How to plan a career in IoT?

Published on 07 Jan 2019. Written by Radha Parikh

How to plan a career in IoT?

With the electronic chips becoming smaller and smaller, they can fit almost anywhere!

Imagine taking all the things that exist in this world, inserting a chip and connecting them to the internet.

Now, your desk can talk to your drawers, don’t lift a finger just ask google assistant to check what’s on the drawers and it will give you the list.

Going to take a bath on a winter morning? Can’t wait for hot water? Say “Google, geyser on” while you eat the sandwich for breakfast in your smart kitchen. And moreover you can make the geyser to turn ON/OFF itself based on your routine and temperature changes automatically.

This is essentially what IoT is! Transforming everything that we see and use in to smarter devices.

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Good IoT Project Ideas for Enthusiasts

Published on 07 Jan 2019. Written by Asmita Padhan

Good IoT Project Ideas for Enthusiasts

I’m sure you have heard of smart cities. But do you know? There is going to be 98 smart cities in India itself. This means, the water that flows through your faucet and the trash that you throw can now be managed smarter.

Now, have you ever wondered what makes these smart cities “smart”?

That’s right. It’s IoT, Internet of Things.

No wonder, IoT is currently the trending technology among all the industries of today. And developing a career on such an advanced technology had become a dream for a number of enthusiasts and engineers across the globe.

If you are one such enthusiast who want to develop skills on IoT, building hands on projects on IoT is a great way start.

Here are some good project ideas on IoT which are super easy for you to build and get started with IoT.

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What is a humanoid robot? What are the latest advancements?

Published on 24 Dec 2018. Written by Radha Parikh

If you’re anything of a science fiction buff, chances are you have already had dream of robots taking over our jobs. A world where public servants are robots, and everything is steel and mechanical!

Robots are machines capable of carrying out complex functions faster, and with ease. Usually, the appearance of robot doesn’t make an impact, as long as it performs.

Now, we have an entirely new segment of good looking robots called Humanoid Robots. This brings us to our first question:

What is a humanoid robot?

When a robot looks like a human, with limbs, torso and a head, it is called a humanoid robot.

Not only looks. It can also perform humanly actions like walking, running, lifting etc.

ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) was one of the first significant humanoids. The considerable amount of research done by Honda in 1980s led to the creation of this bi-pedal robot.

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What are remote controlled robots? How to build a remote controlled robot?

Published on 24 Dec 2018. Written by Asmita Padhan

What are remote controlled robots? How to build a remote controlled robot?

Loved watching movies like Robocop, Transformers, iRobot?

Imagine how incredible it would be to have your very own robot!

I would do anything to have one.

And it’s completely justifiable. Having a machine that can execute your tasks with a lot of speed and precision than you ever can? That is the dream.

If you have ever dreamt of building your very own remote-controlled robot, this article is just for you!

Even if you are an amateur who had just discovered the beautiful world of robotics and want to build one, don't worry. We have your back!

Here, we'll talk about everything related to remote-controlled robots. Beginning from questions like "What is a remote-controlled robot?" to "How can you build one at home?", we have got it all covered.

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How to plan for a career in Robotics

Published on 24 Dec 2018. Written by Agnes George

How to plan for a career in Robotics

Introduction to Robotics

Robotics is a topic that is increasingly making news in today’s day and age. You may have often switched on the television, just to find panellists at a news program fiercely debating on the pros and cons of Robotics.

Indeed Robotics can be a very controversial topic of discussion. It has its fair share of supporters on one hand, and naysayers on the other hand. While the proponents stress upon the various beneficial impacts that robotics have on the society, the opponents of robotics firmly believe that robotics and increased automation will create chaos in the society by rendering a majority of the workforce obsolete.

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Difference between robotics and artificial intelligence

Published on 23 Dec 2018. Written by Esha Oberoi

Difference between robotics and artificial intelligence

What is robotics?

Robotics is a technology that deals with the design and implementation of robots. Robots are programmable machines that can perform actions independently or semi-autonomously. So, a designed, built and programmed robot can function upon receiving commands or actuate on its own using inbuilt memory.

