Are you a discerning parent looking for online courses and programs on the latest technologies for your little one? Then here is a list of the best online courses on technology for children!

Summers can be boring without anything to do and children have enough and more time after school. Use this time to develop their skills and get them future-ready. We are talking about helping your little genius build drones from scratch, design robotic hands that mimic the human hand, work on their coding skills and so many more skill sets that prepare them for the future.

The courses here at Skyfi Labs are designed to give your child a personalized experience while learning. Packed with fun learning activities and project kits that are put together in our labs, we bring you the best range of courses in STEM and Technology.

From online STEM classes for kids, Drone development, and coding classes to Aeromodelling courses in the summer; we have just the courses to keep your little one engaged. The courses come with expert trainers, mentors, guides, and kits whom your child will learn from. Along with this, you will also receive fully-equipped kits that will be delivered to your doorstep upon enrolling in the course.

With a student base of 400,000 students and counting, be a part of the future now. Children from around the world choose Skyfi Labs because we bring fun to learning. We blend play and learning together for a fun and interactive experience.

What's in it for your child?

  • One on One live sessions with expert trainers and mentors
  • Smart Certificates on course completion
  • Lifetime access to course materials and curriculum
  • Project Kits delivered within 48 hours or less
  • An experience of a lifetime!

    FAQs on Online Courses for Kids in Technology

      What are the topics included in the online courses on technology for kids?

      These courses are integrated with online classes on drones, robotics, coding, STEM, and Aeromodelling. You can also apply for the Summer camp classes on the same. They touch on a variety of subjects like Arduino, IR Sensors, building Robots from scratch, and many more interesting topics that get your child future-ready.

      Are these courses available in any country?

      Yes, they are. We have a presence in about 67 countries around the world. Since the classes and courses are online you can access the material from any part of the world.

      Are summer camps included in these courses too?

      Yes, they are.

      What is included in the course fees?

      With these fees, you will receive:

      1. Complete kit with all the necessary components to build a robot from scratch.
      2. Lifetime access to Online Course Content.
      3. Charges for support and shipping

      Do I have to return the kits once I’m done with the course?

      No, you do not have to. These kits are yours to keep. You can also reuse the kits for other projects too. In the event of a course upgradation, you will only have to pay for the course fees and for the extra components of the kit.

      Are these courses completely online?

      Yes, they are. These courses are completely online and come with fascinating multimedia content. These recorded and online classes come with all the course materials and information you need for the course. You can access the contents of the course anytime and anywhere.

      How do I clarify doubts?

      In the event of a doubt or any query, you can always schedule a chat with our trainers and mentors. They will allot or schedule a one-on-one session with you wherein you can clarify your doubts in real time.

      Are the components in this kit safe to use?

      Yes, they are. All the components are tested to the highest quality and standards and then put together in our labs. In the event of receiving damaged goods or components, you can reach out to us on our helpline number and request a replacement.

      Why should I choose Skyfi Labs?

      We understand that STEM topics, if not taught the right way, students can easily lose interest and develop a distaste for them. That's where we come into play. Skyfi Labs blends learning and play together. We help students and children develop skills in a hands-on manner through our strategically designed project-based modules.

      Another reason why you should consider choosing Skyfi Labs is, that we build the kits and deliver them to you. Now there are plenty of courses available on engineering concepts and technology, but why Skyfi Labs is a preferred option because of the convenience of learning at home in a practical manner, getting your kits delivered within 48 hours, and Smart Certificates that carry all of your achievements.

      Skyfi Labs has a presence in about 67 geographies around the world, training close to 400,000+ students and counting. This is a venture by an IIT Kanpur alumni. The company, since its inception, has received notable accolades like Ideas, 2nd Best Business Venture Award, 30 Most Promising Startups, Next Big Idea, and IIM Bangalore. We are proud to have also been an integral part of the IIT Delhi curriculum for the last 5 years straight.

      How do I contact Skyfi Labs?

      You can always get in touch with us via mail at or on our toll-free number 18001237177.

      Is Skyfi Labs present in other countries too?

      Yes, we are. We have a presence in about 67 countries around the world.

      Are these classes available in group sessions too?

      Yes, they are. You can reach out to us for more information on the same.

      Can children actually learn these courses?

      Yes, they can. These courses are designed in a manner that strengthens your foundations in a concept or a subject, even if you are a beginner or an enthusiast. The courses come with kits too. This way you familiarize yourself with the tools and the components and you also get to work on projects with your own set of tools. These courses and online programs are also designed on the lines of helping children pick up concepts and techniques right from the very first session itself. During the course of your classes, you can also schedule one-on-one sessions with our top mentors and trainers.