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10 Advantages of using Python and Django for Web Development

As we all know “Django is the best web framework”. Django is used to create database-oriented websites with python language. Top companies like Instagram, Spotify uses python in their technology stack. As Django is compatible with most of the operating system and databases so we all must know about this framework.

If you are seeking to learn more about the Django framework, you have arrived at the right place. You will definitely learn about this framework for web development with python tutorials and online courses. It will definitely help you with engineering projects. So grab the opportunity and enjoy the website development journey using python framework with Python for web development tutorial. Below are some projects of web development.

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What is Django?

Basically Django is a python oriented web framework used for the development of web applications. Django provides ready to use common components like Sign-up and sign-out, form filling, file uploading etc. That’s why it is useful for rapid development with clean designs. The main advantage is that it is an open-source web framework.

Django based upon Model, View and Template architecture. 

  1. Model- Model is simply known as the interface of the data. It contains databases which are there for maintaining data. E.g. Mysql, Postgres etc.
  2. View- View is known as the user interface. Views are represented by HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc.
  3. Template- A template consists of a static section of desired HTML or CSS outputs. 

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Is Django frontend or backend?

Actually Django framework is used for both frontend and backend. But Django cannot be useful for most of the backend development. A developer can use simple python language for development. For the frontend, you can use HTML, CSS, bootstrap etc. For backend, Django comes with Object Relational Mapping (ORM). It keeps manipulating your data.

So, as a result, Django is a full-stack web application framework.

Advantages of using Python(Django) for web development:

1. Easy to use- Python comes with very simple syntax. Therefore it is a better programming language for a new programmer or developer. It maintains easy communication between the developers working on the same project. Python IDE gives a more efficient way for the development of web applications.

2. Limitless programming approaches- Python is useful for rapid development with clean designs. It is an iterative language with forward prototyping. The OOP concepts make python cheaper and less time-consuming. If error strikes in any part, the other part will not get affected due to the functions. It is more productive than all other languages.

3. Set of Libraries- Django provides a set of libraries while developing a project. Application Programming Interface can be built by using the Django REST framework, For the content management, Django CMS can be used. Django all auth is useful for the integration of Django applications for authentication, registration, account management. Along with these, python provides Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib like libraries which are helpful for various functions like table management, mathematical operations etc. Libraries also used for Data Processing in Machine Learning and computation,

4. Mapping- Object Relational Mapping is the most important part of the framework in python i.e. Django that helps developers communicate with databases. An object-relational mapper (ORM) can easily transfer data from the databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL into objects with more efficiency and accuracy.

5. Mature Frameworks- Django is a very mature framework written in python. It has completed almost 12 years of development. Lot of things get added in it for the improvement of the development. The Django community is much stronger so able to solve any kind of query with Django.

6. Customization with Framework- Almost all web applications need an Admin panel for the admin activities. Much time required for the development of such a page manually. The Django framework provides an admin panel by default. Customization in the panel can be possible with the third party application according to our needs.

7. Use for ML and AI- Python is the popular language for ML and AI programming, and many developers took to stand with the statement. Python has more efficient Machine Learning packages, tools for visualization. Along with this Data Analysis plays an important role in Machine Learning And AI. Most of the statistical computing done with python libraries like Sci-kit Learn etc.

8. Provides Security- Django Framework has security features that help developers of Django to secure the web applications from a variety of targeted attacks. Attacks like cross-site scripting, SQL injection and cross-site request forgery may harm your web application but these attacks are defended by the Django framework. The security for web applications gets enhanced day by day.

9. Portable with integrity- Python is faster language so it can be used for faster prototyping. Along with this python possesses portability properties. Thus it is a widely used language in today's development world. Also, it can integrate with most of the difficult languages and applications.

10. Supports MVC programming- As mentioned above, the Django framework uses Model View Controller rules. This approach helps in faster designing. It also helps to detach the user interface and business logic levels.

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This Django web development course will teach you the development of a website using python. You will learn the basics of web development to the building of complex dynamic projects like dynamic pages, forms etc. You will connect to Mysql database for data storage using the python development Django framework.

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From this course you will learn:

  • Introduction to Python
  • MVC Framework
  • Introduction to Django framework
  • Working with MySQL database
  • Planning the features
  • Designing the website and database architecture
  • Developing the website

In this course, you will be guided by the technical experts. The course provides flexible learning hours. At the end of the successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a Digital Course Completion Certificate.

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10 Advantages of using Python and Django for Web Development
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