Latest image processing mini projects

Published on 08 Feb 2019. Written by Meghna Adhikary

Latest image processing mini projects

Image processing is a process of converting an image into a digital form. This process is generally done to perform some functions or operations on the image to get an enhanced image or may be to extract some meaningful information out of it.

In simple terms, image processing is the processing of various algorithms on an image to get the results according to our requirements. If we take a real-life example, most of us have used the Adobe’s Photoshop or Microsoft’s Picture Manager or Google’s Picasa. These are some of the software which provides a user interface to apply various functions to process the images and uses some basic image processing algorithms.

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What is computer vision? What are its applications?

Published on 08 Feb 2019. Written by Asmita Padhan

What is computer vision? What are its applications?

Due to the advancements in new technologies, our lives are changing for the better as we see it. And a huge part of credits belongs to Artificial Intelligence and the wonders it is creating.

What was once only in our imagination is now a living reality. Be it super cool robots in the sci-fi movies or the awesome games that now you can be a part of, literally, because of virtual/augmented reality.

Artificial Intelligence being rather new, has been already affecting our decision making and lifestyle on a daily basis.

AI is now a part of every multi-billion-dollar company to every household. Whether you’re on your smartphones spending time on social media, or buying online products, listening to music or using navigation, AI is impacting our lives in enormous ways without us even realizing it.

And computer vision is fast advancing technology, that plays a crucial part in Artificial Intelligence. They basically go hand in hand.

Have you ever wondered how the bar code reader at your local mall worked? How does a simple device scan a bunch of black and white stripes and automatically input the price on to the computer?

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Why should you do mini/ final year projects on IoT?

Published on 08 Feb 2019. Written by Madhu Ravichandran

Why should you do mini/ final year projects on IoT?

‘Alexa! Play Paranoid Android’ If you know the joke, you know why IoT is important.

If you’re an aspiring engineer who would like to get skilled on the latest technologies, you probably know IoT is now considered as the next Industrial Revolution. Simply put, the Internet of Things (IoT) is all about connecting tangible objects, spaces, and processes to the internet and amplify the potential to an unbelievable magnitude. With IoT, life will be much smarter and more efficient.

The recent IoT Technologies that have been blowing up the Tech world are - Cellular IoT, LPWANs and LoRaWAN, Bluetooth IoT Applications etc. And these IoT technologies have great research and monetary potential and are great avenues for research also.

What is the scope of IoT?

IoT is very crucial in the development of the technology environment because it brings about a huge shift in our professional and personal lives. As a fully connected and an entirely integrated environment, IoT adds great customer value and utility to the users. Today, IoT is being implemented everywhere like smart city, smart environment, security, smart business process, smart agriculture, home automation, healthcare etc.

It is quite fascinating to develop and implement web applications using open source hardware and software, which is the fundamental structure of an IoT device.

Various IoT experts on the Internet discuss issues like invasion of privacy, governance, security, regulatory issues, migration to IPv6 and standardization Issues as barriers to adoption of IoT. 

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How to develop a computer vision project?

Published on 08 Feb 2019. Written by Radha Parikh

how to develop a computer vision project?

Seattle based startup ‘Proprio Vision’ wants to change the way how surgeons see and operate. At least, that’s the first step toward its larger, even more, audacious goal of changing how medical practices are delivered. The startup envisions a future where much operating room equipment — such as surgical microscopes and fluoroscopy – are no longer necessary.

And they want to achieve that while improving the user experience for surgeons using VR and AR. The name “Proprio” is a play on “proprioception” and a nod to the idea that surgical technology should try to work alongside a surgeon’s own bodily awareness. This is one robust scenario employing computer vision boldly, with a good use case.

That was just one example, computer vision has a utility in whatever scenario one can imagine. Such is the versatility of this technology where every industry, every service can employ it in some of the other ways. From reading the license plates on traffic signals to comparing the state of valves used by petroleum refinery factories, computer vision can be used everywhere.

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Best image processing projects for engineering students

Published on 30 Jan 2019. Written by Radha Parikh

Best image processing projects for engineering students

What is image processing?

In the field of engineering science, image processing or computer vision is the use of algorithms to process an image so as to extract useful information from it. Image Processing is the fundamental technology of Pattern Recognition, Feature Extraction and even classification.

It is basically a method to convert an image to a digital form.

It is used for visualization, image sharpening, image retrieval, pattern recognition and image recognition also.

How is Image Processing used in Artificial intelligence?

Now Artificial Intelligence is a way of making a computer think intelligently, just like humans do (or don’t). Image processing is actively used in image classifier, which is a typical application of Artificial Intelligence.

Another classic example of this technology would be Traffic Lights! Yes, you heard it right, the same old traffic lights which have been a reason for quibbles between strangers since a long time now. AI based Traffic Lights not just make your commute shorter, they also maintain friendliness between two unrelated people bound by a traffic light.

These AI based Traffic Lights depend heavily upon image processing. The lights collect data on the amount of traffic through cameras and the network of these lights coordinate to ensure fast passing of all the traffic through all the intersections. Image Processing is the crux of AI, thus, anyone planning a career in AI must definitely be acquainted with Image Processing or also called as computer vision.

