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Best drone programming classes for kids in Kolkata

Drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are gaining popularity more than ever before because of their wide range of applications. From photography, transportation to surveillance and education, drones are used to speed up and enhance the process. As per the reports, there would be thousands of drone-related jobs being created within the drone industry it would be a great technology to learn and develop a career.

This article briefs you the importance of teaching drone technology and STEM education for kids. Also, it covers topics like the best STEM drones for kids and drone classes for kids in Kolkata to learn drone technology.   

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7. Drones Starter (Age 8+)

8. Drones Explorer (Age 11+)

9. Drones Champion (Age 14+)

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Why is learning STEM important for kids?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. We deal with science in our daily lives. Mathematics plays a major role in all the occupations. Engineering is the key to the design and development of complex things like roads, buildings, mechanisms, etc.

This shows the importance of STEM learning and it has become more important for kids in this advancing world. Making kids involved in STEM concepts at an early age will help them choose STEM fields in higher education. Since most of the jobs out there are somehow related to STEM, this will help kids to develop a successful career as well.

But the traditional way of teaching STEM concepts through books will scare kids and also make them less interested in these subjects.

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How to make STEM interesting for kids?

As mentioned before, kids will find it difficult to understand the concepts if it is not exciting for them. STEM for kids should be taught with more fun and interactive activities. This can be done with the help of STEM-based toys. These learning toys help kids to acquire creative skills, problem-solving, logical skills and promote STEM learning as well.

Instead of buying them video games and ending up spending hours of time in front of the screen, you can get a STEM toy for your kid to create interest in STEM learning.

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Drones for STEM learning

Drones and quadcopters are one such STEM toy that makes kids interested in STEM topics. As kids are always fascinated with anything that flies, they will be more interested to get their grips on a drone.

Also, the drone is a multi-disciplinary technology that involves subjects like mechanical, electronics, aerodynamics and so on. By working with drones kids will learn the laws of physics and science, programming, electronic circuits, etc. practically.

Because of this advantage, many schools started teaching drone technology and drone building for kids as part of their curriculum.

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What do drones teach kids?

Drones help kids to acquire 21st-century skills like programming, critical thinking, leadership, social skills, technology awareness, communication and so on.

Programming is the major requirement to survive in this technology-driven world. Drones teach programming for kids practically as they can see the result of their program in action.

While flying drones, kids are put under a critical situation because the drone requires constant input to make it fly stable. This enhances the kid’s critical thinking and decision making skills.

Also while flying the drone, kids should locate the position of the drone in space to handle the drone properly. Kids will gain cognitive and motor skills by handling the drone.

While drones are one of the advanced pieces of technology, not all the drones are suitable for kids. The following section gives some tips to buy drones for kids and a list of suitable drones for kids.

Things to consider before buying a drone for your kid

Drones with prop guards will not only protect the propellers, but it also saves your kid and others from getting injured.

Charging time and Battery life of the drone plays a crucial role while flying. If the power of the drone gets drained quickly, it will make the kid lose interest.

Durability is the key thing for kid’s toys as they tend to crash the drones while flying it. Also, durable drones help kids to fly the drone with more confidence.

Drones for kids should be stable and easy to operate. You need to ensure that the drone has stability sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer, etc.

Drones that can be repaired easily and come with extra spare parts make it fly again quickly. As kids are more concerned about their new toys, this prevents them from getting sad even if the drone crashes.

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Best STEM drones for kids

To reduce your work we’ve shortlisted some of the best drones for kids with the above-mentioned features.

  1. Drona Aviation Pluto X
  2. Holy stone HS170
  3. Airblock - modular and programmable drone
  4. DJI Tello
  5. Flybrix Lego drone
  6. Parrot mambo

As mentioned previously drones are one of the advanced pieces of technology, kids will initially find it difficult to understand the concepts. To help them understand the drone technology you can join your kids in drone classes and summer camps. The following section gives you an overview of the best drone classes for kids in Kolkata and learning outcomes of the drone classes.

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Best drone programming classes for kids in Kolkata

Kolkata formerly known as Calcutta is the commercial, educational and cultural centre of eastern India. Famous personalities like Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore, and so on are from Kolkata. To make your kid also like them, teach them programming and STEM concepts.

Following are the best drone programming classes and summer camps for kids in Kolkata:

  1. Drones starter class for kids
  2. Drones explorer class for kids
  3. Drone champion class for kids

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What kids will learn from these drone classes?

Drone concepts like aerodynamics, flight dynamics, electronics used for drones, flight modes, etc. everything is covered from basics. After learning the theoretical concepts your kid will learn drone building. While building the drone your kid will be introduced to the drone components like propellers, motors, flight controllers, battery, etc.

As part of these drone classes, your kid will learn to program the drone and develop projects like open sesame, chuck to fly, phone clone, reactive drone, etc. Kids will use scratch programming (for beginners) and C++ programming language to program the drone.

With the help of the STEM drone kit, kids will understand the concept behind the stable flight of the drone. Kids will learn about the sensors used in drones practically by conducting various experiments.

After mastering all the concepts, your kid will get the opportunity to fly the drone with their own hands. When kids build something and seeing it work will motivate them to develop more such things in future. Your kid will learn to fly the drone in different modes like acro mods, throttle mode, altitude hold mode, stabilized mode, etc.

All these classes are conducted in online live 1-1 sessions, your kid can learn comfortably from home. Skyfi Labs teachers are experienced educators and software developers who can explain all the concepts for kids in a fun and interactive way. As mentioned previously all the concepts are covered from basics kids of any age from 8 to 14 years old can enrol for any of these drone classes.

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Learning drone technology not only helps kids to acquire 21st-century skills or teaches STEM concepts. It also prepares them for future careers. In this innovative world drone services are used by a wide range of industries at an accelerating rate. Thus, help your kid to learn this innovative technology by joining them in drone classes and workshops.

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Where kids can fly their drones in Kolkata?

Drones are a very delicate piece of machine and it requires a lot of attention and proper space to fly it correctly. Since Kolkata is a crowded area, never fly a drone in public places. Also in India, there are certain rules and regulations to fly a drone If the drone weighs more than 250 grams. But most of the kid’s drones weigh not more than 250 grams you can fly the drone indoors as well.

Kids in Kolkata can fly their drones inside the home, big halls like auditoriums, sports complex, school grounds, cricket grounds, etc.

Note: While flying the drone kids should be always guided by their parents. Also, there is no permission to operate drones near airports, military camps and public places.

Other Aviation related activities for kids in Kolkata

If your kid is more interested in flying crafts then you can introduce him/her to plane spotting. It is an activity of spotting different aircraft closely and taking pictures of it. This helps your kid to discover more about aircraft.

You can take your kid to the Kolkata international airport (Netaji Subhas Chandra bose international airport) where you can find aircraft like Boeing 737, Airbus A320, Boeing 777, ATR 72, and so on.

Best drone programming classes for kids in Kolkata
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