Top Final Year Computer Science Engineering Projects (Videos Included)


The era of technology is ever-changing and the industries demand employees who can come up with the best idea in this filed. Companies are in constant competition to pace up the tech area. In this article, we will discuss the Best computer science engineering final year projects for students to understand the field well. It is a true enthusiast who will immerse himself in the exclusive of all the projects. The final year projects for Computer Science engineering students have been picked up analyzing crucially the need for the kind of machinery that will work in the current scenario of technology. All the projects are one of its kind, so we have made it easier by providing a brief about each one of them.

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What is the purpose of the final year project?

The final year of engineering consists of two semesters in which students are asked to prepare a module to show their learning throughout their academics. This year is the most crucial one as skills are tested and judges based on the performance. Students start applying to various companies during this year and it gets essential for them to showcase their talent through a project in hand. Companies test the students based on this very project so, during the final year picking up projects becomes an important task.

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How do I choose a project topic?

Students often get confused while selecting a project, therefore they either end up selecting the most common or a monotonous one. The final year students are ideally recommended to select their projects carefully, as this will reflect in their profile for seeking jobs. Let us see how students can get ideas on selecting projects.

  • Understand which programming language is handy for you, this will make your project easier.
  • Look around for ideas, the thing you feel could be done easily by applying technology.
  • Focus on the project in hand rather than on anyone else. At this stage, students get distracted which ultimately hampers their idea, make sure you do your project with full focus.
  • Check the internet for thoughts. You can pick up and work on the latest projects, of which few are listed below.
  • Write down your ideas, and check a few. This will help you grasp your ability.

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Best Final Year Projects for CSE (Computer Science Engineering) Students

1. IoT using Raspberry Pi


IoT systems can now be built using Raspberry Pi board as well. This computer science project is based on collecting data on temperature and humidity and streaming it over the internet.

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2. Surveillance Robot


Now the surveillance robots have made it much easier to keep an eye on your personal spaces. The robot is controlled from a remote location, and the video is shown live on the screen. Raspberry pi is utilized as a microcontroller in this cse project.

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3. Surveillance Camera Using IoT


Another surveillance machinery, this one is based on IoT. The photos will be displayed on the screen and the Raspberry Pi board is used in this cse project.

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4. Raspberry Pi Robot


This computer science project is based on using a Raspberry Pi board as a microcontroller and Python Programming to build a robot. Now the robot can be controlled easily from your computer screens.

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5. Sixth Sense Robot


Another python project this one works on a robot using an algorithm for image processing. In this cse project, Arduino will be used to understand the locomotion of the robot and the operation of a DC motor.

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6. Fraud Detection using Machine Learning


This computer science project will help to reduce the most common crimes happening in banks. Using the algorithm, you will be building a fraud detection machine. This project is based on Machine Learning concepts.

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7. Machine Learning Using Python


Project-based on machine learning this is based on collecting certain data of the past to predict a future possibility. Here we are dealing with house prices of an area to predict other house prices. Python programming language is used in this project.

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8. Movie Recommendation Using ML


Technology has also played an important part in the film industry. In this machine learning project, you'll build a module that will suggest movie titles. This project uses the programming language Python.

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9. Computer Vision Text Scanner


This computer science project is based on scanning especially face, number plates and self-driving cars. You will be building a text scanner using an optical character recognition algorithm to broadcast text on your screens.

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10. Computer Vision-Based Mouse

Computer Vision has helped in introducing various projects for engineers. This one is based on a mouse for computers by just pointing on the screen. Object Tracking Algorithm is used in this project.

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11. Hand Written Digital Recognition Using ML


This CSE project is based on recognizing handwritten digits especially on cheques, number plates and forms filled by hands. This has helped in understanding the machine learning project and has helped in various offices and administrative systems.

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12. Computer Vision-Based Smart Selfie


The new era trend of clicking selfies has made engineers make modules for making the task simpler. This CSE project helps in clicking selfies when you smile. This project is based on an algorithm for facial recognition.

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These were some of the best final year projects for CSE students. All these projects come along with the kit as well as the certificate. We at Skyfi Labs have developed all our courses based on Learn-Do-Review methodology which help you to learn and build the projects very easily.

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Top Final Year Computer Science Engineering Projects (Videos Included)
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-07

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