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Best computer vision projects for engineering students

Published on 30 Jan 2019. Written by Asmita Padhan

Best computer vision projects for engineering students

I am sure you are familiar with Artificial Intelligence and the wonders it is creating. AI is the present and the future of technology and computer science.

While some might say that AI is at least a few years away from causing any significant impacts on our lives, the fact remains that it is already affecting our decision making and lifestyle on a daily basis.

From multi-billion dollar companies to our own households, it is everywhere.

Whether you’re using your smartphones doing some harmless social media surfing, or buying online products, listening to music or using navigation, AI is impacting our lives in enormous ways without us even realising it.

AI and Computer Vision go hand in hand.

Have you ever seen a bar code reader scan a bunch of stripes in a mall? Or have you ever wondered how does your phone recognise your face and unlocks itself?

It is all because of Computer Vision and its applications.

Being an engineering student you might be wondering what makes AI and more specifically Computer Vision so powerful and popular in the current market. Or you might be confused about what kind of opportunities that this technology offers to engineering students.

Well, you are not alone.

A lot of students have this query and this article will explain the importance of Computer Vision and how an engineering student can improve skills in order to develop an exciting career.

The main topic of this article is projects based on Computer Vision, so let’s just get into it.

But first,

What is Computer Vision?

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IOT based automation projects for engineering students

Published on 30 Jan 2019. Written by Meghna Adhikary


IoT- Internet of Things! This topic is discussed so much since few years but it has a lot more to talk about. Internet of Things in a lay man’s language is a network of networks which binds everything to perform a certain task. It involves physical things embedded with a lot of tools like sensors, software, electronic ware and huge connectivity in order to maintain the exchange of information through various networks.

IoT is going to be even more dynamic by 2020. Talking about the facts, 25 million devices are already connected to each other and are exchanging messages worldwide. And it is expected that the IoT industry will turn into a multi trillion-dollar industry in 3 years.

Importance of IoT in Engineering:

The whole world is revolving around the internet today. With advancements in technology, the hold of internet is increasing and as a result, the importance of internet of Things is increasing. All the new technologies that we rely on a day to day basis works on IoT.

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How to plan for a career in Mechatronics Technology?

Published on 22 Jan 2019. Written by Asmita Padhan

How to plan for a career in Mechatronics Technology

Mechatronics is already a huge industry, and is likely to remain important to the economy for decades to come. By training in mechatronics concepts, you can position yourself for a lucrative, long-lasting career.

Now, with new technologies people also get suspicious. Does it have all the advantages that everyone is claiming?

Is it worth pursuing?

What do mechatronics engineers do?

What jobs do they end up with?

This article will answer all the above queries and the ones you have as well.

First things first!

What is Mechatronics Technology?

As a field, mechatronics focuses on bringing together several aspects of scientific applications. Mainly, Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering and Computer sciences engineering. Mechatronics technology even includes robotics, electronics, telecommunication and various other branches of engineering for effective functioning. It blends mechanical skills with electronic design.

The term mechatronics was coined by senior engineer Tetsura Mori in the year 1969. After the 1980s, the term started gaining popularity because of its useful features. Earlier, this technology was based on some electrical and electronic computers only. But after 1980s, the use of computer technology was integrated which marked the better and easier use of this rather recent technology.

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Good Mechatronics Projects for Engineers and Hobbyists

Published on 22 Jan 2019. Written by Radha Parikh

Good Mechatronics Projects for Engineers and Hobbyists

Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary branch of engineering which focuses on both, electronics and mechanical engineering concepts. It also includes the concepts of robotics, computer science, telecommunications, control and a plethora of other disciplines.

Mechatronics has been everywhere.

This multidisciplinary engineering concept was never before called by the term “Mechatronics” until recently, but we have been studying it since many years now.

Wondering how?

The washing machine you have in your laundromat is a mechatronic system. Even your vehicle ABS is a classic example of an autonomous mechatronics device.

So now that we have established that Mechatronics is EVERYWHERE, let’s understand what we mean by a “Mechatronics Project”.

Oh, and the term “Mechatronics” was coined by Tetsuro Mori in 1969.

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Best low cost mechatronics mini projects for engineering students

Published on 19 Jan 2019. Written by Asmita Padhan

Best low cost mechatronics mini projects for engineering students

If you’re an engineering student, you already know the importance of building great mini projects. Not only does building projects make you experienced, the thrill you get while building amazing projects by yourself is incomparable.

Being an aspiring engineer, you want to build projects on innovative technologies, right?

And these innovative technologies might vary from IoT, Robotics, Automation, Wireless, Mechatronics etc.

In this article we will discuss about one such innovative technology – Mechatronics. From what is mechatronics, good mechatronics project topics to how to get started on mechatronics, we got everything included in this article.

So, if you're interested in building good mini projects based on mechatronics technology, hop in.

We have researched thoroughly and mentioned the low cost mechatronics projects, which are super fun to do.

Here, we will talk all about best mechatronics mini projects that you can do at the comfort of your own home. And if you’re worried about the cost of building these projects, don’t be. We’ve got you covered.

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