Skyfi Innovation Club

Start the club in your college. Help students build innovative projects. Showcase at National Level.

Applications to start clubs are now open for the 2nd season. Last date to apply is 25 October!

Applications closed

Following the success of Skyfi Innovation Club in the 1st season, we have opened up the slots for 2nd season to provide opportunity for new colleges. Students with good leadership skills & interested to form technical clubs in their college can utilize this opportunity. Run the club successfully in college and stand a chance to make the club as the best Skyfi Innovation Club in India & win exciting awards.

Form your team and submit your application online with all details

Form your team & submit application online providing all details. Deadline: 25 Oct.

Upon interview results, you will be granted permission to start the club

2. Start the club

Upon interview results, you will be granted permission to start the club

Enroll student members & help them build base project using Skyfi Labs courses

3. Run the club

Enroll student members & help them build base project using Skyfi Labs courses

Help student members to innovate the project & participate in the final competition

4. Final Competition

Help student members to innovate the project & participate in the final competition

What is Skyfi Innovation Club?

Skyfi Innovation Clubs are student-led clubs in Colleges that help member students to learn and build innovative engineering projects. They act as a platform for members to develop and showcase their skills. These clubs utilize the leadership qualities of student managers along with the technology resources of Skyfi Labs to spread innovation in Engineering Students within their campus.
We will only accept limited applications from colleges, as we want to make sure that the clubs established comes out with 100% success.

Activities of Skyfi Innovation Clubs

All Skyfi Innovation Clubs run throughout the year and follow a specific schedule as given below. The Student Leaders of each club coordinate and help students in their college follow the schedule.
The activities of the club are divided into the following:

  • Stage 1: Build a Base Project - Base Project helps students get started with hands-on project building and teaches them all the concepts needed. Kit needed for this would be sent by Skyfi Labs and the students can use the kit along with online tutorials to build this. Students will definitely be able to complete the project using the kit, course and support from the student leaders and Skyfi Labs Engineers.
  • Stage 2: Innovate on the Base Project - This is where students extend their base projects to build complex innovative projects. There will be no ready kit or tutorials for this but the students should use the concepts learnt in their Base Project to do this. Support will be provided by Skyfi Labs engineers and student managers as needed.
  • Stage 3: Demo of Final Project at Bangalore - Shortlisted students from above stages will be invited to Bangalore to present their projects in front of industry experts from top engineering companies. This is an excellent platform for students to showcase their skills at a national level. Best project will earn an award of Rs 25,000.

How to start a Skyfi Innovation Club?

Skyfi Innovation Clubs can be started by students with good leadership skills and a passion to improve innovation in their community.

Step 1: Selection of Leadership Team: A team of 3 students (who are in 3rd year) is selected from each college to run the club. The applicants will be interviewed and selected students would be permitted to start the clubs in their colleges.

Following posts would be selected:

  • Manager of Club: Responsible to run & lead the club
  • Assistant Manager - Technology: Responsible to provide technology assistance to the student members by coordinating with Skyfi Labs team as needed.
  • Assistant Manager - Operations: Responsible for planning and running activities to help the student members in their projects.

The above 3 will be selected after interviews from Skyfi Labs. These 3 can further select a team of upto 5 members (from 1st & 2nd year) to help them run the club.
Apply by 25 October. Results will be announced by 10 November.

Step 2: Enrolling Club Members: The leadership team will undertake steps to enroll interested students in the college as members.

Schedule of Skyfi Innovation Club

Stage 0: Application & Selection of Innovation Clubs (Oct 10 - Nov 10)

Stage 1: Build Base Project as foundation (Nov 11 - Jan 31)

Step 1: Selection of Base Project - Members should select a base project (Max of 5 members/team) on which they will further innovate in next stage. The base project provides the foundation where students learn and build the project under expert guidance. Technical concepts, Kits and Support to build the base project is provided through Skyfi Labs Online project Based Courses. Deadline for students to pick their base projects and register is 30 November.

Step 2: Start building projects using Skyfi Labs Online Project Based Courses - Student Members will recieve the kits depending on the base project they chose to do within 10 days. Students in this stage will follow the Learn-Do-Review Methodology of Skyfi Labs courses to learn and build the base projects. Student members are expected to start working by Dec 1.

Step 3: Complete the project & Submit video assignment - Student Members should complete their base projects using Skyfi Labs Online Courses and submit the final assignment including a demo of their project by Jan 31.

Stage 2: Innovate on Base Project (Feb 1 - Mar 31)

Students who complete stage 1 within the deadline are allowed to enter stage 2. In this stage, students innovate to extend their base project into a more advanced project. Students can use additional concepts and components in this stage as needed. Deadline to submit the final project is Mar 31.

Stage 3: Final Demo in Bangalore - Mid May

The innovative engineering projects submitted in Stage 2 would undergo a round of selection through public vote and the shortlisted students would be invited to demo their projects live in Bangalore. Students get an opportunity to present their projects in the presence of industry experts from some of the best technology companies and use it as a great platform to showcase their innovative engineering skills. Prize money of Rs. 25,000/- will be awarded to the final winner selected by a panel consisting of industry experts.

Skyfi Innovation Club Schedule

Role of Student Leaders in the Club

Student Leaders (managers and asst managers) selected by interviews run the club in their college. Their role includes coordinating with the student members, providing them the necessary technical and other help needed by them to follow the schedule. The Student Leaders coordinate with Skyfi Labs team, provide inputs and feedback from student members and play a very active role in streamlining the entire program. All Student Leaders would get high quality Leadership and Technical Training from Skyfi Labs free of cost and would be invited to the final demo. Each year, at the end of the season, all student leaders would get certificates and best performing leaders get awards and recognition for their work in improving innovation among their peers. Best Leaders would be selected based on the number & quality of innovative projects done by the members of their clubs in various stages and their ability to run the club smoothly.

Applications closed

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