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8 Skills you should Develop to become a Front end Developer

Published on 26 Jul 2020. Written by Atharv Deshpande

8 Skills you should Develop to become a Front end Developer

Websites and web applications become the most popular communicating medium between customers and companies. Through the websites, companies can circulate information about their work and contact details to the customers.

An attractive and informative website always attracts more users. The front end delivers an important role in the development of such websites. You can develop a more attractive background, tables, and slides by using the front end web development technology. If you wish to accelerate your knowledge in the front end then don’t worry this article will help you by providing the right information about the essential skills required to become a front end developer. 

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5 Easy Steps to Develop a Successful Career in Web Development

Published on 19 Jul 2020. Written by Athulya menon

5 Easy steps to develop a successful career in web development

There are few people alive today who have not heard of the internet. Every field, industry and business has some ties to the web. Whether it is to order a pair of shoes for yourself or send someone to Mars, we make use of the internet in a million different ways. Furthermore, corporations conduct their business using the web as well. Every big brand from around the world has its own website and online presence, as it helps them promote and market their products and services. With online marketing being integral to the success of a company, a new role has become popular in the world of software engineering- web development. Web developer career options are looking brighter than ever before with every company competing for online attention. Having a professional website has become a representation of a company’s status and profile. So how can young graduates ensure a good career in web development?

Here’s a look at a few great courses and tips that will help engineers develop a successful career in web development. 

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Top 10 Essential Web Development tools

Published on 12 Jul 2020. Written by Atharv Deshpande

Top 10 Essential Web Development tools

Web Development is the trending technology in today’s industry. Websites are the better and popular communication medium between companies and users. Web development tools are an important aspect for the betterment of websites. These tools are helpful to maintain our work-flow and provide many more designing features. But finding the best software to fulfil requirements is sometimes disconcerting.

So we are here to help you to find top essential web development tools. Find the appropriate tool to make your job done. Along with this Skyfi Labs provides you with best web development tutorials to increase your technical knowledge in the field. It provides certification with great user experience.

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10 Advantages of using Python and Django for Web Development

Published on 12 Jul 2020. Written by Atharv Deshpande

10 Advantages of using Python and Django for web development

As we all know “Django is the best web framework”. Django is used to create database-oriented websites with python language. Top companies like Instagram, Spotify uses python in their technology stack. As Django is compatible with most of the operating system and databases so we all must know about this framework.

If you are seeking to learn more about the Django framework, you have arrived at the right place. You will definitely learn about this framework for web development with python tutorials and online courses. It will definitely help you with engineering projects. So grab the opportunity and enjoy the website development journey using python framework with Python for web development tutorial. Below are some projects of web development.

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5 Essential skills to develop a career in Back end Development

Published on 12 Jul 2020. Written by Athri Nandan

5 Essential skills to develop a career in Back End Development

Hey there everybody! Hope you are all in good health! As we know that with every passing day, human beings are redefining the path of development and making huge strides in the field of technology. And hence, it is our sole responsibility to adapt to the changes in technology and act accordingly. As the world has come to standstill at this time, it is really important for us to use this time effectively and try to gain some new skills. One such area where we can give a shot and try to discover our interest in that particular field is that of “Back end development”. And with the amount of content and information we have access to from the internet, we can learn new stuff by taking up online courses and tutorials on back end development from various websites. Firstly, I’ll give you a glimpse of what exactly is back end development.

So, have you all ever been to a public service place like a bank or a railway ticket booking centre? Sometimes, when you happen to make any payment or avail any service in the bank, you might have heard the staff member saying that “Sir, the server is down right now” and hence we have to wait until the server is restored back to normal, right? So, have you ever wondered who is behind all these server issues? Who are these people who run the show behind the screen? Well, those are the same people we were talking about in the previous paragraph! Back end developers! These people are responsible for keeping the internet running behind the screens.

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10 Interesting Web Development Project Ideas for Beginners [2024]

Published on 05 Jul 2020. Written by Dineshkumar E

10 Interesting Web Development Project Ideas for Beginners

In today’s world, technology plays an important role in our day to day lives, from simple mobile applications to self-driving cars and rockets, technology is involved. Web development is one such technology that eases our daily tasks with web applications (Gmail, Yahoo, google docs, sheets) and mobile applications. Even our day starts with the mobile application or web page designed by a web developer. This shows the importance of web development and web applications. 

With the increasing usage of internet-based devices and applications, the web development industry is skyrocketing thus the need for web developers as well. If you are a beginner and want to develop your career in the web development the best way is to build web development projects. 

Online tutorials are good, you can learn the concepts but just by learning the concepts alone will not help you to become a web developer. It’s like you will get the output if you just follow the steps, which will never happen in real-time web development. Thus, getting your hands dirty and working on some web development projects is a better idea to develop real web development skills.

But you may have questions like How do I make a web development project, What are the tools required to build the project, How to learn web development online, etc. 

No worries!

We’ve created this post to help you by covering topics like skills required to build a successful web development project, web development online tutorials for beginners and some interesting web development project ideas. 

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