Some of the basic functionalities are:

  • Robots have mechanical structure and design to complete tasks
  • Robots have electrical parts to power and control various actuations
  • Robots have minor computer programs integrated which ensures proper functionality
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Raspberry Pi based IoT Projects

Published on 25 Nov 2018. Written by Vasanth Vidyakar

Raspberry Pi based IoT Projects

Raspberry Pi is a miniature card-sized computer that can perform all the functions that we do with our desktop. Raspberry Pi was originally designed for education purposes but now it is even being used for commercial activities. The board was inspired and built upon the 1981 BBC Micro technology.

Eben Upton is the man behind this innovative hardware technology. He designed this platform to create a low cost electronic device that would help enthusiasts and hobbyists to improve their programming and hardware understanding skills very easily.

Raspberry Pi serves as a pocket friendly desktop that can be used as a media center, game consoles or even as a router. In addition to these applications, Raspberry Pi is also used to develop many cool projects. From mobile phones, tablets, robots, smart devices to an intelligent camera, everything can be developed on this platform.

Now, this powerful Linux computer is being used to build many IoT projects that can transform any device smarter. Since IoT technology requires a microcontroller to process the data, WiFi integration to send data to the cloud and actuators to control operations, innovative minds across the globe prefer using Raspberry Pi for developing IoT projects. As Raspberry Pi can perform all the above stated operations seamlessly without any external integration, it serves as a compressive platform to build IoT projects.

Some of the features of Raspberry Pi which makes it as an effective platform to build IoT projects are:

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Smart city projects using IoT

Published on 25 Nov 2018. Written by Vasanth Vidyakar

Smart city projects using IoT

The world’s population is expected to increase by another two and half billion from current 7.3 billion by 2055. This means we will have 10 billion humans needing food, shelter, water, electricity. We need to face these issues in addition to climate and environmental changes.

Alert! Tough times ahead :(

The result is more people fighting for space & resources and we will have no way of solving it.

However, one potential solution is implementing smart city projects. Even government organizations across the globe had already started to plan and execute smart city projects to tackle the problem.

So, how can you make a city smarter?

Here, ‘smart’ indicates optimizing the usage of resources. Better optimizing will result in better distribution of resources without increasing the production mechanisms.

IoT, Internet of Things is a unique technology that can help us optimize the usage. IoT technology offer insights about the resource consumption habits of residents and help us in streamlining them.

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Best IOT projects using Arduino

Published on 19 Nov 2018. Written by Vasanth Vidyakar

Best IOT projects using Arduino for engineering students

Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets

- Neil deGrasse Tyson, American Astrophysicist

I find the above quote so compelling and can relate it to a lot of dreams that I have been having lately :)

I mean, who don’t like gadgets? Innovators & hobbyists across the globe had developed an addiction for latest electronic gadgets. Having such electronic gadgets makes you feel that you are also a part of the device’s technological innovation.

So what do all the trending electronic gadgets have in common? What makes them the smartest device in the industry?

IoT (Internet of Things).

IoT is one of the latest technologies that is transforming the electronics industry as we see it. IoT is a simple, yet powerful technology that integrates the devices onto the cloud. This means, all the data collected by these devices will be sent to cloud for storage and analysis.

The collected data will provide us with valuable insights of a particular device. And the data can also be used to trigger various actuations based on conditions.

Understanding the importance of IoT technology, top industries around the globe had already started to implement it onto their operations to improve their efficiency and productivity.

Would you like to know about the electronic gadgets that raised eyebrows across the globe?

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7 Best IoT Project Kits

Published on 19 Nov 2018. Written by Vasanth Vidyakar

7 Best IoT Project Kits for engineering students

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.

- Dean Kamen, Dean of Invention – American TV Show

IoT, Internet of Things technology is a classic example for the above statement. IoT is the latest innovation in the field of smart technologies and all the top industries are gearing fast towards the implementation of IoT on to their devices.

IoT not only makes the electronic devices smarter but also provides the user with valuable insights to make the processes efficient and productive. It is simply because of the efficient data management system that the IoT system provides to a user.

With the boom in consumer internet usage, almost all the electronic devices that we use in our day to day life collects data about our behavior, preference and personality traits. And IoT technology enables the service providers to use the data collected to improve the overall user experience and interactions.

With such offerings, IoT is quickly transforming the industries and consumer products as we see it.

IoT technology not only amazes us with its offerings but also develops a curiosity within us to learn about it.

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