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Humans have been doing every work at their own pace and expertise since their evolution. Be it discovering the wheel, making of tools, discovering fire, cooking food, building houses, educating themselves, discovering currencies, discovering electricity, the invention of automobiles and whatnot, humans are ever-evolving. But till a certain point of time they were doing it themselves until they invented a helping body known as robots, Robots are machines or instruments which can work on its own and perform the assigned task automatically. In this article, we are going to discuss how robotics is important for kids, how kids can learn robotics, robot kits for kids, etc.

The invention of automated help or robots has developed the world to an exceptional level. In today’s time, robots can do almost everything, even the task humans were unable to do. These discoveries are constituted in robotics. Robotics is a branch of science that studies and applies them to create and develop robots or machines that can perform the desired task.

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1. Robotics Starter (Age 8+)

2. Robotics Explorer (Age 11+)

3. Robotics Champion (Age 14+)

4. Coding Champion (Age 14+)

5. Coding Starter (Age 8+)

6. Coding Explorer (Age 11+)

7. Drones Starter (Age 8+)

8. Drones Explorer (Age 11+)

9. Drones Champion (Age 14+)

Importance of Robotics:

You name any industry and you would find robots there. Be it small or large but robots are there doing something or the other. The expansion of robots in all sectors has made it very important for people in today’s time to learn robotics as it helps to create more advanced robots for the future.

Kids these days are already technology-friendly. Even a 10-year-old knows better about the latest technologies than his respective parents. Learning robotics for a kid would be an advantage for the future. If somebody has an interest and the ability to do robotics, then why not make them learn it from a very initial stage of his/her life?

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Why kids should learn robotics?

  1. Develops problem-solving skills: Robotics run on programs which require a lot of problem-solving skill, processing brain and creativity. While learning robotics, kids can develop these skills which will strengthen their brains to think quickly and in the right direction. They can start with kid’s robot kits and learn the basics like setting up the lights of the kit and subsequently move on to assembling the robot itself.
  2. It teaches science and math: Robotics is all about science and math. Learning robotics will help the kids to connect the science and math concept learned in schools to the real world. Kids can also learn the concept of force and tension in real life through live demonstrations and robot building.
  3. It’s fun: Robotics is a creative and imaginative stream of science. One has to imagine and create new innovative robots for different purposes. Many times, kids have these competitions in school which can also provide an aid to implement robotics. Kids often see robotics as a fun activity rather than an educational activity.
  4. Builds confidence: Building robots need a lot of effort and talent, problem-solving skills and concentration. Once the kid overcomes all these and finally build the robot, it creates immense self-confidence and self-boosting for the kid.
  5. Employment in the future: Learning robotics today will give the kid an edge in the future when he/she intends to get employed. This might ensure a secure and bright future for the kid.

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How do beginners learn Robotics?

To start with, kids can learn it by joining any robotics class or through online platforms. There is a lot to learn online. One can do whatever they want to or whatever you want to learn from the internet in the comfort of your home. Kids can also start with the robotic kits available in the market.

  1. Start from scratch: Try to learn the basics first and then go ahead. Don’t hop on to something that you have no or little knowledge about. The internet is an endless well of knowledge. You should also keep a check on what is the right information and what is not so beware.
  2. Take baby steps: Slow and steady wins the race! When we learn a lot of things altogether it tends to fade out from our head very easily. Hence it is advisable to take smaller steps and learn by heart before you get on to the next level. Also, when you are developing a particular project keep in mind the central theme and work forward.
  3. Never shy out: Keep asking doubts. Don’t shy out on asking anything. Sharing knowledge is also a good habit to increase your database. Also, be aware and keep your mind open on all internet communities and pages to follow up on new and advanced technologies.
  4. Get your starter kit: In the initial time, invest in good starter kits on robotics. You can find this online on various sites. You can also sign up on different platforms which provide the service of such kind. This will help you to kick start your urge to learn robotics. There are a lot of DIY project kits that can make it easy for you to start.
  5. Track yourself: Always track your progress of learning. Your main agenda should be to grasp as much as you can. You should always keep everything clear in your mind and keep checking if everything is going accordingly. One suggestion for kids would be to create a checklist of all your agendas and keep on ticking it out once done.
  6. Evaluations: Once you are done with all your learnings and project building you should undertake proper evaluations to check if you can retain it or not. If possible, try to do certain certifications that will ensure qualification in this stream.

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Best robotics kits for kids

1. Line Follower Robot: This is a kind of robot which is specialized in moving on a specific line or color. This kids’ robotics project comes along with the kit, so you no need to worry about the required components to build this project.

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2. Mobile Controlled Robot: Mobile is something we all are familiar with today’s time. It’s the perfect use of this technology to create a robot that can be controlled by your smartphones.

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3. Fire Fighting robot: This robotic project for kids will make your kid learn to build a robot that can detect fire from a remote location and alert the people around for their safety.

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4. Gesture Controlled Robot: This robotic kit for kids will help your kid to build a robot that will follow your hand gestures and perform actions accordingly.

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5. LEGO boost: We all have played with LEGO, why not create a robot out of it. This is the most fun robot to build. Creating this robot is almost the same as creating a structure out of your LEGO blocks.

There are a lot more options to try on the internet. Go ahead and explore the net to find the perfect kit to start from and design your robot soon.

Best robot kits for kids
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