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Best coding classes for kids in Delhi

From watches and mobile phones, laptops to rockets everywhere coding is involved, in this modern world, coding has become an integral part of everyone’s life. Once coding was considered as an additional skill but now it became a mandatory requirement. To make your kid ready for this tech-driven world teach him/her coding. Coding not only supports kids to secure a fruitful career but it also helps them to acquire life skills such as problem-solving, decision making, creativity and so on.

But, how should I get my child into coding?

This article answers to the above question along with that it also explains other topics like top coding languages for kids, benefits of coding for kids and best coding classes for kids in Delhi.

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Note about Robotics for kids Note:

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1. Robotics Starter (Age 8+)

2. Robotics Explorer (Age 11+)

3. Robotics Champion (Age 14+)

4. Coding Champion (Age 14+)

5. Coding Starter (Age 8+)

6. Coding Explorer (Age 11+)

7. Drones Starter (Age 8+)

8. Drones Explorer (Age 11+)

9. Drones Champion (Age 14+)

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Benefits of coding for kids

Let’s start with the benefits of learning to code for kids

Kids are surrounded by technologies like smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, video games, robots, etc. but they are not aware of what drives these technologies. Kids should understand what happens behind the scenes, they should not think of it as magic.

Like learning biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics. Coding also became an integral part of education. Even most of the schools started teaching kids how to code because coding also teaches STEM concepts to kids. Below are some of the benefits of learning to code for kids:

  1. Coding helps kids to improve their Creative skills as it expands the path to develop their own video games, web applications, animations and so on. Coding gives them an opportunity to improve their creative mind to the maximum.
  2. To write a program the code needs to be broken into small components. This helps kids to improve their problem-solving skills in real-time as they try to solve the complex problems by breaking into a series of small steps.
  3. Coding is fun and satisfying for kids. When a kid writes code on their own hands and gets output will give the confidence to develop more such programs in future.
  4. STEM subjects Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics can be learned practically with the help of coding. Math concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc can be applied practically with coding.
  5. Jobs - the most important worry for every parent. Learning to code makes your kid unique from others. In today’s world, most careers somehow require programming knowledge. Learning to code helps your kid to develop a lucrative career.

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Top coding languages for kids

Kids will get diverted easily if it is not interesting for them. Similarly, programming also should be taught more interactively for kids otherwise they will quit coding.

To make the programming more interactive for kids the coding language should grab the kid’s interest and make them love to code. Below are such coding languages that use visual-block instead of text to write the code:

  • Scratch
  • Alice
  • Blockly
  • CoderZ
  • C#(Unity)
  • Swift

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How should I get my child into coding?

First, make your kid learn something and find out what he/she is interested in. After figuring out the interest, use it as a tool to teach coding to your child. For example, If the kid is interested to play with toys, grab a STEM toy like Drone and make him/her learn to code with fun or your kid is interested in robotics, join in robotics classes as robotics also requires coding. The next section gives you the details about such coding classes and workshops that teach coding for kids in a more engaging way.

Best coding classes for kids in Delhi

Delhi is the capital of India and it is the home for thousands of millionaires. As this region has huge opportunities for development there will be a high demand for skilled professionals. Getting Delhi kids to learn to code will be the best choice to fulfil the demand in the computer-related careers in future. Following are the best after school coding classes for kids in Delhi:

  1. Coding starter class for kids (Age 8+)
  2. Coding explorer class for kids (Age 11+)
  3. Coding champion class for kids (Age 14+)

What they will learn from these coding classes?

Coding starter class introduces kids into the programming world where it uses kid’s friendly visual block scratch programming language to teach coding. Kids will develop projects like greeting card, dance party, cat runner and fight- animation sequence using the scratch programming language.

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Coding explorer class is for kids who are interested in game development. Kids use block-based coding language to develop interesting games. Ping-pong game, Monster killer, Flappy bird and Treasure hunter are the games they will develop in this computer coding class.

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Coding champion class makes kids develop mobile applications using the MIT app inventor. Kids will learn all the coding concepts from basics and they will develop projects like Text to speech app, video player app, messenger app, GPS location app and so on.

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All these computer coding classes don’t require any prior coding experience as all the concepts are taught from basics and educate kids, programming in a practical way. Following are the highlights of these programming languages:

  • Live 1-1 online classes: Kids can learn from anywhere directly from experts in 1-1 sessions.
  • Smart certificate: Helps kids to showcase their skills to the world.
  • Activity-based learning: Teaches kids with fun tasks that make learning more fun and engaging.

Entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos everyone build their fortune with coding. Thus, teach your kid coding today to make him/her an entrepreneur tomorrow.

Skyfi Labs teaches coding through other innovative methods such as robotics and drones. Check out this link for more information.

Other exciting activities for kids in Delhi

To give a break for your kid from schools, tuition classes and other miscellaneous classes, taking them out for a while is the best choice. Since most of the mighty empires used Delhi as their headquarters it holds various historical monuments. Following are some places in Delhi that include various exciting activities for kids:

Qutub Minar is one of the famous attractions in Delhi for centuries. A historical place that holds the tallest brick minaret in the world. The best place for kids to play hide and seek with their friends and families.  

India Gate is the war memorial located near the Rajpath, is a perfect place for kids to burn some energy while having fun. India Gate is also famous for boating during sunset that gives a joyful experience. Children’s park nearby India Gate holds a variety of activities for kids like a musical fountain, swings, library, theatre and so on.

Best coding classes for kids in Delhi
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