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Top 10 Essential Web Development tools

Web Development is the trending technology in today’s industry. Websites are the better and popular communication medium between companies and users. Web development tools are an important aspect for the betterment of websites. These tools are helpful to maintain our work-flow and provide many more designing features. But finding the best software to fulfil requirements is sometimes disconcerting.

So we are here to help you to find top essential web development tools. Find the appropriate tool to make your job done. Along with this Skyfi Labs provides you with best web development tutorials to increase your technical knowledge in the field. It provides certification with great user experience.

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1. Web Development with PHP and MySQL

2. Front End Web Development with React JS

3. Back End Web Development with Node JS

4. Full Stack Developer

5. Web Development (Career Building Course)

Difference between front-end & back-end web development:

  • Front-end & back-end both are necessary for the good performance of the web application. Front end development gives the user interface commonly known as UI, in another hand back end development consists of databases, servers which work behind the scene. 
  • Front end developers use better graphics and design to improve the user experience. Where back end developers provide better connectivity to provide the information to the user.
  • Frontend consists of HTML(HyperText Markup Language), CSS(Cascading Style Sheets), JavaScript and much more as a designing purpose. Back end includes all databases like MySql, PostgreSQL etc.
  • The codes of C/C++, python, java also consist of back end development. An enterprise-level database like Microsoft SQL, Oracle database, IBM DB2 provides better operations.
  • How peoples handle sites can be determined by the User Experience designing in the front end.
  • Front end developers can design static sites without the back end. As the static site doesn’t require any information stored in the database.

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10 Amazing web development tools:

Following are the web development tools used for the development of front end and back end:

  1. Sublime Text- Sublime Text is a source code editing platform. It is used for most of the programming languages and markup languages. It gives python oriented Plugin API. It has a command palette which helps in matching keyboard invocation commands. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux too. It provides an advanced command set. It is well efficient and provides basic features to the web developer.
  2. Chrome Developer Tool- Chrome developer tool is already present in your browser. It is the best debugging tool for better web development. It is free of cost tool which provides features like HTML styling, speed optimization, debugging of Java etc. It is also used to emulate mobile devices. It allows various CSS rules too. Google provides a timely update for optimization of the tool.
  3. jQuery- jQuery is a famous JavaScript library. HTML documents and Ajax can be handled very easily using jQuery. It is free for use. It helps to develop more interactive websites. It has less maintenance with a more stable environment. It does help for the animations too. It is considered an essential front end developer tool.
  4. Github- It is one of the best web development tools for code reviews and project management. It also helps to build software. It provides several other features like task management and bug tracking. It has a wide open-source development community. Easy documentation hosting with a good platform.
  5. Sketch- Sketch is a web development toolkit for digital designing. It helps with the creation of simple animation. The main advantage of this toolkit is that it has cloud collaboration. The sketch is the toolkit for only Mac. It has features like creating a clickable prototype, images etc. Custom fonts can be used for designing fully customized websites.
  6. Creative Tim- Creative Tim gives bootstrap like designing elements. It is used for both websites development and mobile app creation. Bootstrap like designing is one of the fastest designing tools. It has pre-built design pages which are helpful for the learners and freshers. It helps to focus on business models without wasting time.
  7. Envato- Envato has about 1200 HTML templates which save your coding time. You can customize these ready-made designs as per your requirement. It offers JS and CSS which helps to improve speed. The main advantage is that it is free to use. It has light and dark themes with various colour options.
  8. AngularJS- It is a tool for front end development. It is an open-source toolkit. It has advantages like better accessibility and more readability. It is one of the popular web development tools around the world. 
  9. Foundation- The main advantage of the foundation is that it is suitable for any device and medium. It helps to design websites, email pages and various applications. Easy for handling. Can customize fonts and colour. It provides a free demo but later you have to pay for more features.
  10. WebStorm- It is a coding platform for JavaScript. The main advantage of WebStorm is that it is also suitable for major projects. It allows built-in debugging tools.

So these are top 10 essential web development tools and software that will help you to design and develop a website with ease. If you are a beginner and want to get hands-on experience with these web development tools, read further the next section of the article talks about some best web development online courses that teach you with the industry-standard web development tools. 

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How can I start to learn web development?

Here are some courses on web development by Skyfi Labs:

1. Front End Web Development with ReactJS- ReactJS is one of the most popular web development libraries. This web development online course gives an overview and helps to clarify the concepts of ReactJS. The course is built by the technical experts so no need to worry. 

After successful completion of the course you will practically learn about:

  • Concepts of User Interface
  • Basics of ReactJS
  • Managing Routing
  • Defining Component
  • Using JSX
  • Managing User Interaction

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2. Back End Web Development with Node JS- Node JS is one of the most popular languages for back end development. It includes data handling and application logic. It is very important to learn how to connect the front end and back end logic. 

After successful completion of the course you will practically learn about:

  • Basics of Back end Programming
  • Basics of node JS
  • Create and export modules
  • Express Routing
  • Authentication activities with Node JS

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3. Web Development (Career Building Course)- This coursewill definitely help you to build your career in web development. It is the best course to start your journey in the web development field. It helps you to become a full stack developer. You will be able to develop static and dynamic web pages. The certificate is awarded after successful completion of course. You can complete this course with flexible learning hours.

After successful completion of the course you will practically learn about:

  • Introduction to Web Development
  • Building of static/dynamic websites with PHP and MySQL
  • Front end development with ReactJS
  • Back end development with NodeJS
  • Introduction to DevOps
  • Deploying the CI/CD model with Docker

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4. Full Stack Developer- Full-stack developer does front end as well as back end development. Demand for full-stack developers is higher and gets highly paid. This course will help you to learn the development of UI. Also integration of the database. After completion of the project, you can manage it and test it.

After successful completion of the course you will practically learn about:

  • Introduction to Full Stack Development
  • Front end development with React JS
  • Back end development with node JS
  • Introduction to DevOps
  • Deploying the CI/CD model with Docker

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5. Web Development with PHP and MySQL- PHP and MySql are the most popular technologies who run websites. In this course, you will learn the concepts of PHP and MySQL database. It will help to develop static and dynamic websites. MySQL used to manage the database activities. The certificate is awarded after successful completion of course. You can complete this course with flexible learning hours.

After successful completion of the course you will practically learn about:

  • PHP Basics
  • Creating Templates
  • Setting up Server
  • UI for CRUD Operations
  • Exchanging data from Database

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If you're curious about learning web development and mastering its skills, check out our blog post Top 10 web development projects for beginners, where we have shared curated list of projects which can help you master web development with project based learning approach.

Top 10 Essential Web Development tools
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