Engineering Workshops in Faridabad

Past Workshops happened in Faridabad

Engineering students need practical exposure to improve their skills and employability. Skyfi Labs project based courses to give students the hands-on experience needed to improve their skills. Students build projects as part of our programs and learn in the process.

These are the past workshops organized in Faridabad:

20 Jan 2017 Glider Making Delhi Public School, Faridabad
05 Sep 2014 RC Aircraft Design Lingayas University
05 Sep 2014 CFD Lingayas University
30 Aug 2014 RC Aircraft Design Ymca institute of engineering

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About Faridabad

Faridabad is the largest city in the north Indian state of Haryana, in Faridabad district. The district shares its boundaries with the National Capital and Union Territory of Delhi to its north, Gu Know More..