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Learn Web Development in a hands-on manner by building projects. Use tools and techniques popular in Web Development to develop skills through online tutorials developed by experts. Join students from 67 countries who are learning Web Development in this exciting way! You also get 1-1 doubt clarification sessions from experts to help you during your course. Free Demo available for all Web Development Online Courses. Select a topic below to start.

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Web Development with PHP and MySQL

Web Development with PHP and MySQL


Learn & build Websites with PHP and MySQL

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Front End Web Development with React JS

Front End Web Development with React JS


Learn & develop skills required for Front End Developer

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Back End Web Development with Node JS

Back End Web Development with Node JS


Learn & build necessary skills required for Back End Developer

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Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer


Learn & develop skills to become a Full Stack Developer

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Web Development (Career Building Course)

Web Development (Career Building Course)


Learn & develop skills required for an exciting career in Web Development

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FAQ on Web Development Projects At Skyfi Labs

    What Web Development is all about?

    Web Development is all about the creation of websites in a unique and interesting manner with the help of coding, programming, and other computer and internet technologies and skills. It involves maintenance of the page over a period of time and also fixing bugs and other technical issues.

    What qualifications do you need for web development?

    Typically, you would need a computer science degree to enroll into a course. But now web development courses online are equipped with materials that will teach you everything you need to know from scratch.

    Are the timings flexible?

    Yes. The courses are designed on the lines of self paced learning.Your trainer will also get in touch with you regarding the timing for LIVE classes.

    Do you operate in other countries too?

    Yes, we do. We have successful presence of training 2,50000+ students from across 30 countries around the world.

    Where to start web development?

    You can start by reading up online about scripting and programming languages. You can also take up a short-term course in HTML or even practice other ready-made web designing tools.

    Who's a web developer?

    A web developer is a person who designs, codes, and builds websites from scratch with the help of scripting languages and other programming tools.

    Why web development is a good career?

    Yes, it is. Web Development is a lucrative career and comes with a number of benefits and promising job opportunities too. It is a skill that is developed over time. Many businesses require web developers to design their sites from scratch.

    What is web development like?

    It's a pretty good career path. As a web developer, you will have to work with creativity in designing dynamic and engaging websites that attract users and viewers. Your main job as a web developer is to make websites that are easy to navigate so that they don't exit the page taking an action.

    Can web development be a side hustle?

    Yes, you can. As a freelance web developer, you can practice on a diverse range of projects to help you skill yourself in this field.

    When will web development die?

    The internet is not going anywhere for a really long time. So no, Web Development is not going to die out. If anything it's only going to evolve over time and bring in better opportunities.

    What software is used here to build a front-end website?

    We incorporate a number of softwares in our courses and we use React Js, an open source Javascript library to work and build uder interfaces.

    What do I get in this free structure?

    This Fee will give you:

    • Open-source software access and guidance.
    • Course manual and content material
    • Charges for support and shipping

    Why should I pick up this course at Skyfi Labs?

    There are plenty of online course available on Web Development. What makes our courses different is that, we bring it to you at home with benefits like lifetime access to all the material, tools and applications. You also get to schedule one on one sessions with our finest mentors and trainers. Skyfi Labs started with a vision that we want to make learning fun, interesting and filled with skill development. This is a venture by an IIT Kanpur Alumni. Our kits, courses and material is certified by STEM.org and we have trained over 250,000 in 30 different countries from all over the world. Our goal is to bring out more skilled talented engineers and not just paper engineers. We focus on the development of skills and talents more than just notes and learning.

    Will I still have access to the tutorials once the course is done?

    Yes, you will. Once you have enrolled into our courses you will have full time access to all the tutorials and videos along with course materials for that particular course.

    How do I clear my doubts?

    You can always schedule a LIVE one on one session with our mentors and trainers to clarify your doubts and queries.

    I am a beginner in web development. Can I take this course too?

    Yes, you can. Although it’s always advisable to begin by reading up about web development, and working on online website builders to get an idea of how a website looks, functions and contains. This will help you greatly in understanding how to develop a tone, theme and most importantly what you want to convey to your particular audience.

    How many programming languages should i know to take up web development?

    Your 3 main programming languages are CSS, Java Script and HTML. Once you have learn these 3 fundamental languages you will be able to establish a foundation and logic for the communication of the programming languages.

About Web Development Projects At Skyfi Labs

How To Build Your Very Own Creative Space on the Internet!

In simple terms, Web Development refers to the building, creating, and maintenance of a website. Web Development includes concepts like web design, web publishing, web design, web programming, and database management. It is further divided into two parts; Front-end development also referred to as client-side coding and Back-end Development- the part that's not visible or hidden from the user.

Web Development is when you completely design a website according to the theme, the tone, the demographics, on the contrary for your designated audience. The art of web development involves a great deal of scripting and programming languages at both server and client ends. .

Key skills required in the field of web development are strong numerical skills, computer literacy, an eye for detail, strong creativity, communication skills, problem-solving skills, and logical thinking to name a few. The web development courses at Skyfi Labs include PHP Basics, how to set up a server, important concepts of UX and UI, Authentication activities, with Node js, and Full-stack web development. .

The online web development courses also come with full-fledged career-building courses that get you job-ready with the best curriculum and trainers..

Here is what you also get with the Online Web Development Training

  1. You get access to projects, along with flexible course schedules, and the development of a successful and attractive portfolio. The courses come with access to software and various other applications that are required in this course.
  2. 100% online. Now you need not travel to a class and put the materials you need for the course together anymore. We do that for you! These courses are completely online and are equipped with recorded tutorials with impressive and engaging multimedia content.
  3. Smart Certificates. Since everything is on the net we decided to give award certificate too, in a safe, secure and smart way. This way you won't lose your certificate. Plus, this certificate can be verified by anyone anywhere in the world.
Well, it's already established we love the internet, and it's not going anywhere. The internet has become our primary source of information be it to find the nearest cake shop or how to work on a particular project. Face it we’re dependent on the internet. While cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc may heavily depend on the information the internet carries, what is it that is helping websites stay afloat on the internet, and gather data and information for such operations? The answer is web development.

Any Questions?