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In the growing world of science and technology, everyone uses electronic equipment and gadgets. Kid’s today can easily operate any of the devices but does not have the capability to understand the science behind the respective gadget. Hence it is the responsibility of parent and teachers to make a child well aware of science and encourage them to ask questions. So to incorporate interest in science we bring you projects that your kid with or without your help can complete and get a break from the routine schedule and develop some analytical and motor skills.

Also, Online Robotics courses are another good way to develop skills and remove the fear of Science and Math. These courses are designed in such a way that your child instantly develops a liking to STEM concepts. Its is completely hands-on and also come with fully-equipped kits. Your child can directly learn from expert trainers, clarify doubts and work on interesting projects too! If you are loooking for the right Robotics course for your child, then here is a list of the best online robotics courses for kids.

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Some of the innovate and relatively exotic science projects based on the microcontroller Arduino which is easier to learn and make are given below

1. Gesture controlled robot – Science project


If you are amazed by the working of mechanical robots in movies or do you love playing games that are controlled by motion then the gesture-controlled robot fits in your curiosity. It not far from reality now you can make your own gesture controlled robot.

A gesture-controlled robot is based on Arduino microcontroller which can be programmed to take commands from the motion of your hand and act accordingly. You don’t need any prior experience in programming there are many courses which provide complete structure to follow but the best is available at Skyfi Labs. They provide you preprogrammed block modules that make the whole process of programming it just a piece of cake.

Click here to know more about gesture-controlled robot

2. Edge detection robot


Have you ever wondered how the self-driving car works, how is it possible for these cars to detect the surrounding and follow the correct lanes then this edge detection robot science project will answer your questions or at least will give you the basic insight of self-driving cars working?

A robot that can detect edges is known well by the name vision-guided robot. It detects and moves by an IR sensor incorporated in it responsible for detecting obstacles and also avoid falls. You can make your own edge detection robot as a science project without any programming knowledge with the help of our course.   Making an edge detection robot which can detect directions and move accordingly is a very cool thing to learn along with showcasing it at your school science expo.

Click here to build Edge detection robot as a science project

Latest projects on Robotics for kids

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3. Fire-fighting robot


Have you ever thought about how many lives are lost because of fire, if there is any solution by science to solve it without human intervention with total autonomy, then the answer is a fire-fighting robot.

This Fire-fighting robot is based on Arduino microcontroller which can be programmed to detect a fire and extinguish it. This school science project makes use of an IR sensor that can detect the location of the fire and extinguish it with the help of DC motor fan attached to the robot. Don’t get caught by the word programming you can choose a course on firefighting robot with preprogrammed block so you can avoid programming it. The link to the easy and fun to learn course for beginners to intermediate is mentioned below.

Click here to make the fire-fighting robot as a school science fair project

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4. Mobile controlled robot


Have you ever imagined when playing with a remote-controlled car how it is being controlled without any visible connection between the remote you hold and the car which is very far? Then you can learn about it and even make your own mobile controlled robot.

A mobile controlled robot is a semi-autonomous robot as it is controlled by the user through his smartphone. This science project is based on Arduino microcontroller which can be programmed to take instructions to move directly from your smartphone with the help of DTMF signal that can be received by your smartphone. To avoid the burden of programming you can opt for a scratch-based program which makes the whole process of making mobile controlled robot very much easier.

Click here to make a mobile controlled robot for a school project

5. Line follower robot


A first project was done by every school student. It is a simple science project that can be done at school level giving you a grip for your future if you are interested in robotics.

A line following robot is an autonomous robot which means that it doesn’t require any help from human to operate and can function well without it. Line follower robots can detect their surrounding and follow the line provided by the user endlessly. The line follower robot uses an IR sensor that is capable of detecting a black line and follows it to the end of the designed path. It is made with the help of an Arduino microcontroller board that can be programmed to follow the line.

This robot is programmed using scratch-based block programming modules which makes it even more tempting to build this science project. Also making it simple for school students.

Discover more about line follower robot science project

6. Baking soda and vinegar volcano

This science project is one of my favourites. Also, it is the most popular science project used to demonstrate how a volcanic eruption occurs it is made by using baking soda, vinegar and red food colour in order to make the process of volcanic eruption faster. Make the mountain with clay and mix a cup of vinegar and 2 spoons of baking soda to create lava foam.

7. Vegetable battery

This science project is an easy one you can build this project by using items from your kitchen itself. Vegetables have electrolytes in them which can carry current when kept between two conducting metals. To make it simple use a lemon and pierce an LED into the lemon and watch it glows as simple as it seems.

8. Plant growth stages

This science project deals with biology. You can demonstrate the growth of plants from seeding to a baby plant. To build this project, take beans and keep them in a damp cloth and after a few days’ roots start growing then after 1 or 2 day the plant growth occurs. Keep all stages of plants and show it off at your school science expo.

9. Magnetic field experiment

Making a science project using magnets are always cool. You can demonstrate the poles of the magnet by spraying iron filling on paper and keeping the magnet in the middle. These make many patterns which indicate magnetic fields. Students who don’t want the complicate project they can go for this.

These are the various projects a school student can do. For more science projects for students check out the following list:

  • Windmill model
  • Hydropower station
  • Mini generator
  • Solar power plant
  • Bottle rocket
  • Glider
  • Kerosene powered boat
  • Fingerprint extraction
  • Simple pendulum
  • Static electricity generator
  • Infinity mirror
  • Carbon sugar snake
  • Hydraulic elevator
  • Water purifier
  • Desalination plant

I hope you got some good science project ideas from this article. If you have any queries let us know in the comment section.

Thank you.

Free science project ideas for school students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-04-21

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