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As we are growing through the digital era, Coding is gradually becoming the basic literacy to everyone. Especially for kids in the current generation growing with sliding into social media applications in the iPhone while having their breakfast in their crib,[managing a lowkey stomach burn, these kids are Lucky Ducks:-(], I think now, you get the fact that we are already into this world of technology and the importance of making them learn Coding for a better future to cope up with. Let us dive into further details on how to get your kids to code, top kids coding languages, and exploring some of the coolest coding classes for kids in Mumbai.

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1. Robotics Starter (Age 8+)

2. Robotics Explorer (Age 11+)

3. Robotics Champion (Age 14+)

4. Coding Champion (Age 14+)

5. Coding Starter (Age 8+)

6. Coding Explorer (Age 11+)

7. Drones Starter (Age 8+)

8. Drones Explorer (Age 11+)

9. Drones Champion (Age 14+)

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How to get your child to Code?

With all the importance of making kids learn coding being realized, here is the first step on the mission. HOW TO HELP YOUR CHILD TO CODE? Here are two ways through which you could get your child to learn to code. 

Influence: Children are basically easy to influence. Tell them and explain to them what wonders can be done through coding. Make them learn a small step in the process. Start with simple stuff with calculators. Once they learn with the basics and make their homework feel like a breeze, they automatically enter into the coding world out of their own interest to make some progress. Gradually, make them introduce to the basic HTML and thereby move further to other coding languages.

Impose: As a parent, if you don't have enough knowledge to influence your child into the coding world, then chuck the influence technique. There are many schools out there that have started to include coding as a separate study in their curriculum. Imposing coding as another subject while they are still in school, makes them learn it efficiently and quickly. This makes them also to know and realize the importance of coding in this digital era. Also, there are a few cool and the best online coding classes for kids. Skyfi Labs is one of the trusted companies which has knitted some of the best coding courses for kids.

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Top Kids Coding Languages:

There are different kinds of programming languages out there, to begin with. The purpose of what your kids want to learn should be clear to pick up any languages. There are interpreted programming languages, procedural programming languages, compiled programming languages, object-oriented programming languages, and scripting programming languages. The interpreted programming language is used to make the child learn how to make the written code into line-by-line using an interpreter. Likewise, other programming languages have different purposes. Here are some top coding languages that your child can start with:

1. JAVA: It is one of the objective-oriented and easy to do programming languages in the coding world. The easy way to influence them to learn this language is to teach them how to build it on Minecraft. Learning coding through this game could improve their logic skills and how to use it in JAVA and thereby solving the problems using this programming language.

2. Swift: It is one of the simplest and funniest ways to get kids into the coding world. This language only needs minimal coding. Also, the development in the language can be done through the easy drag and drop code. It comes with the guidelines and they can make the Swift commands into a game-like behavior.

3. Scratch: It is the best and coolest platform for the kids to learn to code. As it has the space for the visual coding and developing it through the games and developing the apps, it gets the fullest attention from the kids to make further progress and curiosity to learn to code. It comes with the beginner tutorials and can even be accessed without the internet.

4. C++: Taking its versatility and its primary contribution in developing a simple application in any platform, C++ would be the great choice in the line to make the children learn it. It comes under the compiled programming languages. It is a great way for the kids to learn how to construct an app in Windows.

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Best Coding Classes for Kids in Mumbai

Mumbai kids are exposed to the advanced technologies at their young age itself. Also, Mumbai is considered as the financial capital of India the kids live in Mumbai have a growth mindset. To help the kids to grow further teaching them coding is the best idea. Here are a few coolest and the best coding courses for kids in Mumbai:

1. Coding Starter class for kids (Age 8+):

This is the most suitable coding class for any child to learn computer coding as a beginner. This lets the child know the importance of getting into the coding world and lets them enjoy the coding. Kids will develop projects using the Scratch programming language. The kid will get full attention from the trainer as it is a one to one program.  As a part of this coding class, the child gets to create a greeting card, painting in scratch, Pegasus, dance party, and so on.

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2. Coding Champion class for kids (Age 14+):

This would be the perfect booster for the kids to further focus on the coding and the development of the apps. The kids can learn logical thinking and analytical skills through this online coding class. This lets the kids learn the basic concepts along with developing the live projects using MIT App Inventor. As a part of this coding class, the kid will design Text to speech app, GPS location app, SOS alert app, Framework of MIT App Inventor, Video player app, and Show location on map app.

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3. Coding Explorer class for kids (Age 11+):

It is an engaging, activity-based, and fun learning coding class for kids, where the kids can learn how to develop a game using kid’s friendly visual block-based Scratch programming language. Constructing a game on their own would be a fun and interesting thing for the kids to learn to code. As a part of this online coding class, the kid will learn to build ping-pong game, Freddy the Cat, Treasure hunter, and so on.

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Technology has become the undeniable future in everything and so is the urge of learning to code for a better future. Try these well-knitted online coding classes of Skyfi Labs developed by industrial experts exclusively for making the kids enter into coding. Also, these classes are conducted in private sessions that ensure 100% attention and focus on the kid. If you still have any queries regarding the Coding classes schedule a free trial class for your kid where the trainer interacts with the kid and suggests the best online coding class.

What are the other fun activities for kids in Mumbai?

Mumbai - India’s largest city and one of the densely populated cities in the country. To give a break for kids from their exhausting schedule following are some good places to visit with kids in Mumbai:

Nehru Planetarium is an informative place for kids located in Worli, Mumbai that includes theatre, cartoons, computer animations, paintings, and video clips related to star constellations and the universe. Your kid will get an unforgettable experience by watching the show about “Universe existence” on the dome-shaped theatre.

Elephanta caves a UNESCO world heritage site that costs you an hour-long ferry ride from the gateway of India to visit. You can enjoy this place with your kid by visiting the caves and exploring the ancient architectural techniques and Indian culture.

Adlabs Imagica is a paradise for kids that holds a variety of thrilling activities from kids to adults. Apart from the adrenaline rushing rides, there are other activities for kids like snow parks, restaurants, food trucks, and shopping outlets. This place located off Mumbai-Pune Express Highway is the best after-school place for kids to visit.

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Best coding classes for kids in Mumbai
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