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5 Easy Steps to Develop a Successful Career in Web Development

There are few people alive today who have not heard of the internet. Every field, industry and business has some ties to the web. Whether it is to order a pair of shoes for yourself or send someone to Mars, we make use of the internet in a million different ways. Furthermore, corporations conduct their business using the web as well. Every big brand from around the world has its own website and online presence, as it helps them promote and market their products and services. With online marketing being integral to the success of a company, a new role has become popular in the world of software engineering- web development. Web developer career options are looking brighter than ever before with every company competing for online attention. Having a professional website has become a representation of a company’s status and profile. So how can young graduates ensure a good career in web development?

Here’s a look at a few great courses and tips that will help engineers develop a successful career in web development. 

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1. Web Development with PHP and MySQL

2. Front End Web Development with React JS

3. Back End Web Development with Node JS

4. Full Stack Developer

5. Web Development (Career Building Course)

What is Web Development?

Web Development helps with the coding, designing and creation of company websites and portals. Having a great website helps companies reach out to more people than ever before, and build a brand name for themselves. With so many websites hitting the web every day, it has become quite difficult to stand out. Therefore, web developers help companies by ensuring that their websites look and feel right. Websites need to be intuitive, responsive and visually appealing to attract customers. Hence, web development is the union of technical know-how and creative design skills.

Future of Web Development

  1. Artificial Intelligence: Webspace development nowadays relies and depends on Artificial intelligence. Data from websites can serve as datasets for AI applications, helping refine and improve them. Several large companies are already utilizing AI to make their websites more intuitive. Furthermore, AI will help automate the process of web development to a large extent, making it more efficient and effective.
  2. Internet of Things: Long gone are the days of bulky computers and hardware. People are into wearable tech and other such devices, which can come together through the use of IoT devices. Such technology will help users from around the world stay connected through the internet. 
  3. Virtual Reality: A fastly developing field, VR can help make websites more responsive and interesting. It can help tie in several elements into web design, which will make the user experience a lot more immersive. 
  4. 360-degree Videos: To offer more visually aesthetic experiences, a lot of companies are now making use of 360-degree videos. They offer an enhanced user experience that helps with better conversion and user engagement.
  5. Voice Search: The newest trend in web development is making websites approachable for the visually impaired. With voice searching and commands, this dream has now become a reality. Furthermore, more and more people now rely on voice commands as they are more convenient. In the future, we will see all websites using this feature to enhance user experience. 

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Why web development?

  • It serves as a great stepping stone to build a future for yourself in the tech industry. 
  • Web development is a great place to start your coding journey.
  • Gives the student the capacity to branch out into other areas.
  • It does not tie people to one particular niche and gives a lot of freedom.
  • Requires many transferable skills that can help build careers in other disciplines.
  • It teaches important lessons in project management and teamwork.
  • Due to its dynamic nature, it is a great way to learn more about the digital world. 
  • One of the very few future-proof niches.

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Scope of web development

Web development career options are many and varied, as it allows students to branch out easily. Also, the opportunities available are plentiful with most companies needing good developers for their websites. Most companies, big and small, employ a team of developers to update, upgrade and maintain their websites. With more and more companies taking their business online, the demand for good developers is on the rise. 

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Skills required to become a successful web developer

  • Primary coding knowledge
  • Advanced knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Adept skills at using jQuery, AngularJS, Ember, React, Backbone, SASS and LESS CSS Preprocessors and Bootstrap.
  • Debugging and testing skills
  • Aware of common bugs and errors
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Adept logical reasoning
  • Good communication skills
  • Leadership qualities
  • Teamwork 

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5 easy steps to develop a successful career in web development 

  1. Figure out what truly interests you, and what your skill sets are.
  2. Enrol in relevant courses to enhance your career in web development. 
  3. Teach yourself HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, javascript and other front-end and back-end frameworks.
  4. Build a solid portfolio for yourself by building web development projects.
  5. Reach out to organisations and volunteer your help to get started within the industry.

To help you with steps two and three, here are a few great courses that will help you develop a successful career in web development.

1. DevOps on AWS

DevOps brings together software development and IT operation to help develop high-quality products. In this great beginner web development course, students will learn about DevOps on AWS, and also how to build simple web applications. Students will learn about AWS Architecture and Infrastructure, and how to use Codepipeline, Cloudwatch, ELB and VPC. 

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2. Web Development with PHP and MySQL

Both PHP and MySQL are basic technologies that help power your most favourite websites. In this beginner course on web development, students will learn about server-side scripting and relational database management. Students will also learn how to build a website from scratch and explore concepts like CRUD APIs, Templates, UI and Data Exchange.

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3. Front End Web Development with React JS

Facebook’s ReactJS helps developers build rich user interfaces. Through this course, students will learn about how to build a great front end for a webpage. They will explore concepts like UI, React JS, JSX and routing.

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4. Back End Web Development with Node JS

Backend web development includes handling data, implementing logic and managing APIs. Through this course, students will learn about all this and more. This beginner web development course will help students explore Backend Programming, NodeJS, authenticating modules and express routing.

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5. Full Stack Development

Full Stack Developers work on everything including frontend, backend, and DevOps. They build user interfaces, write backend logic and manage DevOps, making them highly in-demand. In this great career-building web development course, students will learn about the complete product cycle of web development. They will also learn about ReactJS, NodeJS, DevOps and CI/CD modelling using Dockers.

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6. Python for Web Development

Python is a greatly popular programming language that helps in the development of desktop applications, websites and games. Through this versatile course, students will learn about the different facets of Python and what it can be used for. Popular websites like Google, Quora and YouTube all use Python to power their functionalities. This course will teach students about MVC, Django, MySQL and database architecture.

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As you can see web development is a greatly dynamic field that has a lot of opportunities. If you want to build a career in web development, use the time you have to pick up the important skills. Enrol in the courses mentioned above and work towards building a successful career in web development. 

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5 Easy Steps to Develop a Successful Career in Web Development
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2023-12-21

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