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Millennials have become the largest consumer of the internet and the modern technologies that have come around in our everyday life. Most of them just remain as 'Netizens' and compulsive virtual gamers. Here comes the responsibility of every parent to make the best out of their worst. Since technology has taken over the world, it is vital for the kids to learn at least a few insights on the basic processes. Getting introduced to Coding would be the best choice for the kids' better future. With Coding classes, your kid can transform into a 'Tech-savant' from being a mere 'Netizen'. Let us hop into the next step of the mission of knowing the benefits of learning coding for kids and the appropriate age for them to learn it better. This article gives the benefits of learning to code for kids, when can kids start to learn and top coding classes for kids in Pune.

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1. Robotics Starter (Age 8+)

2. Robotics Explorer (Age 11+)

3. Robotics Champion (Age 14+)

4. Coding Champion (Age 14+)

5. Coding Starter (Age 8+)

6. Coding Explorer (Age 11+)

7. Drones Starter (Age 8+)

8. Drones Explorer (Age 11+)

9. Drones Champion (Age 14+)

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Benefits of Learning to Code for Kids:

Here are some of the most convincing' 7 reasons why' your kid should learn coding:

1. Coding involves the basics of STEM studies. This makes the kid develop the required knowledge to pursue a strong career on any one of the streams in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

2. It allows the kid to develop creative thinking and reasoning through creating a game or software by learning to code. Through just consuming the ideas and inspiration by coding, they can envision their own website or designing a game just with the kick of their creative mind.

3. The kid will learn the problem-solving technique through coding while they break down the codes and try to solve it. This fuels a lot for their logical skills and reasoning capacity.

4. It provides the kid to look into the world with different perspectives, with the advent of technology and with enough knowledge on the making of this technology and its uses around the people.

5. It gives satisfaction when a kid learns to code and solves any bugs in the software or the system. When coding comes handy for them, it all starts to feel fun for the kid and motivates to stay coding for the creative process.

6. Although coding does not come easily for every kid, it will be an easy pie when persistence and hard work come along. Also, coding develops the quality persistence as the kid tries to break a code, fails and then tries to solve it to taste success.

7. Here is the most convincing reason for the parents to make the kids learn to code. It is clear that the internet and the STEM-based jobs are going to be abundant in the future, Coders will be in demand to fill in those jobs and positions. Learning coding will give your kid a promising future.

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When can kids start learning to Code?

After learning the benefits and the importance of coding for kids, the biggest question for all the parents would be "What is the right age for the kids to start learning to code?" Well, the suggested right age for the kids to learn coding is seven. This is when a kid could cope up to completely understand at least the basics of Coding. Although considering the age in mind, inculcation of Coding can be done through fun gaming. This is how a kid could acquire the required knowledge as well as not missing out on any fun things. Making your kid introduce to some reliable online summer camps and courses regarding Coding will also be helpful for the kid.

We, at Skyfi Labs, have crafted a few effective coding classes for kids with their age in mind. Our Coding Starter class is designed for the kids who are at the age of 8 and above; Coding Explorer class is for the kids who are 11 and above and Coding Champion class for the kids who are at 14 and above.

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Top Coding Classes for Kids in Pune

Taking pride in being the "Queen of Deccan", Pune is one of the biggest cities in India. Also, it is the second largest IT hub in India next to Bangalore. Being an IT nourished city itself, the city must be the land of a promising future for the people who have STEM-based studies. As there is a competition-driven region for technoids, there would be a high demand for skilled professionals of technology. Getting Pune kids to learn to code would be the right choice to fill in the demands in the near future. Taking the summer holidays and the future of the kids in mind, Skyfi Labs has crafted some of the beneficial Summer Camps for the kids to start learning to Code.

1. Coding Starter class for kids (Age 8+)

This is the most suitable summer camp project for any child to learn coding as a beginner. This lets the child know the importance of getting into the coding world and lets them enjoy the coding during the course time of the project. As part of this coding class, kids will learn Scratch programming language. The kid will get full attention from the trainer as it is a one to one program.  This coding class makes your child create a greeting card, painting in scratch, Pegasus, dance party and so on.

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2. Coding Explorer class for kids (Age 11+)

It is the engaging, activity based and fun learning course, where the kids can learn how to develop a game using Scratch. Constructing a game on their own would be the fun and interesting thing for the kids to learn to code. As a part of this coding class, the kid will learn to build block-based coding, ping-pong games, Freddy the Cat, Treasure hunter and so on.

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3. Coding Champion class for kids (Age 14+)

This would be the perfect booster for the kids to further focus on the coding and the development of the apps. The kids can learn logical thinking and analytical skills through this coding class. This lets the kids learn the basic concepts along with developing the live projects using MIT App Inventor. As a part of this coding program, the kid will design Text to speech app, GPS location app, SOS alert app, Framework of MIT App Inventor, Video player app, and Show location on a map app.

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It is the high time for the parents to navigate their computer-driven savant to a skilful Tech-savant by getting them acquainted with Coding when they are schooling. Getting them the above mentioned coding summer camps and classes from Skyfi Labs would be the best choice for the kids to kick start their future with coding. The kid will get the hundred percent focus from our trainer as these classes are one and one sessions. The kid gets the best exposure from our skilled trainer and can manage the sessions according to the learning level of your kid.

What are the other fun activities for kids in Pune?

Pune has long been acting as a centre for education and culture. It is also referred to as “Oxford and Cambridge of India” by former prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Pune got this title because it acts as a home for well-known educational institutions. Following are some of the after school activities and places for kids in Pune.

Joshi Museum of Miniature railway that holds a miniature replica of a city with railway stations, restaurants, lampposts, playgrounds, business centres, swimming pools and so on. However, there are several museums in Pune but this one will become your kids favourite. Kids will also fall in love with the toy models of diesel engines, steam trains, underground train, intercity express, funicular railway, etc.

Pimpri Chinchwad science park is the only science park in Pune that fascinates kids with various scientific activities. This science park includes dinosaur park, automobile gallery, science exhibits, 3D shows, inflatable planetarium and so on. This place also conducts various science workshops, exhibitions and lectures around the year. Thus, it acts as the best edutainment place in Pune for kids.

Please do leave a comment down below for us to answer all your queries regarding the courses.

Top coding classes for kids in Pune
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-04-16

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