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Top 5 Online Robotics Classes for Kids (Updated 2023)


Online Robotics Classes for Kids are getting quite popular with parents. New Age parents know the importance of giving exposure of Robotics to their kids. Kids not only learn useful concepts in Science, Technology, Coding, Robotics etc. but also learn creativity, problem solving, and analytical thinking. This is great for kids to be ready for the future full of Robotics, AI and other technologies.

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1. Robotics Starter (Age 8+)

2. Robotics Explorer (Age 11+)

3. Robotics Champion (Age 14+)

4. Coding Champion (Age 14+)

5. Coding Starter (Age 8+)

6. Coding Explorer (Age 11+)

7. Drones Starter (Age 8+)

8. Drones Explorer (Age 11+)

9. Drones Champion (Age 14+)

In this blog, we are going to help you with the best robotics online classes for your child. In addition, we will also answer some questions that parents have on these courses
Which Robotics Kits should my child use? Which teachers are the best? Which curriculum is the best? Should I go for online robotics classes or offline robotics classes? How many robotics online classes are ideal for my child? etc. Parents have many questions like this when it comes to enrolling childen in online robotics classes. You will find answers for all of them here. If you have more questions, feel free to ask in comments below.

So which are the best robotics online classes for kids?

1) Robotics Starter Course from Playto Labs (Age 8-10): We found this course to be the best. Playto Labs developed a special robotics kit for this age group, which is very powerful and safe for kids. This kit is perfect for kids of this age group and allows kids to build thousands of projects. We have seen many other robotics classes use Arduino and other complex kits. But those kits are not ideal for this age group and are meant for senior students. So we like Playto Labs robotics kit for this reason and their course is great too. Playto Labs robotics kit and course are accredited too.
They offer 1-1 Live robotics classes and their pricing is very affordable (pricing includes our favorite robotics kit!). Know more about Playto Online Robotics Classes for kids here.

2) Robotics Explorer Course from Playto Labs (Age 11-14): This is another very good course from Playto Labs. This robotics course for kids comes with a robotics kit which is perfect for this age group and also involves coding. Students can build a large number of robotics projects using this kit. The robotics classes are 1-1 from very good teachers. The curriculum is accredited by They have very good reviews from parents and students. If you have a kid in the age 11-14, this is a very good robotics course to enroll in. They also offer a free trial class for you to know more about their teaching methodology. We found this robotics course to be quite affordable and their price includes kit and shipping costs. They ship across the globe.

3) Robotics Champion Course from Playto Labs (Age 14+): Playto Labs does a good job here too. Their robotics courses for age 14+ offer the right kind of challenge and learning. Students who have taken these courses have given very good feedback and have built amazing robotics projects that involve hardware, software, coding and AI. This definitely helps kids build a good profile for admissions to higher education for those students looking to secure admission in good universities. This course and curriculum is accredited by and come with 1-1 LIVE classes from expert teachers. Their programs are very affordable and come with kit included.

4) Robotics Classes for Kids from Game U: Game U offer robotics online classes for kids. Their courses involve standard kits available in the market like Lego and R3. They offer group classes. Their classes are expensive compared to other options available and you will have to purchase kits additionally.

5) Robotics Camp for Kids by ID Tech: ID Tech offers robotics camp for kids during the summer. These courses are good and helps kids learn robotics using some standard kits like Lego and Sphero. The courses are taught by college students and their pricing is a little expensive. You might have to purchase kits on your own (in addition to the course fee) and the kits are quite expensive too.

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How to select the right robotics online course for your child?

You should consider several factors to decide the best Robotics Online Course for your child.
- Is the robotics course for the correct age group? Selecting a wrong course can make it too complex or too easy and your child might not enjoy it.
- Is the robotics kit specially designed for this age group? There are lots of Robotics kits in the market. Selecting a wrong kit that is not fit for the age will not give the right outcomes for your child.
- Is it a teacher led course or is it self-paced/ DIY (do-it-yourself) type? 8/10 chidren feel Robotics is tough. And if you are a parent who do not have the time or expertise in Robotics, your child might face too many challenges. So we recommend courses with live tutoring from expert teachers. This ensures your child can confidently learn Robotics.
- Online Robotics Class or Offline Robotics Class? Robotics is a very new field and the best kits and courses are designed only in the last 2-3 years. These new kits and curriculum have not yet arrived to your nearest offline Robotics center. Online Robotics Companies generally develop their own kits, follow a scientific approach to curriculum designing, have well-trained teachers and have technology to control the quality of teaching. Offline Centers follow old-school methods, use kits that are old and are unable to provide the same quality and assurance as of today on the kits, curriculum and teacher. So until offline world comes up to the same standards as online, it is best to stick to online robotics classes and get the best modern kits, curriculum and teachers.
- Is it 1-1 Class or a group class? Robotics Courses are best useful when your child can openly discuss ideas without feeling judged. In a group class, your child might not speakup and not share the ideas in his/ her mind. Also the pace required for your child and the challenges your child will face while building the robots will be very unique. So to make the best of these courses, we recommend 1-1 Robotics Classes instead of group classes for kids. Although these are 1-1 classes, their pricing is still very affordable.
- Is it reasonably priced? You might know that Robotics Kits themselves are very expensive. Having a teacher in addition to this kit makes it even more expensive. But the best Robotics Training Companies have developed their own kits which are relatively cheaper. Since these companies send the kit directly to your doorstep and avoid other channels like shops/ e-commerce, their costs are lower and they are able to offer the complete package including the kit, curriculum and teacher together with a very affordable pricing. Infact, a package with the kit and 8 months of LIVE 1-1 Online Robotics Classes costs you lesser than just buying a kit from e-commerce portals!

