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Best robotics classes for kids in Bangalore

The 21st century is an era of cut-throat competition. Apart from basic education, it becomes imperative to attain soft skills or technical skills to reach the zenith and succeed. An upcoming and highly beneficial sphere that has gained a lot of prominence in recent times is robotics. Teaching robotics enables kids to unleash their creativity and explore uncharted territory of their conscious.

Robotics classes for kids can be particularly advantageous when taught to kids because it is a scientifically proven fact that children learn faster than adults; kids’ brains are designed to be more flexible and creative.

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1. Robotics Starter (Age 8+)

2. Robotics Explorer (Age 11+)

3. Robotics Champion (Age 14+)

4. Coding Champion (Age 14+)

5. Coding Starter (Age 8+)

6. Coding Explorer (Age 11+)

7. Drones Starter (Age 8+)

8. Drones Explorer (Age 11+)

9. Drones Champion (Age 14+)

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Why robotics?

The vital question is ‘why robotics?’, “what will robotics class teach kids?’

To understand these prerequisites let us look at some of the benefits of teaching robotics to kids.

1. Honing creativity

Classroom learning is not enough to quench the creativity thirst of young minds. Robotics is a field of knowledge which combines engineering, technology and innovation – quite a rare combination, indeed. Robotics classes enable kids to make something tangible and interactive; thus, their engagement levels elevate and they desire to explore and create more. When given the freedom and opportunity, kids can produce and fashion a multitude of novelties, which can come as a surprise to many.

2. A premise for programming

One cannot over-emphasise on the importance of artificial intelligence today. But, programming being a complicated feat is difficult for kids to grasp. Thus, robotics becomes an introductory chapter to programming and the likelihood of children getting well-paid jobs in the future multiplies.

3.An introduction to STEM

In the near future, STEM knowledge will be a pre-requisite to get viable employment. As STEM subjects can be quite abstract for young students, teaching robotics help them to grasp the importance of STEM subjects at a very tender age. They will be to understand how science, technology, engineering and mathematics interact and work together, in a fun and interactive ambience.

4. Preparing for the future

Careers in the STEM fields are the fastest-growing and are projected to grow by another 17 per cent in the next decade. As such, the demand for candidates with creativity, technical skills and innovate ideas will be at an all-time high. Teaching robotics to kids will prepare them for such a job market. They will be able to explore their interests and potential in this field.

5. Soft Skills

Learning robotics can inculcate a variety of soft skills among children. By producing something physical, children are able to learn engagement. They begin to understand the importance of teamwork and perseverance as robotics is a challenging field. Also, the future generation becomes much more prepared for an era of advanced technology and artificial intelligence.

6. Appropriate for special children

Special children are endowed with unique gifts. Robotics is a field which is suitable for such special children like those with Autism and Aspergers as it allows them to build, program and experience the art of creation. Thus, they are able to navigate their strengths and capabilities.

Robotics is fun-based and a delightful way for children to learn and excel in advanced science.

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Best Robotics classes for kids in Bangalore

Bangalore city is the Silicon Valley of India. The future of the city is not only based on IT but also on STEM fields. Let us have a look at some top-notch robotics classes for kids in Bangalore.

1. Robotics starter class for kids (Age 8 +)

This is the perfect robotics class to have your kids start with the basics of robotics. Upon enrolment, you can finalise a comfortable schedule. Also, need not worry about prior expertise as these classes are designed for beginners. Your child will get the opportunity to learn robotics from scratch. Following are the projects that your kid will develop as part of this robotics class – saltwater circuit, study lamp, smart street light, radio-controlled robot and so on.

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2. Robotics explorer class for kids (Age 10 +)

This robotics coding class will provide your child with the perfect opportunity to develop expertise in the realm of robotics. There will be personalised classes wherein your child can learn to build, create and innovate. The entire course is catered to develop the analytical skills, creativity and problem-solving mechanism among your child. The aim is to infuse a sense of confidence amongst the children by allowing them to make projects, grow ideas and dream big.

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How to build Robotics for kids projects Did you know

Skyfi Labs helps students develop skills in a hands-on manner through Robotics for kids Online Courses where you learn by building real-world projects.

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3. Robotics champion class for kids (Age 14+)

This is the ideal course to enable your child to master the skills of robotics. The entire structure is projected to make the children learn the advanced concepts in robotics by catering to their special needs. The benefits are manifold as the classes in robotics will assist your child in understanding STEM subjects and explore new ideas. The focus is to enhance the creative thinking amongst the young learner by giving them the space to build something tangible. As part of this online robotics class, your kid will develop the following robotics projects – Line following robot, voice-controlled robot, obstacle avoiding robot, gesture-controlled robot, etc.

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Skyfi Labs is a venture initiated by the alumni of IIT Kanpur to make learning practical, fun and skill-based. It is a brand you can trust and rely upon. These online robotics classes will provide an opportunity for your kids to learn in an endearing environment and heighten their flair for science and technology. Learning to make robots will allow them to explore and grow.

Key features of robotics class for kids

  • 1-1 live online sessions from experts
  • A smart kit shipped to your home within 24 hours.
  • The luxury of making projects at the comfort of your home.
  • A smart certificate
  • Personalised classes to clear doubts and make up for the absence.

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Other fun activities for kids in Bangalore

Bangalore aka Bengaluru acts as the home for many startups. There are many after school places for kids to visit in Bangalore to get a break from their routine studies. Following are some of the places/activities for kids that engage them both educationally and physically:

Lalbagh Botanical garden is the best place for kids and adults to run away free from the traffic that holds drinks stalls, beautiful greeneries, and a small hill that gives a great view of the city. Located in Mavalli, Bangalore. It is one of the oldest botanical gardens in India. This garden was planned by Hyder Ali and later adorned by his son Tipu sultan. 

Visvesvaraya Industrial &Technological Museum is a perfect place for nerdy kids to explore interesting and fun activities based on science.

Dog Park, Cubbon Park is one of the finest parks in Bangalore. A perfect place to visit on weekends as many others bring their furry friends for a walk to play games and other fun activities.

Best robotics classes for kids in Bangalore
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