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Drones training for kids in Mumbai

Drones are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that can be operated remotely and don’t require a pilot on board. Kids are always fascinated with flying objects. A drone is one such aircraft that secures a top place in their hit list.

Drones are not only for fun and playing. It is used for various purposes ranging from delivering food and medicines to attacking enemies in the War field. Learning drone technology at a young age will help your kid to build a lucrative career.

This article gives you a clear idea about the advantages of using drones to teach kids, Best STEM drones for kids and drone training classes and workshops for kids in Mumbai.

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Explore drone training classes for kids in Mumbai

Best STEM drones for kids

Not all drones are suitable for kids. Kids require durable drones as they will crash the drone while flying it. Also, it should be easy for them to control. Following are the drones for kids that educate and provide fun at the same time.

  • DJI Tello
  • Parrot Mambo
  • Holly stone HS170
  • Syma X5C
  • Dromida Ominus
  • Pluto X

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Advantages of using drones for educating kids

Drones are cool and it is uber cool for kids. As technology rapidly progresses the requirement of innovation in the educational methods has also become necessary. A modern and practical teaching method will help students to understand complex concepts more easily.

Drones are one such tool that helps kids to retain knowledge on various STEM concepts. Not only STEM it also helps kids to develop various life skills. Following are some of the advantages of using drones for education:

Hands-on learning: Students always show more interest to work with tangible objects than listening to lectures. Most of the kids will never learn or understand the concepts if it is not explained interestingly. The best solution for this would be - Drones! Drone building involves hands-on practice, this makes the kids learn even the advanced concepts by doing experiments.

Creative skills: Drones are used for a variety of purposes like film making, racing, land surveying, and so on. This expands the chances for kids to explore new things. For example, A camera drone allows kids to take pictures and cover videos that help kids to enhance their creativity.

Physical activity and motor skill: Similar to video games flying a drone requires good hand-eye coordination. Unlike video games, drones bring kids outside and make them physically active. Also, Drones make kids judge the distance of drones in the air while flying, this improves deep observational skills in them.

Coding skills: In this tech-driven world coding skill has become mandatory rather than optional. Introduction of programmable STEM drones made the coding easy for kids. Thanks to the engineers and drone manufacturers. As kids see their program output in the real-time makes them understand the coding concepts easily.

Educates Fundamental concepts with ease: Drones teach STEM concepts for kids with ease. Math is always a horror subject for kids. Drones make math more interesting for kids as it engages kids to apply the learnt concepts into practice by doing calculations such as load capability of drone, flight time, etc. Drones also teach higher education concepts to kids like aerodynamics, laws of physics, electronics and so on.

As you can see drones help kids in many ways to make the learning more enjoyable and fun rather than boring. If you are also planning to teach drones to your kid, the next section talks about the best drone training classes for kids in Mumbai. 

Discover more drone training classes for kids in Mumbai

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Drones training for kids in Mumbai

Mumbai acts as the financial capital of India and it is one of the densely populated cities. The roots of famous companies like Reliance, Tata, Godrej and many other companies are from Mumbai.

Thus, Kids from Mumbai are exposed to entrepreneurship from a young age. Teaching drones for kids will help them to develop their entrepreneurship skills further. Following are the best drone training programs for kids in Mumbai:

  1. Drones starter training class for kids
  2. Drones explorer training class for kids
  3. Drones champion training class for kids

What kids will learn from these classes?

Drones starter training class introduces your kid into the world of drones, it educates the various concepts of drone from basics. Your kid will use block programming and build various projects with the help of the STEM drone kit. Sensors used in drones like magnetometer, barometer, gyroscope and accelerometer are explained to kids in this drone class. This program is suitable for age 8+ kids.

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In Drones explorer training class kids will learn drone building and develop projects like chuck to fly, reactive drone, etc. They will learn both visual blocks and text-based programming language and program the drone to perform various manoeuvres. Your kid will learn about various flight modes like Altitude hold mode, Throttle mode, self-level mode, and so on. This program is suitable for age 10+ kids.

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Drones champion training class explains the drone terminologies like pitch, roll, and yaw practically. As part of this drone class, your kid will learn to program the drone using the C++ programming language and will develop advanced projects like phone clone and open sesame. This program is suitable for age 14+ kids.

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In all the classes after building the drone, your kid will also learn to fly the model, which is the most exciting part of this training. When kids build something with their hands and seeing it flying will motivate them to build more such projects in the future. All the classes are taught from basics so there is no prior programming or electronics experience required.

Skyfi Labs conducts all these drone training programs online in live 1-1 sessions interactively. Trained professionals who have more passion to teach kids will explain all the concepts properly to your kid. Since the classes are conducted privately, trainers can modify the class based on your kid's response. As soon as the enrollment, the required drone kit will be shipped to your doorstep and your kid can start learning the drone concepts comfortably right from home.

If your child is very much interested in exploring drone technology, join in these drone training classes to make his/her dream come true. We also conduct a free trial class where our trainer comes online, interacts with your kid and suggests the suitable class for your kid based on the interaction.

Check all the drone training for kids in Mumbai

Did you know? Skyfi Labs also provides online classes and summer camps for kids on other innovative technologies like robotics and coding. Check out the following links for more details:

Where can kids fly their drones in Mumbai

Mumbai, famous for its heavily crowded trains, buses and congested rooms, it is almost impossible to fly a drone in outdoors. Recently in India DGCA had implemented some regulations to fly drones. But drones that weigh less than 250 grams can be flown without any restrictions in closed areas like inside homes, indoor stadiums, school grounds, etc.

If you want to fly the drone in outdoors Kharghar, Navi Mumbai holds a big ground that can accommodate drone flyers, footballers, cricketers, etc. But you should be aware of police also as they try to seize the drone by saying some silly reasons.

Note: Never fly a drone near airports, military camps, public places and private properties.

Plane Spotting in Mumbai

Plane spotters a growing community of aviation enthusiasts you can find them roaming around the airport areas with high-end cameras to snap the photographs of aircraft. You can introduce plane spotting to kids by taking them to a plane spotting area near the Mumbai airport.

Jari Mari Hill is the popular plane spotting place in Mumbai. The best place to spot take-off and taxing of aeroplanes. You will get to see passenger aircraft models like Airbus A320, Boeing 777, Boeing 737, Airbus A380 and rarely some cargo aircrafts such as MD-11F of FedEx, B757 of Blue Dart and so on.

Drones training for kids in Mumbai
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