, Electronics, Aeronautical and Automobile Engineering are areas that demand a lot of hands-on experience inorder to excel. Good practical experience of working in projects/ developing good projects helps students a lot in campus placements (especially core jobs) and in getting admission to good universities for higher students. So it is very important for students interested in Mechanical/ Aeronautical/ Automobile/ UAVs/ Drones to develop hands-on experience as early in their studies as possible.
Skyfi Labs Winter Training Program for Mechanical/ Aeronautical/ Automobile/ Electronics engineers utilizes your winter holidays effectively to give you an opportunity to develop this experience. As part of the 6 day Winter Training Program, you will develop projects and apply theory to build working models. The training program is designed to give you tremendous practical experience into applying the concepts of Mechanical/ Automobile/ Electronics and Aeronautics and develop the skills needed to excel in a career in these areas. The courses offered in the Winter Training Program are:
  1. IC Engine and Automobile Prototyping - Where you will work hands-on on an IC Engine and also develop a working prototype of an automobile
  2. Quadrotor and RC Aircraft - Where you will design and develop working models of Quadrotors and RC Aircraft and test them.
  3. 3D Printing and CNC Machine using Arduino - Where you will build a 3D printer and a CNC Machine and use those machines to develop other sample models.
The program is designed to start from basics and give very good practical/ hands-on experience to students. The Winter Training Program is being offered at 10 Cities across India including - Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Delhi(Noida), Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Trichy and Vijayawada. The schedule of this program is set in such a way that it matches with the winter vacations in the each city so that students can utilize this opportunity and develop projects that will help them build a strong career ahead.