Which projects do you want to build this summer?


Structural & Foundation Analysis


Get hands-on experience on SAP 2000, ETABS & SAFE software

₹ 2990

IC Engine & Automobile Prototyping


Assemble, dismantle IC engine & design a RC car prototype

₹ 2990

7 Robots in 6 Days


Learn & build 7 different robots from basics to advanced

₹ 2990

6 Days Computer Vision Bootcamp


Learn & build 3 different computer vision projects of your choice

₹ 3990

6 Days Embedded Systems Bootcamp


Learn & build 3 different embedded projects of your choice

₹ 3990

6 Days Mechatronics Bootcamp


Learn & build 3 different mechatronics projects of your choice

₹ 3990

6 Days IoT Bootcamp


Learn & build 3 different IoT projects of your choice

₹ 3990



Get hands-on experience on Primavera & ArchiCAD software

₹ 3490

Total Station & GIS


Work with total station equipment & perform mapping using Q-GIS

₹ 5990

Quadrotor & RC Aircraft


Learn, design & build 2 different UAV projects

₹ 4490

FAQs about summer training programs:

What are summer training programs?

Summer training programs provide a great opportunity for you to utilize your summer vacation in the right way. These summer training programs are designed in such a way that it makes learning by building projects super easy for you. You will develop a great hands-on learning experience by building several projects as part of these programs.

What is the duration of each summer training program?

Each summer training program is for a duration of 6 days. The classes would be held for 5-6 hours per day.

Will this summer program be theoretical or practical?

Summer training programs are designed to be very practical. You will work hands-on with kits and software to build your projects and learn in the process. Ofcourse, we will also cover some theory that is needed to learn or to recap your memory. But majority of the time would be spent on practicals.

What are the timings?

The programs will start at 8am. We will let you know of any changes by call/ email and SMS, 24 hours before the program(if any changes).

What are the domains in which summer training programs are being conducted?

Will you organize summer training programs in my college/ school if we request?

Yes, we would love to visit your college/ school and provide hands-on experience. Please click on below button and give details. Our team will contact you and give you further details about how to organize this summer training program at your campus.

Any Questions?