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3 best robotics classes for kids in Delhi

Robotics has changed the world into a different place as it is used for various applications to automate simple and complex activities. Teaching robotics to kids will not only help them to build a fruitful career but also it educates them with life skills like problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity.

This article gives you the importance of teaching robotics for kids and also covers other topics like What robotics can teach your kids, how robotics teach STEM to kids and best robotics classes and summer camps for kids in Delhi.

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1. Robotics Starter (Age 8+)

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4. Coding Champion (Age 14+)

5. Coding Starter (Age 8+)

6. Coding Explorer (Age 11+)

7. Drones Starter (Age 8+)

8. Drones Explorer (Age 11+)

9. Drones Champion (Age 14+)

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To make sure that both of us are on the same track, First I will give you a clear understanding of What is robotics and its applications.

What is robotics?

Robotics is the combination of science and technology that involves the creation of machines called robots to perform duties done traditionally by humans. Robots are used in industries to speed production, perform monotonous tasks, and perform jobs that are hazardous to human beings. Following are the different types of robots used for various purposes:

Types of Robots

  • Pre-Programmed Robots - They operate in a controlled manner. Capable of doing simple, repetitive and monotonous tasks. For example, mechanical arms used in production facilities.
  • Humanoid Robots - Robots which look, function and can replace human beings. They can perform several human activities such as running and jumping.
  • Autonomous Robots - These can operate without a human operator. They help with performing tasks in the open environment and can complete projects without supervision.
  • Teleoperated Robots - These robots are mechanical in nature and are controlled by humans. These work in extreme geographical conditions. Humans cannot perform in such areas, like oil spills, landmines and volcanic areas.
  • Augmented Robots - Robots which help enhance and improve our capabilities by assisting or replacing certain aspects of us. These include bionic arms and prosthetic limbs.

Robots are used from small industries to space stations following are some of the applications of robots in real-world

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Application of Robots

  1. Fight forest fires
  2. Manufacturing plants
  3. Assist elderly individuals
  4. Surgical assistants
  5. Food order delivery
  6. Autonomous household robots
  7. Transportation in warehouses
  8. Search-and-rescue bots
  9. Landmine detectors

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How can robotics bring STEM learning to life?

Nowadays there is an increasing shortage of STEM professionals as most of the industries out there are anyhow related to STEM.  Robotics brings Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics together as one, which was earlier taught as four different subjects.

The development of STEM robotics kits grabbed the attention of kids towards robotics. As these STEM kits educate kids in an interesting way. Even schools make use of STEM robotics kits to teach the STEM subjects and robotics for kids along with fun.

While teaching tough subjects like Science, Maths and Physics kids will not show much interest because they feel difficult to understand the concepts. But if the same subjects are explained practically by involving kids to build or create something hands-on they will show more interest as it excites them more.

Since robotics is a multi-disciplinary technology, it involves mechatronics, electronics, mechanical, programming and so on. Thus, robotics acts as the best tool to teach STEM concepts practically. For example - when kids work with the STEM robotics kit they visualise the scientific concepts in action. Kids will also learn simple and complex math concepts when they put different geometric shapes together while building the robot.

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What robotics can teach your kids?

Robotics teaches various subjects and life skills to kids. Below are some skills that kids will gain while working with robots.

Creativity - Kids have young minds and they have more creativity than adults, robotics serves as a platform for kids to develop their creativity further.

Programming - It is an integral part of robotics while working with the robots, kids are introduced to the coding world. When they write code and watch it working in the real world will give self-confidence and motivate them to do more such things.

Productive career - Robotics already undertook most of the fields from transportation, manufacturing to space travel. Also, some studies show that there is going to be a huge requirement for programmers in future. Helping your kid to learn robotics will give guaranteed employment in future.

Problem-solving - Kids will face some challenges while building the robot or programming it. Kids will become problem-solvers when they try to identify and solve the problem that arises.

I hope now you got an understanding about robotics but the next question is How do I teach my child robotics? Keep reading, the next section talks about the best online robotics classes and summer camps for kids.

Discover more robotics classes for kids in Delhi

3 best robotics classes for kids in Delhi

Kids living in Delhi are exposed to advanced things more than kids from other cities. To help kids to spend their time more productive apart from their schools and academics, joining them in summer camps and online classes is a good choice. Following are the best robotics classes for kids in Delhi:

  1. Robotics starter class for kids
  2. Robotics explorer class for kids 
  3. Robotics champion class for kids

What they will learn from these robotics classes?

Robotics starter class introduces kids into the robotics world and educates them from basics. As part of this robotics training program, your child will develop projects from basics to advance. Study lamp, salt-water circuit, smart street light, Radio controlled robot are some projects that your kid will learn and develop.

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Robotics explorer class is for kids who want to explore the advanced concepts of robotics. In this robotics class, kids will use the visual block programming language - scratch and develop three different robots. Line following robot, obstacle avoiding robot and light following robot are the robots they develop as part of this robotics class.

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Robotics champion class explains the advanced components used to build robots like Arduino, IR sensor, DC motor, Bluetooth module, accelerometer sensor etc. Your kid will also learn Arduino IDE the text-based coding language the advanced version of scratch programming language. Your kid will develop the following robots as part of this robotics class:

  • Bluetooth controlled robot
  • Voice-controlled robot
  • Obstacle avoiding robot
  • Obstacle following robot
  • Line following robot
  • Gesture controlled robot

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Since all the robotics concepts are taught from basics there is no prior requirement of programming or electronics knowledge. Also, these robotics classes are conducted in live 1-1 sessions by experts. It will be more engaging for kids. Unlike the traditional classes, these robotics classes help your kid to learn by building hands-on projects.

If you are confused about choosing the right class for your kid, book a free trial class where our experts come online, interact with your kid and suggest the suitable robotics class for your kid.

As soon as the enrollment, the required kit will be shipped to your doorstep within 24 hrs and your kid can learn all the robotics concepts right from home comfortably.

Robotics created a revolution in the teaching methodology as it became the apex provider of STEM education for kids in a practical way. Robotics helps kids to become a confident and independent person by educating them with the required life skills. Thus, enrol your kids in the robotics classes today to build a better future.

What are other fun activities for kids in Delhi?

Apart from the robotics classes, there are many ways to teach your kid the basic life skills. For example, you can take your kid to the following places in Delhi that educate your kid about various scientific concepts.

Nehru Planetarium located in teen murti marg, Delhi is one of the five planetariums in India which is named after India’s first prime minister. This place explains kids about stars, constellations, and satellites.

National zoological park aka Delhi zoo is the best educational place to hang out with kids. This place educates the kids about various wildlife creatures and also improves family bonding.

Bal Bhavan national children’s museum and aquarium is a fun-filled place that boasts clay works, wood arts and toys for kids. As kids engage with the other kids gives them a chance to grow their communication skills.

These are some of the fun places to hang out with kids in Delhi.

If you want to know more details about robotics classes in Delhi, let us know in the comments section our expert will get back to you shortly.

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3 best robotics classes for kids in Delhi
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-03-30

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