Upcoming Technology Workshops in Vijayawada

A number of Technology workshops happen in Vijayawada. The following workshops are scheduled in near future. Enroll today and learn Technology practically!

Sorry we cannot find any Technology workshops happening in Vijayawada the near future.

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Recent workshops in Vijayawada

Engineering students need practical exposure to improve their skills and employability. Skyfi Labs project based courses to give students the hands-on experience needed to improve their skills. Students build projects as part of our programs and learn in the process.

These are the past workshops organized in Vijayawada:

04 Jun 2018 Robotic Arm and Walking Robot Skyfi Labs Center
04 Jun 2018 Structural and Foundation Analysis Skyfi Labs Center
04 Jun 2018 Quadrotor and RC Aircraft Skyfi Labs Center
04 Jun 2018 7 Robots in 6 Days Skyfi Labs Center
04 Jun 2018 2 IoT Projects in 6 Days Skyfi Labs Center
04 Jun 2018 4 Smart Energy Projects in 6 days Skyfi Labs Center
28 Apr 2018 Sphere Drone Skyfi Labs Center
07 Apr 2018 Quadrotor Skyfi Labs Center
31 Mar 2018 Tall Buildings Skyfi Labs Center
26 Mar 2018 Animatronic Hand Skyfi Labs Center

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About Vijayawada

Vijayawada literally translates to "The Place of Victory". It is also known as Bezawada . It is the third largest city in Andhra Pradesh, India and is located on the banks of the Krishna River, bounde Know More..