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Top coding classes for kids in Chennai

Coding, which is also referred to as “computer programming” or “software programming” is a language used to give commands to a computer execute a particular task. In this technology-driven world, coding has become a necessary skill rather than an additional one. Learning to code at an early stage will truly make your child successful for a lifetime.

If you are a parent willing to teach programming for your child but not sure how to start? Then, this article gives everything you need to know about coding for kids. Topics like benefits of learning computer coding for kids, why should my child join coding classes? Why is the school curriculum not enough? and top coding classes for kids in Chennai are briefed in this article.

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Note about Robotics for kids Note:

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1. Robotics Explorer (Age 11+)

2. Robotics Champion (Age 14+)

3. Coding Champion (Age 14+)

4. Coding Starter (Age 8+)

5. Coding Explorer (Age 11+)

6. Drones Starter (Age 8+)

7. Drones Explorer (Age 11+)

8. Drones Champion (Age 14+)

What is the appropriate age for kids to learn to code?

The proliferation of many online coding classes, summer camps, STEM-based toys and robotic kits made the coding fun and digestible for kids. As technology becomes part of everyday life kids are being exposed to gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops and other electronics from a young age.

This sparks curiosity among kids to explore how things work in early childhood. Therefore kids of age 7 can start learning how to code with the help of visual block or text-based coding classes.

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Latest projects on Robotics for kids

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Benefits of learning computer coding for kids

Earlier, learning coding was considered as a big thing but now due to the technological advancements coding became a necessary skill and lots of coding-related jobs are keep developing.

Also, it is predicted that STEM-based jobs are going to grow over the next decade. If your kid has the right skill set, he/she can able to secure a better job in future.

However, securing a good job alone is not the only advantage of learning to code. There are few other good reasons as well why kids should learn to code let’s take a look into it:

1. Coding helps kids to understand the world better: Despite we are surrounded by technologies like smartphones, laptops, tablets, computers, etc. most of us don’t have an idea what is going behind the screen. Having a basic understanding of programming will change the way kids look at these technologies.

2. Coding is fun and entertaining: Kids always have a craze on video games. Coding helps to make their own games. This way kids will learn the coding concepts along with fun.

3. Coding provides a competitive advantage: If your kid’s profile is filled with hot skills like coding then your kid’s profile gets more chances of getting shortlisted during college admission or job interviews.

4. Coding improves problem-solving and creative skills: While coding, kids will try to solve the errors occurred in the computer program. This helps them to develop their problem-solving skills.

Coding acts as a tool for kids to develop their creativity. Be it an android app or web application or video game coding helps kids to develop on their own.

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Why should my child join coding classes? Why the school curriculum is not enough?

Unfortunately not all the schools teach coding for kids. Even if they teach also they use visual programming languages like Scratch, Blockly, etc. as the school teachers are not from an engineering background.  This limits the learning of kids when they want to explore advanced text-based languages that allow kids to develop their own games, websites, etc.

Therefore joining kids in afterschool coding classes helps them to learn the advance level languages. The next section talks about the top coding classes for kids where all the classes are handled by computer science tutors.

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Top coding classes for kids in Chennai

Chennai is considered as one of the main IT hubs of India. Also, most of the iconic like Dr A.P.J. Abdul kalam, A.R Rahman, C.V Raman are from Chennai. Thus kids of Chennai requires special treatment to satisfy their knowledge hunger. Following are the best coding classes for kids in Chennai that fulfil their greed for knowledge:

  1. Coding starter class for kids
  2. Coding explorer class for kids
  3. Coding champion class for kids

In these coding classes, kids will learn the coding concepts from basics to advance by developing various projects. If you can spark curiosity in learning for kids at a young age, that will play a major role in a kid’s career. These coding classes do the same where it makes your kid understand real-world technology by developing various projects. Since all the concepts are taught from basics no prior coding knowledge is required. 

Coding starter class introduces kids into the world of coding by teaching them scratch based block programming language. In this coding class, kids will learn and develop projects like a greeting card, cat runner, fight-sequence, dance party, etc.

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Coding explorer class is a little advanced course, where kids will learn to develop their first game using block programming. As part of this coding class, kids will develop the following games: flappy bird, treasure hunter, ping-pong, Monster killer and so on.

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Coding champion class helps kids to learn app development. As part of this coding class, kids will learn and develop various live projects using MIT app inventor. Kids will develop the following apps - Text to speech App, Messenger App, GPS location App, SOS alert App, Show location on map App, etc.

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If coding is taught in a wrong way, it makes kid bore easily. These coding classes avoid such things by teaching coding more interactively by developing practical projects. Learning to code has endless benefits so choose the best solution for your child and get coding.

All the classes are taught live through 1-on-1 private sessions by experienced top talented tutors that ensure interactive learning. Also, the coding classes can be scheduled based on the requirement.

To know more about the coding classes for kids, book a free trial session where our tutor come online interacts with your kid and suggests the suitable coding class for your kid.

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Other after school activities in Chennai for kids

Chennai aka madras holds the title of most visited Indian city by foreign tourists. It acts as the cultural centre for the state Tamil Nadu. Chennai has various places to hang out with kids some are mentioned below:

Aringnar anna zoological park: Everyone will get fascinated by seeing the wild animals. Anna zoological park named after the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu C.N.Annadurai which is a great picnic spot for families to take their kids. This place includes animals from birds, elephants to tigers and lions thus acting as a library for kids to learn about animal behaviour and habitat.

Fun city is one of the most attractive places for both adults and kids in Chennai that includes various fun activities ranging from video games to play zones that enhances the motor skills of kids. It has multiple centres in malls around Chennai - one in phoenix market city, Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai Citi Centre, Express Avenue and VR mall. 

Blur the best gaming zone in Chennai. If your kid is fond of games then take him/her to this place. It includes every gaming platform such as Playstation, XBOX, Nintendo, etc. This place is designed in such a way to suit all age groups.

Have any other tips or advice for parents looking to teach their kids how to code?

Please leave comments or questions in the comments section below!

Top coding classes for kids in Chennai
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