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Best drones training for kids in Chennai

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) are the alternative names for drones. Drones are used for various purposes like delivery, surveillance, inspection, photography, and even racing. This shows that drone-related jobs are going to skyrocket in the coming years.

Training kids on drone technology at a young age will help them to build a lucrative career. Since kids are always attracted to flying toys. They will master drone technology easily. But not all the drones are suitable for kids, the improvement in technology has paved the way for the development of STEM drones that helps kids to learn while having fun at the same time.

But, if you give a drone directly to kids without teaching the basics they will feel difficult in learning. If proper initial guidance is given kids will quickly understand the drone concepts. Joining kids in drone training programs and workshops will give an introduction to this interesting piece of technology. This article provides you with the best drone training and summer class for kids in Chennai, best STEM drones for kids and how drones teach STEM for kids.

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How drones teach STEM for kids?

It is proven that kids easily understand complex STEM subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics when it is taught practically. Drones are one such fantastic tool that grabs the interest of kids easily and educates them with fun.

Programming: Generally, the output for a computer program will be displayed on the laptop screen that will not provide much excitement. But programming a drone and watching it performing stunts in the air will excite kids and give life to their code.

Science concepts like laws of physics, distance and time, thrust, lift, drag, and so on can be learnt practically with the help of drones. For example, drones use propellers to generate lift and they use the same propellers to turn right-left, move forward-backwards, and tilt left-right. This allows kids to learn the flight movements of drones practically.

Math is a scary subject for most of the kids. This is because of the lack of applying math in practical concepts. But drones can teach math in a fun and engaging way. By asking the kids to plot graphs and calculate the distance travelled to create a simple flight path of the drone will teach them math concepts like trigonometry, addition, subtraction and many more.

Not only STEM concepts, but Drones also teach enterprise skills for kids such as decision making, problem-solving, strategic thinking, prioritisation, etc. For example - While flying a drone the kid should be put into a situation where he/she needs to identify the position of the drone in space and act accordingly. This enhances their decision making and cognitive skills.

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Best STEM drones for kids

As I previously mentioned, not all drones are suitable for kids. The necessity of STEM education triggered the production of STEM-based drones. Following are some drones for kids that are developed for both educational and entertainment purposes.

  1. Pluto X
  2. DJI Tello
  3. Parrot Mambo
  4. Holy Stone HS170
  5. Flybrix Lego drone
  6. Airblock modular drone
  7. CoDrone
  8. Sky Viper e1700 drone kit

All these drones are almost crash-resistant and come with additional spare parts. Also, these drones are designed to be more stable to make flying easy for kids.

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Best drones training for kids in Chennai

Chennai is a beautiful place and people from different places live here. Since most of the people in Chennai work in tech-related jobs, their kids have a desire to learn innovative things. Following are some of the best drone training classes and summer camps for kids in Chennai:

  1. Drone starter training class for kids in Chennai
  2. Drone explorer training class for kids in Chennai
  3. Drone champion training class for kids in Chennai

All these drone training programs educate kids everything about drones from basics.

What kids will learn from these drone training programs?

As part of these drone training programs, your kid will learn about types of drone, aerodynamics and flight dynamics of drone and different flight modes like Auto mode, self-level mode, Altitude hold mode, etc. by performing various experiments in real-time. They will also learn drone building with the help of a STEM drone kit.

After building the drone and learning the basics concepts, your kid will be introduced into the programming world. Scratch programming language a kid’s friendly visual block coding language is used to teach beginner kids and C++ a text-based programming language is taught for intermediate kids. Both the programming languages are explained from basics so there is no prior requirement of programming knowledge.

Kids will use the above programming languages to program the drone to perform various maneuvers like chuck to fly, open sesame, phone clone, reactive drone, etc.

Sensors used in drones like magnetometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, and barometer will also be explained to kids practically by making kids conduct experiments with the drone kit.

In these drone classes, kids will also learn to fly the drone which is the most exciting part of this drone training program. While flying the drone kids will understand the flight movements (roll, yaw, pitch) of the drone in real.

Kids have an enthusiastic mindset to prevent accidents while flying drones, rules and regulations to operate the drones are also explained to kids in these drone training programs.

Drones are already being used widely in delivery, surveillance, entertainment, construction, Inspection, military and more.

Therefore, the future of drones is looking good, and hence, it is being encouraged in schools and colleges.

It is always better to start early, drone training for kids is a great idea to stimulate the learning of this innovative piece of technology in young minds. Thus, join your kid on drone training programs and help him/her to learn the STEM curriculum and drone concepts practically with the help of the STEM drone kit.

Skyfi Labs conducts all these drone training programs via online in live 1-1 sessions that ensure more focus and 100% attention on your kid. If you want to know more about drone training for kids, schedule a free trial class where our expert will interact with your kid and suggest the best drone program for your kid.

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Where can kids fly their drones in Chennai?

Drones are very delicate technology and it may lead to problems if it is not flown properly or operated in proper surroundings. Also, there are some rules to be followed while flying a drone which is created by DGCA. You no need to worry about the rules If your kid is operating the drone in indoor spaces like home, sports grounds, etc.

If your kid wants to operate the drone in open space there are certain rules and regulations to be followed. Since most of the rules are applicable only for drones that weigh more than 250 grams where kids drones weigh less than 250 grams there is not much to worry. 

There are many places in Chennai where you can fly your drones outdoors like Sholavaram airstrip is one of the favourite places for aero modellers and a must place to visit with your kid to hang out with the aviation enthusiasts. 

Next place to fly drones in Chennai is near Kovalam - a calm and breeze place for kids to enhance their drone flying skills. 

Note: No drone has permission to operate near airports, military camps, public places, above 200 feet, etc. For more details about the regulations to fly a drone check out the digital sky website.

Other aviation-related activities for kids in Chennai

Plane spotting is one of the best activities for kids to learn more about aviation practically. You can spot almost all the aircraft’s landing and take-off of Chennai international airport calmly by sitting near the entrance of Air India staff housing colony.

Best drones training for kids in Chennai
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-07

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