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One major question that a lot of parents struggle with is, “Do I give my child something educational, or fun?” As parents, we often face this question all the time. We need to decide whether to add value or make things more fun. However, what if there was a way you could do both? While children do not usually associate learning with fun, there are many ways that learning could be made fun. One of the most significant examples of this is coding classes for kids. These kids coding classes impart knowledge to your children, while also being extremely fun and exciting. To help you make a choice, here’s a look at the best hands-on coding classes for kids in Bangalore.

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Why Coding for Kids?

As we all know, computers have changed the way we live our lives. Every field in the world has, in some way, been affected by computers. This is why coding and programming are still one of the most sought-after jobs in the world. A lot of old businesses are now trying to update their process and turn digital. In such cases, now more than ever before, the world requires coders. Tech jobs are lucrative offers that provide exceptional security, salary, and other fringe benefits.

Also, it is one of the few areas that do not have a chance of going out of fashion or need. The opportunities in the computer science field keep growing, thanks to experts saying that the future is digital. This is one of the biggest reasons why nine out of ten parents want their child to be able to code. Studies show that by the end of 2020, over 1.4 million jobs in the US will require coding. Therefore, like what Obama said, coding has transcended from being an optional skill to a basic one. Rather than wait for our kids to pick it up in school, parents should proactively try to get their kids interested in coding. One of the best ways to do that is through online coding classes and coding summer camp for kids.

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Top Reasons Why Coding for Kids is Important

  1. Learning to code is like learning a new language of communication. It helps better prepare your verbal, written, and analytical skills.
  2. Since coding is an essential asset for the future, it helps make children better prepared for the future.
  3. Coding helps children understand the world around them, and the world of tomorrow better.
  4. Learning how to code helps children understand the technology around them, making them more adept at using it.
  5. Coding helps to foster creativity.
  6. Online coding classes are available at every location, removing the barriers and constraints that geography places on us.
  7. Coding encourages experimentation, which helps nurture creativity and curiosity.
  8. Learning how to code helps improve children’s analytical skills and problem-solving skills.
  9. Learning how to code makes kids better at math, science, and other STEM subjects.
  10. Learning to code while young helps children structure and organise their thoughts more effectively.

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 Do’s and Don’t of Coding Classes for Kids:

  • Make sure the online classes are fun, and not just full of boring theory.
  • Remember to add fun games, apps, and other such tools to make the classes more enjoyable and exciting.
  • Always keep asking your children for feedback, so you know whether they are enjoying their lessons.
  • Encourage them to ask doubts and clear any issues they might have.
  • Tell them it is okay to make mistakes and push towards finding their own solutions.
  • Utilise Visual Block Languages for introducing programming to kids, as it is more attractive.
  • Rather than placing restrictions on them, reach out to them and let them explore.
  • Make sure the online coding classes give them enough space and attention.
  • Never put undue pressure on your kids as that makes things more difficult for them.
  • Do not forget to congratulate them on their small victories as this will motivate them.
  • Don’t move too quickly, and just expect them to catch up. Instead, follow them and let them lead the way ahead, so that they keep up with you.

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Tips to get your kids excited about coding

  1. Emphasize the fact that coding equals creativity, and that it is a lot of fun.
  2. Include mini-games and projects to keep things interesting.
  3. Always pay attention to their doubts and issues.
  4. Talk to them about the applications of what they are learning to get them more excited.
  5. Encourage them to read science fiction books and read about robotics.
  6. Let them naturally gravitate towards what they find interesting, and let them explore those things.
  7. Encourage them to build their own games and applications and reward them when they are successful.
  8. Try out video games that teach programming concepts to introduce your child to coding.

Hands-on coding classes for kids in Bangalore

Bangalore is considered the silicon valley of India. Also, most of the startups like Flipkart, BigBasket, Zoom car and many more are originated from Bangalore. Kids in Bangalore are exposed to various tech advancements due to the above reasons. Following are some coding classes for kids in Bangalore which helps them to become more knowledgeable

1. Coding starter class for Kids (Age 8+)

The perfect starter camp for young coders, this coding class, will ensure that your child gets introduced to the world of coding. This camp will help your child explore the basic concepts of programming while keeping things simple and basic. In case your child has ever shown any inclination to programming or video game, enlist them here and watch as we nurture their skills. This class starts with the basics, and children will learn how to make paintings from scratch, create small animations, and even make a Pegasus.

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2. Coding Explorer class for Kids (Age 11+)

The perfect coding class, if your child is a beginner in the art of coding, the Explorer coding class will help them look for answers and better their knowledge. This camp pushes them to understand programming in a more in-depth sense by introducing newer concepts to them. This online coding class for kids will become a significant turning point for your child, as it will help him to acquire the skills needed to take their expertise to the next level. The kids will be using the application Scratch to build apps and games for themselves. Some of the projects they will be working on are Ping- pong game, Monster-killer, Flappy Bird, and Treasure hunter.

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3. Coding Champion class for Kids (Age 14+)

In case your child already has some basic knowledge in coding, enroll them in our Coding Champion class. This online coding class is designed to help your kid explore the world of technology. The coding online class will help your child build more complex projects. Not only will this help them get accustomed to the world of professional coding, but it will also help them learn unique and fundamental concepts. Your kid will learn concepts and develop live projects using the MIT App Inventor. Some of the programs they will develop through the duration of this course are a text-to-speech app, Video player App, Messenger App, and a GPS location App.

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As we can see already, the future is digital. Therefore, as a parent, one of the best things you can do to ensure a good future for your child is to invest in their education. While schools can help children learn basic concepts, they will not be able to provide the care and hands-on approach that such classes offer. Take control of your child’s future and give them a head start in life by enrolling them in courses like these, and watch as they transform into leaders!

What are the other fun activities for kids in Bangalore?

Bangalore famous for the title “silicon valley of India”, because of the presence of many IT companies. Everyone needs a break from their routine schedule, Even kids also. Taking kids out for a day by giving a break from their schools will actually make them more enthusiastic and also brings a great time for family. Following are some places that you can visit with your kids in Bangalore that provides some time for kids to play and connects them with nature: 

Bannerghatta National park is a perfect picnic spot for kids located in Bannerghatta road, Bangalore. A safari in this forest to view lions will become an unforgettable adventure for kids in their life as they get to see the wild animals very close. 

Jawaharlal Nehru planetarium includes various educational activities for kids such as sky-theatre shows and stargazing activities. It is the best place for kids in Bangalore to explore the mysteries of the Universe.

Hands-on Coding classes for kids in bangalore
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