Engineering Workshops in Kakinada

Past Workshops happened in Kakinada

Engineering students need practical exposure to improve their skills and employability. Skyfi Labs project based courses to give students the hands-on experience needed to improve their skills. Students build projects as part of our programs and learn in the process.

These are the past workshops organized in Kakinada:

04 Mar 2017 Solar and Smart Energy Systems JNTU Kakinada
06 Jan 2017 Quadcopter Pydah College of Engineering
08 Sep 2016 Persistence of Vision Chaitanya Institute of Science & Technology
29 Sep 2015 Quadcopter Aditya Engineering College
18 Sep 2015 Gesture Based Robotics Chaitanya Institute of Science & Technology
28 Feb 2015 Quadcopter JNTU Kakinada
28 Feb 2015 Solar and Smart Energy Systems JNTU Kakinada
24 Feb 2015 Bridge Design Bonam Venkata Chalamaiah (BVC) Institute of Technology & Science
28 Mar 2014 Alternative Energy JNTU Kakinada

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About Kakinada

Kakinada is a port city and a municipal corporation in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is the headquarters of East Godavari district.The city has a population of about 550,000 urban and 896,32 Know More..