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Best drones training for kids in Pune

From many years technology have always provided us with many devices that made our lifestyle easier and comfortable. The drone is also one of those devices. Technically a drone is an aircraft that can fly without the need of a person to sit inside it. Nowadays, drones are officially known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAVs).

Drones have been seen as a very useful creative of technology in the past few years. As it has many applications like:

  1. Aerial photography can be done for films and journalism.
  2. Helps to supply essential and gained information about disaster management.
  3. Helps to manage air traffics.
  4. Storm tracking and forecasting hurricanes and tornados.

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Note about Robotics for kids Note:

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1. Robotics Starter (Age 8+)

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4. Coding Champion (Age 14+)

5. Coding Starter (Age 8+)

6. Coding Explorer (Age 11+)

7. Drones Starter (Age 8+)

8. Drones Explorer (Age 11+)

9. Drones Champion (Age 14+)

Drone training for kids is the best thing a parent can provide to his or her kid to increase their learning or knowledge about technology and science and also helps to understand the technology used behind the drone. Drone training will also help to increase thinking capability and make kids more creative.

This article talks about topics like STEM drone for kids, Advantages of learning drones for kids, and best drone training class for kids in Pune.

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Best STEM drones for kids

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Providing knowledge about STEM to kids at an early age will be very helpful for kids in their future. So, understanding STEM is not difficult, it can be learnt in a fun way also. Therefore, drones will be the best thing to play with and understand STEM.

Now let’s know what are the best STEM drones for kids. There are many best drones but we will talk about the few. The best STEM drones are:

1. Holy Stone HS170: The best thing about this model is that it has excellent flight control response, so it would be easy for a kid to handle it. If your kid is a beginner in this field and wants to fly a drone, this would be the best model. Even, this drone can perform flips and different tricks.

2. Syma X5C: As we all know every parent is worried about their children safety, so if you think that your kid might get hurt from drones or injured some other person, then this is the best model for your kid because it is easy and fun to fly as well as a safety approach too. This drone will also be in your budget to purchase it, i.e. it is very affordable. As well as, the flight performance of the drone is very stable to control it.

3. Hubson X4H107L: Since this drone is easy to learn how to fly it, so it is the best for beginners. It is very lightweight and also has a compact design. The compact design is awesome as the quadcopter has small rubber feet that help to soften rough landings.

4. UDI 818A Quadcopter: This is a perfect drone for beginner fliers as it has got an excellent flight control response. As well as, this drone con performs various stunts in the mid-air as flips.

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Advantages of teaching drone technology for kids

Parents might have a question, why they should send their kids for drone training or what are the advantages of learning drone training. So, now we are gonna talk about the advantages of learning drones training:

  • Helps to learn about Aerodynamics: Kids are very curious to know facts about everything they see. So, after knowing about the drone, kids might have many questions, such as how drones fly, i.e. the technology behind it. And this technology is based on aerodynamics. So, the kids can learn facts and gain knowledge about aerodynamics.
  • Creates many Carrier Opportunities: If your kid after learning finds interest in this topic then that’s going to be an advantage or plus point in your kid’s life. As one can apply for Aeronautical Engineering which has demand in today’s as well as the future’s market. Even he/she can be one of those developers who will develop and create different types of drones.
  • Future Entrepreneur: One of the best advantages of this learning is that it makes kid creative and helps to think of innovative ideas. Therefore, he/she can be an entrepreneur in future, i.e. they will be job provider rather than a job seeker.

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Best Drones Training for Kids in Pune

If you are a parent reading this article, so after knowing the advantages of drone training and about drones. You might think, where I should send my children to gaining all the knowledge. So, Skyfilabs is one of the best platforms for drone training for kids in Pune.

The available courses provide the following facilities:

  • Live 1:1 class from experts: As there will be live 1:1 class, so your kid will get 100% attention and focus. Since, the teachers and kids will be interacting, so a kid can ask any doubts.
  • The required kit will be delivered to your doorstep in 24 hours.
  • Earn smart certificate: After the completion of the course, each student will be provided with a smart certificate for their performance in learning the course and the certificate will help your kid in future.

There are three types of course, which will have all the facilities which had been discussed above.

Now we will discuss the different drone training courses for kids

1. Drones Starter training class: This drone training is for kids of above 8 years. And if your kid is a beginner, it would be the best course as it starts teaching from zero levels. Also, they develop a different drone-related project from scratch.

2. Drones Explorer training class: Kid of age 10 or above can participate in this course. Also, it provides knowledge from basics. Even, they will develop intermediate drone-related projects like chuck to fly, reactive drone with the help of STEM drone kit.

3. Drones Champion training class: In this course, child of age above 14 or 14 can participate. This course will also start from zero but it would be better if your kid has little knowledge about drones.

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All these drone training programs will be taught from basics so there is no prior knowledge required. In these drone training program, kids will also learn to fly the model which is the most exciting part of this program.

One best thing about all courses is that you can choose your schedule as per your comfort zone. If you are confused to choose a drone training program for your kid, schedule a free trial class our trainer come online interacts with your kid and suggest the best drone program.

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Where kids can fly their drones in Pune?

There are certain rules and regulations for flying drones in India. If your drone comes under nano category (weighing less than 250 grams), no need of any licence or permission to fly the drone.
Since most kids' drones weigh less than 250 grams there are not many constraints for flying this type of drones.

Kids can fly their drones in closed environments like inside their homes, school playgrounds, indoor stadiums, etc. It is always better to avoid flying the drone in public places like parks, streets and public grounds as it grabs unwanted attention of police.

Note: No drone is allowed to operate in red zones like airports, public places, military camps, private properties, etc.

Other aeromodelling related activities for kids in Pune

Hadapsar Gliding centre is the best place to experience the adventure by gliding on an unpowered aircraft (glider). You can also find aero modellers flying their fixed-wing models in this place. Your kid will get a chance to meet people of similar interests. A perfect place for kids in Pune to interact with aeromodelling experts and gain knowledge on RC aircraft, drones, gliders and so on.

Best drones training for kids in Pune
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