Top 25+ Networking Projects for Engineering Students

“Networking technology is at the heart of the Internet connecting devices and local networks with the global public Internet. Planning, designing, building, managing, and supporting IP networks all require dedicated networking skills”
- Tae Yoo, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs at Cisco

Networking is a technology that is underrated or rather unknown to many people because of the way it works. It always operates behind the scenes in our homes and businesses & rarely does any individual think about it unless some problem arises in the operation of devices being used.

But as engineers, we need to observe and appreciate the innovation happening in networking to make our life easier.

If we look couple of years back, networking gave us the power of cloud computing through which we were able to store our data on cloud and also gave the super power to us by providing internet with 3G/4G networks. It also redefined the way we use Internet by giving us WiFi hotspots, wireless modems, tri-band broadband connections etc.

If you like to do projects related to networking fields but not sure about the project topics, you can refer the below topics to get some good ideas.

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Why is networking going to be important in the near future? What are the important factors driving it?

a. IOT Gadgets:
Networking technology not only makes our life easier by providing faster internet and other networks but also provide us with smart gadgets to use. IOT devices are one such example, which are penetrating into almost all the industries and homes. It is estimated that the market share of IOT devices will rise up to multi-trillions by 2020.

From Apple watch series to all the wearable devices, smart kitchens, smart electronics devices like bulbs, water monitoring device, security systems etc., every smart product that is being brought to us is an IOT product. Such is the pace in which networking products are reaching and assisting us in our day-to-day lives.

b. 5G Networks:
You might wonder, while 4G networks didn’t even reach many parts of the world, why to develop 5G networks. Just like how 4G networks was researched and developed for many years, 5G networks are also undergoing the same cycle.

Many reports suggest that with 5G networks, the maximum data rates may reach up to gigabits per second (Gbps) and it is estimated that more consumers will be inclined to shifting to this network in near future. Soon, you will be able to see the companies claiming to provide 4.5G & pre-5G products.

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c. IPv6 Rollout:
IPv6 will soon replace the traditional internet protocol system that we are using currently (IPv4). With the adoption of IPv6, it will become much easier to manage subscriber accounts by the internet providers and you can also expand the available IP address to accommodate more number of devices.

IPv6 also come with other improvements like providing more security features to TCP/IP traffic management on the Internet. This will provide supreme power to administrators who manages home networks.

d. Artificial Intelligence:
With the latest technological advancements, the field of AI is advancing so fast and more computers & machines with some amount of intelligence are being developed at a rapid pace. All these machines need newer and efficient types of networks to function.

So, if you are an engineering student looking to build innovative projects, choosing the networking field as the area of interest will provide you a lot of future scope and learning opportunity.

High Demand but even higher supply of graduates

Networking is surely a hot area and one with a lot of job opportunities. And as we saw above the demand is only going to increase in the near future.

However, the number of students and graduates looking for jobs in networking is also very high. So, it is very important to build a strong profile to beat the competition and develop a great career in networking.

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How to standout from the crowd and grab opportunities?

Networking is a field that requires strong understanding of fundamentals. And it also requires you to be very good at hands-on implantation of concepts. A networking engineer is expected to work on a number of problems and develop solutions and so the industry prefers students who have good experience in solving real problems.

So we suggest students a 2 step strategy to crack a career in Networking.

  1. Be very strong in basics. Go through your basic concepts again and again and develop great understanding of them.
  2. Build lots of projects in a hands-on manner. You need to work with various types of networks and protocols. You also need to develop some systems which use networking so you can understand how users look at it.

If you like to do projects related to networking fields but not sure about the project topics, you can refer the below topics to get some good ideas.

List of good networking projects:

  1. Weather monitoring system using IOT (View more details)
  2. Smart irrigation system using IOT (View more details)
  3. Temperature /humidity detection system using Raspberry Pi (View more details)
  4. Automated street lighting system using IOT (View more details)
  5. Smart building system using IOT & PIR (View more details)
  6. Smart water monitoring system using IOT (View more details)
  7. Vehicle tracking system using GPS & GSM (View more details)
  8. Smart energy tracking system using GSM(View more details)
  9. WiFi controlled robot (View more details)
  10. IP based Patient Monitoring System
  11. Advanced Honeypot Architecture for Network Threats Quantification
  12. Banian: A Cross-platform Interactive Query System for Structured Big Data
  13. Use of Information-Centric Networks in Revision Control Systems
  14. Design and Implementation of a Wi-Fi Based Home Automation System
  15. Web System Security
  16. Efficient Secure Computation for Real-world Settings and Security Models
  17. Provable Security for Crypto-Currencies
  18. Multi-View Video Transmission over the Internet
  19. A Framework for a Multifaceted Electronic Voting System
  20. Analysis and Simulation of Threats in an Open, Decentralized, Distributed Spam Filtering System
  21. Facebook Blocket with Unsupervised Learning Filter
  22. Speech Interface for a Mobile Audio Application
  23. Dial over Data solution
  24. Evaluation and Implementation of SCADA Systems
  25. TCP Performance in an EGPRS system
  26. Personalized Web Search with Location Preferences

Hope you got some ideas about the networking projects that you can do as part of your curriculum.

Do comment your queries below, we will get back to you in a gist.

All the best for your project!

Top 25+ Networking Projects for Engineering Students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-07

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