Develop practical skills.

Your curriculum is missing a very important part - practical skills. You can still develop them easily with Skyfi Labs.

Develop practical skills

Receive kits at doorstep.
Build projects using online tutorials.

200,000+ Students

35 Countries

Your college/ school curriculum is not designed for you.

Your college/ school curriculum is designed so that most of the students can graduate. You need to think beyond it to truly realize your potential.

Develop Skills
Develop practical skills

Build working projects with your own hands. Be an innovator.

Projects Portfolio
Build Projects Portfolio

Build real working projects. Think beyond grades.

Build Career
Build a career

Aim for the best jobs and higher education opportunities.

Build projects anytime, anywhere!

Build projects anytime, anywhere

Get kits to your doorstep. Build using online tutorials.

join our classroom training program

Join our classroom training program

Learn directly from experts. Get hands-on experience.

Want a workshop in your college

Organize our workshops in your college/ school

Our experts will visit your campus and provide hands-on training.

Earn by sharing your skills

Earn by sharing your skills through Skyfi Labs

Join us, share your knowledge and help students learn innovative technologies.

See what our students have built

Senior Level

Junior Level

What our customers say


"During Last 3 years more than 2300 students participated in 6-hour aeromodelling workshop by Skyfi Labs in the format of design-build-fly, as a part of "Introduction to Engineering" Course."
- Prof. PVM Rao, IIT Delhi


"I recently organised a workshop in my college & the feedback was amazing. Unique ID certificates, online study materials & workshop feedback data given by Skyfi Labs was really impressive"
- Sumana S, SIT Pune


"I recently completed Home automation online course & the experience was awesome. Everything was perfect from the hardware kits to support & the best part is the methodology they use for learning"
- Rohit Kumar, Kendriya Vidyalaya

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