Best online certification courses to learn networking


Hey there! Hope you all are doing good! And undoubtedly if at all you guys are giving a read to this article. Surely you guys must be interested in computers and technology. What else would we be needing in the future apart from this in order to be well informed about the developments around us? Because whatever developments would be taking place around us in the future will surely be with the help of technology! So, it is our sole responsibility to be well educated and well known in the aspect of technology not only to get a handsome and decent pay in the field of software but also to educate your children and give them enough basic knowledge about technology! And this last line friend, whichever I told just now would be more important for our children than anything else, as their world would be nothing but one filled with online services and classes and minimal “on-field” work for humans!

So, without any delay, today in our article, let us deal with one such aspect of technology, known as “networks”, which is not only important for us to learn but is the very backbone of any organisation or company or government institution, without which their service cannot be provided! So we will be going step by step in this article by first knowing what exactly is networking and then have a talk on how you can learn networking and from where to learn networking, some tips to learn and finally some very good networking online certification courses!

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What is Networking?

So, as we have discussed above, we start off by knowing what exactly do we mean by a network and what is computer networking?

In simple terms, networking can be defined as teaming up or collaboration of a group of computers or any other electronic devices in order to share information, perform a particular task, carry out a combined operation etc.

A network uses a set of common communication protocols over digital interconnections for the purpose of sharing resources located on or provided by network nodes.

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What are Network nodes?

A point which helps in redistribution of information or acts as an endpoint in a communication channel is known as a node! Physically, it is an electronic device attached to a network which is capable of creating, transmitting and receiving information over communication channels.

Computer networks can be classified on the basis of many things such as:

  • Transmission medium
  • Based on the bandwidth of data transfer
  • Communication protocols
  • Servers
  • Based on guest or host network 

and many more...

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Top Networking Certifications

As we know that in today’s world, IT skilled professionals in networking are of high demand in the market and so in order to make it to that level and get a handsome pay, we need to act smart in order to set yourself a standard and making yourself stand out in comparison to other competitors of yours by working with established companies in the field of networking.

Here are some of those companies:

  • CCIE(Cisco)
  • CCNP(Cisco)
  • Network+(CompTIA)
  • WCNA(Wireshark)
  • Solar Winds Certified Professionals

Through these company certifications, people have achieved a number of jobs in various levels of networking right from entry-level to Expert level!

The various platforms via which they were hired are LinkedIn, LinkUp, Simplyhired and Indeed. These are 4 websites through which people have found jobs of their own calibre.

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Advantages of Cisco certification

So, as we have discussed above regarding the well-established companies in the field of networking, Cisco is regarded as one of the best among all the other companies in terms of working with it or being certified by it, here are some of the reasons as to why it is the best:

  • It helps you gain recognition! Once you have a certification from Cisco, then you can showcase it in your resume and prove your worth by showcasing your technical skills while working in complex networking models.
  • The amount of understanding you gain through the learning process from Cisco will lead you to nothing but an expert in your field.
  • It may also act as a very useful Pre-Requisite for other certificates.
  • You will be getting a better salary with additional perks.
  • Finally, you can get a quick career boost and global recognition by being certified or by working with Cisco.

Here are some of the facts about the employees working in Cisco:

  • Out of all the people who have gained certification under the 5 companies discussed above, statistically, people who have worked for Cisco have gained more jobs than all the other 3 companies combined, which very well shows its dominance.
  • Also, the number of people who have gained a high-level job in the field of networking was more from Cisco company compared to other companies.

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Best online certification courses to learn networking

So, after having learnt all about networking and the best companies for networking, the question arises, where to learn networking from?

The answer is, elsewhere, but online! Skyfi Labs is one such organization which offers many courses relating to networking along with many other concepts like computer vision, AI, etc.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Networking with Cisco packet tracer: In this networking certification course, you will learn the various concepts of networking by building hands-on projects related to networking with the help of a popular network simulation Tool, Cisco Packet Tracer. You will also learn about different kinds of protocols used.

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2. Surveillance robot: In this networking online course, you will be building a surveillance robot which gives you live videos and audio clips. It is done with the help of Raspberry Pi and with the concept of merging of various networks!

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3. Home Automation system: In this networking online course, you will learn to develop a device which can connect all the devices of your house through Bluetooth and hence helps in the smooth functioning of home appliances like light, fan, AC, etc.

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These courses sound pretty exciting, right?

So, why to miss such opportunities? You are just one click away from exploring an ocean of opportunities!! So, go ahead and do give a shot for courses on networking!

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Best online certification courses to learn networking
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-07

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