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Learn Computer Vision in a hands-on manner by building projects. Use Computer Vision kit (shipped to you in 24 hours) to build skills through online tutorials designed by experts. Join students from 67 countries who are learning Computer Vision in this exciting way! You also get 1-1 doubt clarification sessions from experts to help you during your course. Free Demo available for all Computer Vision Online Courses. Select a topic below to start.

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Surveillance Robot

Surveillance Robot


Control the robot from a remote location & capture live video footages

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Sixth Sense Robot

Sixth Sense Robot


Build a robot that can be controlled with image processing algorithms

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3 Computer Vision Projects (Combo Course)

3 Computer Vision Projects (Combo Course)


Develop 3 different projects using image processing & python

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Computer Vision - Text Scanner

Computer Vision - Text Scanner


Develop an application to scan & display the text from an image

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Computer Vision Based Mouse

Computer Vision Based Mouse


Develop a project to control your computer mouse by pointing your finger

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Computer Vision Based Smart Selfie

Computer Vision Based Smart Selfie


Develop a smart camera application that clicks selfie when you look at your best

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FAQs on Computer Vision Online Courses:

    Who can take up this course?

    Anyone with prior knowledge in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Data Science, Mathematics, and other important computer science concepts can take up this course. Although our course comes with eligibility criteria, we ensure that topics and concepts are taught from basic to advance.

    How do I clear my doubts?

    Our expert trainers can be contacted by scheduling a meeting. Each of our courses has this option. Our trainers are well-equipped to help you answer your questions and queries related to your corresponding course. They can also assist you in project executions too.

    Should I return the kits once I complete the course?

    No, you don't have to. The kits are yours to keep. The best part about this is that, if you plan on upgrading your course, then you only have to pay for the course fees and the extra components.

    Is it hard to learn computer vision?

    It is not. It greatly depends on the knowledge, prior experience, and interest in the subject too. But if you are a beginner and you have no prior knowledge of AI and Machine Learning, then this course would be a little difficult for you. The best way to start learning Computer Vision is by joining an online course and reading articles on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. You could also take up an online course for the same which will help you learn the concepts in Computer Vision better.

    What skills are needed for computer vision?

    You must understand the internet and how it works. A few integral skills that you would need for Computer Vision training are mathematical analysis, Open SV library, Data Science, Image Processing, and Software development to name a few. Sound knowledge of statistics is a skill that will go a long way in learning about Computer Vision.

    How long will it take to learn computer vision?

    It would roughly take you 4 to 6 months to completely get a hang of this course.

    Is Computer Vision a Good Career?

    Yes, it is. In terms of career opportunities, it is HUGE! Computer Vision Engineers are in high demand. At present, there are about 60,000 job-opening in the market. The field of Computer Vision is constantly growing with novel innovations.

    What language is used in computer vision?

    Computer Vision involves a great deal of Machine Learning concepts, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning concepts too. You will need to learn programming languages like C++, Python, and C#. Having an experience in Mathematical concepts is also an added advantage to learning this course.

    Do Computer Vision Courses with online classes help?

    Yes, they do. If you have any prior experience in Image processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence then online courses will help you. If you don't and you’re a beginner, you could start reading up about machine learning concepts, pick up small projects and also work on your mathematical skills. That way free online courses will support your journey in learning Computer Vision. There are plenty of free online courses that explain integral concepts in Computer Vision. The Computer Vision courses at Skyfi Labs come with a curriculum that teaches you everything your need from start to advance.

    Once I’m done with the course, will I still be able to access the tutorials and videos?

    Yes, you can. These videos and tutorials are accessible for a lifetime. You can also use these videos as future references too.

    What kind of certification will I be awarded after the completion of the course?

    You will be awarded a Smart Certificate upon successful completion of your course. This Certificate can be verified by anyone and anywhere in the world.

    What do I get in these fees?

    This Fee will give you:

    1. Open-source software access and guidance.
    2. Course manual and content material.
    3. Charges for support and shipping.

    Why should I take up this course at Skyfi labs?

    There are plenty of free online courses on the internet that give you basic information about the course. Here at Skyfi Labs we help a student not just build a successful portfolio but also get them job-ready with the best curriculum. Our Computer Vision courses include project-based learning modules along with Software that is industrial grade. All our courses at Skyfi Labs come with a hands-on approach to learning skills. This is a venture by an IIT Kanpur Alumni. We have successfully trained 2,50000+ students from across 30 countries around the world. Most of them have come out with success stories and have forged tremendous career paths with our learning.

    How do I get in touch with you?

    We love emails! Do get in touch with us via mail at or call us on our Toll-free: 18001237177 (10 AM -9 P.M.; Mon-Sat).

About Computer Vision Projects At Skyfi Labs

Computer Vision is an interesting field of AI and Machine Learning that derives data from Digital Images, Videos, and other forms of visual content on the internet. If AI is the mind of the computer, then computer vision is the eyes of the computer. Through computer vision, you not only analyze data but also see it. Computer Vision is an innovative way to open our data to more kinds of inputs rather than just traditional texts.

This is the next wave of functionality in Deep Learning, where neural networks analyze and interpret images, and videos. Computer vision requires a copious amount of data. It runs through data over and over again until it has been completely analyzed and discerned about the recognizable images. For example, if you want to train your computer to recognize trees, then the computer should have been fed with vast amounts of images of trees to recognize trees.

Computer Vision is a relatively new field. This is one of the rapidly growing fields in UX technologies and this extremely promising market is expected to bring in a host of new job opportunities for all!

Strike it while it's hot!

Computer vision is a field that is vast and comes with several applications. Our online Computer Vision courses cover several innovative projects and concepts. Projects like Surveillance Cameras and Robots teach you both about designing your security systems as well as constructing your very own portable surveillance robot that gathers footage and one that you can control through your computers. These are courses that are designed to enhance your Computer Engineering degrees and prospective job opportunities.

Here’s what you will get when you join our online Computer Vision training:

  • You will receive kits that reach your doorstep within 24 hours of enrolling in our course. These kits come with everything you need to learn about. These kits are accredited by and are put together in our labs.
  • 100% online. The tutorials come with interesting multimedia content that comprises all the material related to the course. These recorded sessions are designed with the latest content keeping you up-to-date on everything you need to know about Computer Vision.
  • Smart Certificates! Once you have completed the course you will be awarded a Smart Certificate. This certificate can be verified by anyone anywhere in the world.
  • You can also choose from our wide range of Online Computer Vision courses.
A practice-oriented curriculum is always better than theoretical knowledge. The reason is that you get to do and learn these concepts. Skyfi Labs believes in just that. All our courses and online classes are designed around this idea. The courses in our Computer Vision category come with software-oriented courses along with project-based learning that is all about real-world problems.

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