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FAQs on Robotics Online Classes For Kids

How can I encourage my kid to learn robotics online?

Kids can learn Robotics Online by enrolling into a good robotics online course. We recommend enrolling into a course which has live online robotics classes, uses a kit that is specific for the age group, accredited by renowned bodies like, preferably teaches using 1-1 LIVE Classes. We recommend courses that run for a period of time (like a few months) instead of crash courses like summer camps. Long duration courses help children learn and absorb the content at the right pace and will be much more beneficial than short term courses.

At what age can kids learn Robotics?

Kids can start learning Robotics from age 8. By that age, they are ready to understand real world and use their logical thinking to develop solutions. They have the right amount of creativity and they can imagine lots of creative solutions. As they get older, they lose some of these learning and creative abilities. Also learning robotics at an early age helps improve children's interest towards Science and Technology. As a result, they learn their science subjects better in schools. So we recommend getting kids started in Robotics by age 8

What is coding robotics for kids?

Robotics involves coding. Kids build the robot with sensors, actuators and controllers and write programs on them to make the robots perform certain tasks. This is a great way to learn coding as they learn in real world instead of learning on a computer. Kids understand that coding is nothing but logic and that can be applied in real world to solve real world problems!

What is taught in robotics for kids?

Robotics for kids involves real-world examples and solving real-world problems using a combination of sensors, actuators, controllers and programing. Kids use the robotics kit and code them to build creative and innovative projects. The sensors and actuators work on the principles of Science. So kids learn Science (Physics, Chemistry), Technology, Logic, Coding, Problem Solving, Analytical Thinking, Creativity and other key 21st century skills through robotics. Hence, Robotics is becoming quite popular for kids.

Is robotics easy to learn for kids?

Robotics is easy to learn for kids as the kit and curriculum are made in such a way that kids can learn Robotics. Traditionally, robotics is thought of as an application of science and so people learnt Robotics only in university. In this method, kids learnt Science and Technology without really understanding the application of the concepts. So kids did not show much interest towards learning science in school. But now, people view robotics as real-world problem solving and as a tool to inspire kids to learn Science and Tehcnology. As kids see the application of science concepts in Robotics, kids today are a lot more interested to learn Science in Schools. So robotics is not the final destination but actually a great start for kids into the world of Science and Technology.

What is the scope of robotics for kids? Why should kids learn Robotics?

Robotics is going to be everywhere - from your home to roads to offices and factories. A course in robotics greatly aids the understanding of physics and maths at upper primary and high school levels. Comparatively advanced topics are dealt with, which gives your kid an edge over peers.

This is also a crucial opportunity for kids to develop the practical approach necessary to pursue a full-fledged engineering course in the future. An online course in robotics can never go to waste since it teaches your kid the essential skills such as programming, designing thinking, product development, analytical skills, and logic building.

An online course in robotics also equips kids with the skills needed to create something original. The number of young innovators and inventors in the field of robotics has been steadily increasing. Many ingenious problem-solving solutions to issues such as climate change have come from youngsters. Such work also opens opportunities to participate in world-famous events such as the Google Science Fair. This is an excellent way to introduce young talent to the STEM field.

How can I encourage my kid to learn robotics online?

Kids are still in a transformative phase where they may like to tinker with everything that they receive, to keep asking questions, and to keep exploring. This is a useful quality and if channeled in the right direction, you can use this to develop a lot of curiosity, creativity and skills in your child. So you can enroll your child in a Robotics Online Course and give the kit to your child. Your child will use the kit and take help from online tutors to build amazing robotics projects and learn a lot. You will be amazed at what your child can do! Your child will also fall in love with science and technology and will become a much better student at school!

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Taking up an online robotics class is definitely one of the most exciting things that your kid can do, especially if she is oriented towards science. We wish you all the best in your pursuit to find a good Robotics Online Course for your child. And we hope your child will love Robotics!

Top 5 Online Robotics Classes for Kids (Updated 2022)
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-12-31

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