Networking and Security based IEEE project ideas

Computer Networking basically refers to the exchange of data between nodes. Along with the designing and construction of the network, the management and the network operation are also important aspects of Computer Networking. To protect the dignity of the data in a computer network, network security comes into play. It is the simple use of various software and hardware techniques to protect the data inside a computer network. With the growing demand for Data, the demand for apt data security is also increasing. This is thus, the perfect time for students to get their hands-on Networking and Security. Developing IEEE based networking projects is one such way where you can develop your networking and security skills. 

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Basics of Networking

Computer Networking is originally categorized into two types, wired networking, and wireless networking. As the name suggests, wired networking uses physical components like optical fibres to transport data between the nodes. This type of networking offers high speed and great reliability. The only drawback is its high costs and brittle components. On the contrary, wireless networking exchanges data over the air without the use of any physical components. This makes it more accessible, adaptable, and portable. Computer Networking allows people to connect both on the local as well as wide area networks. From setting up a simple home Wi-Fi to facilitating the security system of a huge enterprise, all come under networking. 

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Network Security and its types

The security of a data network is of great responsibility. When we are dealing with the security of an organization, various aspects are taken into consideration. Physical, Technical, and Administrative Network Security are the fields of major focus. There are different ways to secure a network. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Network Access Control
  • Antivirus and Antimalware Software
  • Firewall Protection
  • Virtual Private Networks

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Network security is a high priority to all organizations when it comes to dealing with networked data. It allows the organization to maintain the probity and assure the connections through a network.

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Networking and security-based IEEE project ideas

In this technological era, projects play a very important role in the development of a programmer. Making the right and ample projects in a field give us the experience and taste of the field. Therefore, if you wish to go for Network Security, working on the correct IEEE projects is important. Below are some interesting IEEE Networking and Security projects for beginners:

  1. Safe folder app: This is a very simple application that can be made with the help of network security. Important documents, pictures, and other files can be secured in this folder. By using the password protection system, we can lock the application too. 
  2. School Security system: This is a really beneficial IEEE network security project. Through this, we can ensure the security of the students at school. The important activities and actions of the students will be informed to their parents through an application. The arrival and departure of the school bus, attendance status of the students, and other security features will be a part of the application.
  3. Secure backup software system: This IEEE networking and security project provides a smart and secure way to back up all the files in a system. This will create a backup folder secured with an OTP. With separately administered accounts for every user, the hackers will not be able to hack through the backup folder. 
  4. Card payment security: Nowadays, digital currency plays a great role in the money exchange industry. Going cashless is the trend. But this also increases the concern for the privacy of our data. This IEEE networking project uses high encryption through RSA technology. In this way, the bank details are secure and transitions can be done conveniently.
  5. Secure Image transfer: With the increasing amount of frauds, this is a much-needed IEEE project. It is a protected communication technique. Since it is fully encrypted with RSA technology, other users will not know about the communication between two people. RSA is a trustable encryption technique and is almost impossible to crack.

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Other good IEEE Networking projects are mentioned below:

  • IP based Patient Monitoring System
  • Design and Implementation of a Wi-Fi Based Home Automation System
  • Web System Security
  • Speech Interface for a Mobile Audio Application
  • Advanced Honeypot Architecture for Network Threats Quantification
  • Automobile Prototyping
  • Home Automation using IoT
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Access Control with RFID
  • Advanced Image Processing
  • Wireless Communication System
  • GPS and GSM based tracker
  • Automatic Solar tracker

Best online courses to learn networking

Since network security has a huge demand these days, it is the perfect time for people to start learning Network Security. There is a variety of learning material available on the internet. Thus, to find an appropriate course for beginners is also a big hustle. To make the choice easier for you below is the best Networking course for beginners.

Networking with Cisco Packet Tracer

This is an ideal course for you if you wish to begin your learning in networking. Cisco packet tracer is the most commonly used network simulation tool. From starting with the very basics of networking, the student will learn to design basic networks. As part of the course, you will also be able to design various IEEE projects in networking and security. Since the course offers online classes with one to one interaction, it is easier for students to understand and apply the technology. 

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If you are a tech enthusiast or just want to begin your journey into the field of networking, start now. This is the perfect time to develop the skills as there is a high demand for network security.

Networking and Security based IEEE project ideas
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