Drones Explorer Summer Camp (Age 10+)

  • Live 1:1 classes from experts
  • Start from zero
  • Learn the concepts
  • Develop Drones Explorer Summer Camp (Age 10+) project(s) from scratch
  • Kit shipped to you in 24 hours
  • Earn smart certificate & showcase skills
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What you'll receive
  • Drones Explorer kit delivered to your doorstep
    Drones Explorer Kit

    Your kit, tested and shipped in 24 hours

  • Learn and build your Drones Explorer projects from anywhere, anytime
    Online Live Class

    Help your kid learn directly from experts & build drones from anywhere

  • Build Drones Explorer and showcase your practical skills to the world
    Smart Certificate

    Showcase your kid's skills to the world

  • Clear your doubts on Drones Explorer through dedicated 1-1 sessions
    1:1 Live Classes

    1-1 live online sessions with the educator for your kid

What you'll build
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    Working Drone Projects

    Help your kid build cool drones in a super easy way

  • Develop technical skills by building Drones Explorer
    Analytical thinking

    Help your kid develop analytical skills and logical thinking

  • Build portfolio by building Drones Explorer
    Creativity and Problem Solving

    Ability to identify and solve problems

  • Grab the best jobs and higher education opportunities by building Drones Explorer

    Your kids will develop confidence and begin to dream big

Why Drones Explorer Summer Camp for your kid?

Your kid has a chance to create the next big technology.
If you can help your kid develop the right curiosity and confidence at a young age, that will play a big role in defining your kid's career trajectory.
Thats exactly what the Drones Summer Camp does.
It helps your kid understand how technology is taking over the world and how to solve problems using it. More importantly, the summer camp will make your kid 'enjoy' technology and builds confidence to dream big.
No prior coding or electronics experience needed. Suitable for kids with age 10+

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What your kid will learn in this summer camp?

Drones Exlporer summer camp is designed to help your kid develop expertise in the world of Drones. Your kid will learn a number of concepts and use block/ C++ programming to develop various projects using the drone kit. Your kid will practically learn about,

  1. Magnetometer
  2. Gyroscope
  3. Barometer
  4. Accelerometer
  5. Spirit Level
  6. Color Wheel
  7. Assembly & flying
  8. Flying with various modes
  9. Chuck to fly
  10. Reactive Drone
All of this would be taught in live 1:1 classes from our experts. So there is 100% attention and focus on your kid and your kid will enjoy the process of building drones.

How can your kid build this Drones Explorer project?
1) Enroll

Get the schedule of live classes. Kit will be shipped within 24 hours.

2) Learn

Your kid will learn directly from experts 1-1 through online live classes

3) Build

Your kid will use the kit & online live training to build cool drones

4) Certified

Smart certificate for your kid to showcase skills & learning to the world

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Frequently Asked Questions about Drones Summer Camp

How will my kid learn and build drones?

Schedule of live classes and kits will be sent to you within 24 Hours upon enrollment. Your kid will use the kit & learn directly from our experts in 1-1 live classes to build the drone projects.
Kits are well tested and come with a 100% replacement guarantee.
You can enroll for a free demo class to understand how it will help your kid. Pay only when you are confident and if you like our unique methodology!

How difficult will be the learning modules in this course?

The Drones Explorer summer camp is designed to help students without any prior experience. Moreover, the experts will vary the speed and method to adapt to the specific needs of your kid. Since it is 1:1 classes, this will be very efficient.

How much time will it take for my kid to complete this summer camp?

Your kid needs to attend 15 live 1-1 sessions to learn the concepts and build projects.

What will be in the Drones Explorer Summer Camp kit that I will receive?

Your kid will get all the components needed to build the projects including sensors, motors, battery and drone frame. The components are easy to understand and can be used without having to deal with complex connections/ soldering etc.

Are the components present in the kit safe for my kid to use?

Yes, the components are specially designed for kids and are very safe to use.

Why does your kit look rugged?

With Skyfi Labs your kid gets to build projects from scratch “literally”. Building projects using rugged components will give kids the confidence of a creator and helps them believe that products can be “created” rather than “assembled”.

We want your kid to believe that they don't need factory-made kits to innovate and that innovation is something that happens in their own brains. We want them to have a mindset of using components available around them for innovation and not look at amazon for kits. Lets make your kid the “real” innovator.


That said, if your kid is in the very early stages, then using readymade kits certainly will take away some friction of making connections manually and will make learning more fun. So we do use them at beginner level as recommended by our teachers in the free trial class. But we prefer to move away from them as soon as your kid is ready to move to the next level.

Can the kit be re-used after the course?

Yes, the kit can be 100% re-used and your kid will build a number of more projects after the summer camp.

Is my kid eligible for this course?

Kids with age 10+ age group can enroll in this course. No prior coding or electronics experience needed for your kid to join this summer camp. Since the live classes are held 1-1, your kid will get individual attention from our experts.

Who will clarify my kid's doubts?

During the live 1:1 classes, your kid can clarify their doubts with our experts. Since they are 1:1 sessions, your kid can ask as many questions as needed any number of times!

Should we return the kit after completing the project?

No, the kit is for your kid to keep. You need not return it after completing the project. Your kid will develop a number of projects using the kit after the summer camp.

When will the classes be scheduled?

Once you complete enrollment, your mentor will reach out to you. You can coordinate and fix the times that are best fit for your kid. That is a big advantage of 1:1 live classes.

What if my kid misses a live class?

Since it is 1:1 class, you can request the mentor to reschedule the class. The classes happen at the time you fix with the mentor.

When will the kit reach my doorstep?

The kit will be well tested and sent to you within 24 Hours. Generally it takes 2-3 working days for the kit to reach your doorstep depending on your location.

What if the components received are damaged?

The kit comes with a 100% replacement guarantee. All the components are well tested before sending them to you. In the very unlikely situation of damage during shipping, we will replace them for free of cost.

Why should I choose Skyfi Labs?

Skyfi Labs, a venture by IIT Kanpur alumni, was founded with a motive to make learning by building projects super easy for students all across the globe. Training 2,50,000+ students across 30+ countries, Skyfi Labs got prestigious awards like 2nd Best Business Venture Award, Ideas, IIT Kanpur | 30 Most Promising Startups, Next Big Idea, IIM Bangalore | Runner-up, UnLtd India Growth Challenge etc. Our courses have also been in the curriculum of IIT Delhi for the last 5 years. With such an experience, you can be rest assured that you will get quality project training from Skyfi Labs.
If you still dont like it, dont worry. We offer 100% refund if you apply within 3 days of receiving the kit.

How can I contact Skyfi Labs?

Please feel free to contact us in case of any queries. Email: info@skyfilabs.com, Toll-free: 18001237177 (10AM - 8PM; Mon - Sat)
We prefer email contact as that can be replied by the right expert who can answer your question!

What is included in the fee?

The fee you pay includes:

  • Project kit
  • Course content
  • Charges for support & shipping

Upon payment, we will also provide you with a tax invoice for the above mentioned.

Any more questions?