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Good robotics classes for kids in Chennai

Robots are the fascinating things that happened during our childhood, and even now, it never fails to leave us in joy. Creating a robot itself involves the growth of logical thinking, reasoning, and fun while learning to make one. The study Robotics involves the accumulation of the basics of sciences. When a kid is made to learn robotics while he or she is still in school can make their future better in the upcoming innovative and competition-driven era. Studying robotics can also make the kids learn the tough sciences such as STEM in an easy and fun-filled way. Inculcating Robotics' study in the children's curriculum would be the best choice to make them acquainted with the STEM concepts. There are many online robotics classes and summer camps available for the kids to get introduced to the basics of Robotics.

Among them, Skyfi Labs is one of the reliable and most effective places for your kids to learn the basics of robotics through some of the exquisite courses created by our experts. Before introducing the courses, let us jump into learning a few insights on the importance of robotics and the STEM concepts.

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1. Robotics Starter (Age 8+)

2. Robotics Explorer (Age 11+)

3. Robotics Champion (Age 14+)

4. Coding Champion (Age 14+)

5. Coding Starter (Age 8+)

6. Coding Explorer (Age 11+)

7. Drones Starter (Age 8+)

8. Drones Explorer (Age 11+)

9. Drones Champion (Age 14+)

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What do kids learn in Robotics?

Of course, learning to make a robot would be the straight answer. But the process of getting to make one leaves you with more insights and knowledge on other interrelated sciences. Robots are gradually becoming an undeniable source of teaching in the educational classrooms, where it never fails to grab all children's attention. It is the most fun-filled and successful stepping stone to get the kids to learn STEM basics. These subjects are a big deal in the future and have a greater scope than any other subject.

The kids can learn the basic science concepts by building their own small robot from scratch. They can learn the basics of Physics even when programming the robot to lift a tiny object. They can learn scientific theories and understand electricity and solar power by learning how robots are powered.

Even the concept of building some silly things like a sandcastle or Lego building can indicate the potentiality of becoming an engineer in a kid. But most parents wouldn't recognize it as a big deal. Introducing the robotics to the kids can make them nurture the concepts of function and design.

Among all the subjects, Mathematics would be a nightmare for most of the kids. This happens due to the lack of acquaintance with the basic concepts of it. Learning robotics can make the kids take the numbers out of the papers and inculcate them in real life. It would be the most fun and interactive way of learning mathematics. It starts with the simple subtraction and the advanced level of learning how robots react in the environment in different proportions.

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What is STEM in Robotics?

Most of us still do not know the essence of science except for all the Robot movies and the Terminator series that we have watched. The major four studies are compiled into an acronym and called STEM. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. In due course of time, people are adding Arts into the group as STEAM or A STEM. However, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics from the basis. Integrating these basics in Robotics is beneficial for the students in their future. This integration gives them hands-on experience in their learning as they inculcate those theories practically. This also gives hope and a head starts for the secondary studies or helpful for the college studies. This increases the logical thinking and reasoning ability. It allows the students to get into their own creativity. It lets the kids cater very easily to the future world of technology. More importantly, it lets the kids have fun while learning so.

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Good Robotics Classes for Kids in Chennai:

Here are the few yet the best courses from Skyfi Labs that are exquisitely knitted to make the children enter into the Robotics world. Chennai is the place where more kids are interested to learn new things in favor of that following are the best robotics classes for kids in Chennai.

1. Robotics Starter class for kids (Age 8+)

This is one of the best robotics classes for kids that can be the first baby step for the kid to enter the technological world. The kid gets the hundred percent attention as it is the one on one training where the trainer focuses completely on the child for the improvisation. The kid learns the basic concepts and gets to build some cool projects on an easy level of building a smart lamp, study lamp, doorbell, getting through the medium level of creating Newton disc, Magnetic Pendulum based light, smart alarm to the difficulty level of making smart street light, smart light for drawer and the Radio-controlled robot.

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2. Robotics Champion class for kids (Age 14+)

This robotics class would be the best for your kid to know more about robots by building various kinds of robots. The kids learn to build various robots such as Line following Robot, Voice Controlled Robot, Gesture Controlled Robot, Obstacle Avoiding Robot, Bluetooth Controlled Robot, and Obstacle Following Robot. As the kids learn how to build a robot, they also learn the basics of STEM by the end of this course.

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3. Robotics Explorer class for kids (Age 10+)

This robotics class lets the kid further explore the world of robotics by constructing some of the coolest robots using the technology. The kid learns to build the Water dispenser, Railway gate, Automatic soap dispenser on the basic level, Smart room lighting system, Smart plant watering system, and Line following Robot without coding on the medium level, and Line following Robot using Arduino, LED blinking using Arduino, Light following Robot using Arduino, and Obstacle avoiding Robot using Arduino on the advanced level.

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As Robotics is involved in every other field such as medicine, disaster relief, medical industry, military, and so on, introducing your kids to the world of Robotics is the best way of securing their future for their better living. We at Skyfi Labs can make this easier and possible through our various Robotics online classes and summer camps that make Robotics exclusive for kids.

What are the other fun activities in Chennai for kids?

Chennai is popular for its variety of attractions for kids starting from parks and shopping centres to beaches. Following are some of the favourite attractions that you can visit with your kids in Chennai:

Marina beach is the most visited beach in Chennai. In the early morning, you can find kids - sliding with their roller skates, performing breathtaking gymnastic stunts, playing frisbee, practising volleyball, playing sports like football, cricket, and so on. Apart from this, you can also take your kid to the lighthouse situated opposite to the AIR station, where you can explore the aerial view of the city along with your kid. 

Chennai Railway museum is one of the must-visit places in Chennai for kids. This place excites kids with various activities - AV shows, joy rides, scaled models of Indian trains, etc. 

Laser tag a simple game where you need to tag others with lasers. You can have fun with your kids/friends by tagging them. Laser tag is available in almost every shopping mall around Chennai. 

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Good robotics classes for kids in Chennai
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