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10 Interesting Web Development Project Ideas for Beginners

In today’s world, technology plays an important role in our day to day lives, from simple mobile applications to self-driving cars and rockets, technology is involved. Web development is one such technology that eases our daily tasks with web applications (Gmail, Yahoo, google docs, sheets) and mobile applications. Even our day starts with the mobile application or web page designed by a web developer. This shows the importance of web development and web applications. 

With the increasing usage of internet-based devices and applications, the web development industry is skyrocketing thus the need for web developers as well. If you are a beginner and want to develop your career in the web development the best way is to build web development projects. 

Online tutorials are good, you can learn the concepts but just by learning the concepts alone will not help you to become a web developer. It’s like you will get the output if you just follow the steps, which will never happen in real-time web development. Thus, getting your hands dirty and working on some web development projects is a better idea to develop real web development skills.

But you may have questions like How do I make a web development project, What are the tools required to build the project, How to learn web development online, etc. 

No worries!

We’ve created this post to help you by covering topics like skills required to build a successful web development project, web development online tutorials for beginners and some interesting web development project ideas. 

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Without further delay, Let’s dive in!

Tools and Programming languages used to build web development projects

Web development tools or devtools helps web developers to examine and debug their code. Below are the major tools used by developers to build various web applications and web development projects. 

Text editors - How fishing net is important for fishermen similarly text editors is the important tool for web developers. Code and text editors are used to write and edit HTML, CSS and PHP code. Below are some widely used text editors:

  • Notepad ++
  • Atom
  • Sublime Text
  • Vim
  • Visual Code Studio

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Frameworks and Libraries - These are sets of prewritten codes that help the web developer to code fast. 

  • Web applications frameworks: Ruby On Rails, Django, Angular, ReactJs, Vue.js, Meteor JS, ASP.NET, etc.
  • Frontend frameworks - Bootstrap, Semantic-UI, Foundation, Materialize, Material UI, etc.

Programming languages - It is used to give instructions to the computer to get the desired out. Below are the top 10 programming languages used in web development:

  • JAVA
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • PHP
  • C
  • SQL
  • Ruby
  • Go

These are some of the web development tools used to make web development projects. Using proper tools speeds up the work progress and helps you to finish the task quickly. Thus use these tools and build web development projects to get hands-on experience.

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10 Interesting Web Development Project Ideas for Beginners

The wait is over! Here comes the main picture, this part of the article describes simple web development projects that you can start with as a beginner. 

1. Webpage including survey form

Forms are used in almost all websites to collect information. Developing a web development project using web forms initially will help you to test your knowledge of basics. In this project, you will use HTML or HTML 5 to create a survey form website that collects information like name, email, age, contact number and many more. This project will enhance your webpage structuring skills. 

2. A tribute page for famous personalities

This web development project helps you to build the simplest tribute page for an admirable person or even for yourself. You can build the web page by adding that person’s image, writing about his/her history and adding relevant links and information. This project tests your HTML and CSS skills. You can use CSS to make the page look better by adding a suitable background colour and font style. 

3.Parallax website

A parallax website uses parallax scrolling technique by keeping the background image fixed or making it scroll slower than the foreground image to create an illusion. This will provide a unique user experience for the visitors. Parallax website is popular among web developers because it provides an amazing look and feels to a web page. You can develop this web development project with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS by keeping 3-4 background images, aligning the text, setting margin and padding, and adding other CSS properties and elements. You can also refer to other parallax websites like Hitachi, Kontainer, Flixxo, Crema and many more to get some ideas. 

4. Facebook Phishing web page

With this web development project, you can trick your friends and collect their Facebook login details. This is a very beginner level project and you can develop this project with basic HTML knowledge. As part of this project, you will create a phishing webpage that looks similar to Facebook. You will take the Facebook HTML index, modify it and insert a PHP code to extract the password. 

Learn more about phishing web page project

5. Simple Quiz website using javascript

While learning javascript it will be difficult to remember the learnt concepts, building a project by applying the learned concepts will help you to understand properly. Creating a simple quiz website is a good way to start. In this web development project, you will create a page that asks multiple-choice questions with 4 options and displays the result at the end. You can also use your CSS skills to make the page look even better.

6. SEO friendly website

In this web development project, you will take up the role of a digital marketer and design an SEO friendly website that helps to drive more organic traffic to the website. In this project, you will work on technical SEO strategies like optimizing robots.txt, eliminating 404 error, site speed, mobile-friendly web page, incorporating breadcrumbs, etc. 

7. Restaurant website

This is an intermediate level web development project, you will create a website for a restaurant where you will align different food items, add links, descriptions, ratings, add beautiful images of food, etc. to provide an amazing look and feel. This project helps you to implement your CSS and HTML knowledge practically.

8. Web page with social share buttons

Almost all the websites have share buttons that allow visitors or users to share the content or product on multiple social media platforms. In this web development project, You will use Javascript and HTML to add the social share buttons to a website. 

9. Personal Portfolio

In this web development project, you will create your own personal portfolio webpage, where you can showcase your skills and work samples along with your name and pictures and videos. You can also add your CV and links of other platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, GitHub, etc.

10. Search engine result page

This web development project helps you to create a SERP similar to google’s SERP. You will develop a SERP that displays a minimum of 10 search results. You will include navigation arrows at the bottom of the page so that users can easily switch between different pages. 

You can also check out the below list for more web development projects:

  • E-commerce website
  • Employee transport management system
  • E-banking log system
  • Note log
  • Address book
  • Word counter
  • Exit plugin
  • To-do list
  • Technical documentation
  • Giphy with a unique API
  • Photography site
  • Music storage page
  • Product landing page

These are some of the web development projects that help you to enhance your web development skills and add more value to your resume. Always build a project that suits your skillset before advancing to the next level. 

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Top online tutorials to learn web development

If you are a beginner and want to understand web development concepts and develop projects, below are some web development online courses that teach you all the web development concepts from basics.

  1. DevOps on AWS
  2. Web development with PHP and MySQL
  3. Front end web development with React Js
  4. Back end web development with Node Js
  5. Full-stack developer
  6. Web development (Career building course)
  7. Python for web development

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article, let me know your thoughts in the comments section. 

10 Interesting Web Development Project Ideas for Beginners
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10 Interesting Web Development Project Ideas for Beginners

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