Top Python Projects for Final Year Students(Videos Included)


Python is the programming language of the future. It is one of the most popular, powerful and easy programming languages. Python has vast applications in almost every area. Python is used in many final year engineering projects. It is applicable in web development, software development, mathematics to system scripting. Python is used as the main source for final year engineering projects. In this article, you will get to know everything from basic to advanced use of Python programming and some python final year projects. Python programming serves as a boon to computer science engineers and electronics engineers. If you are a student from any of these branches then you are at the right place and reading the right stuff.

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Why python?

Why python?

You may have a question popping up in your minds by now, i.e., Why Python only? You will get it better by these points listed below:

  • Python is a programming language that is very easy to understand and grasp.
  • It uses a simple syntax very like our spoken English
  • Python goes well with almost every platform
  • Python can be used to handle big data
  • Used in complex mathematics
  • Python always cut shorts the lengthy codes in other programming languages.

Python has also many different versions. The latest version being Python 3.

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What is python used for?

Python with its amazing capabilities has many vast uses and applications in almost every field. Among some are it can be used to create web applications using a server. Python can also be used to develop software. Python has an essential application in database systems. It can be used to create, read and change files. Python can also be used for prototyping and complex software development with easy programs. Python is also used in machine learning.

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What are the advantages of using python?

Python has diverse applications as a result of its wonderful combination of features like:

  1. Support Libraries: Python provides a range of standard libraries ranging from libraries which include fields of internet protocols, web services, operating system interfaces, and many others.
  1. Open Source: Python is available as an open-source platform. It is updated and developed by the host of programmers by introducing several modules.
  1. Easy learning and access to Support facility: Python serves as an amazing and easy to understand programming language for beginners because of its similarity with the normal English language which we use. Python serves excellent readability. Since this language has emerged as the fastest-growing programming language of this era, it has varied support available over the internet. Along with the rich internet source bank, its problems can be easily solved whenever the programmer gets stuck.
  1. User-friendly Data Structures: Python supports the built-in list and dictionary data structures. Through these libraries, the length of code can be reduced using high-level dynamic programming.
  1. Speed: Python with its object-oriented design structure and control capabilities has very high-speed execution. The short length codes also increase the speed of programming.
  1. Embeddable: Python is embeddable that is we can put the same Python code in C or C ++ and add other scripting capabilities.
  1. IoT Capabilities: Python serves as a major source of coding in ML and Raspberry Pi Projects. It is playing a major role in making things smarter.

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Top Final Year Engineering projects based on Python programming

With the ease, reusability, portability and popularity Python programming can be used in many of the final year projects. Some of the projects with Python’s applications are as follows:

1. IoT using Raspberry Pi and Python: This python project will help the final year students to develop a device to measure the temperature and humidity level of the atmosphere. And store its data over the internet using cloud computing and python programming. Since IoT is modifying the standards of life. Python has emerged as one of the supporting backs for many IoT projects.

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2. Surveillance robot using python: In recent times everyone from experienced programmers to beginners is shifting towards python because of its reliability and shortcodes. Most of the robot’s programming these days is done in Python language. This is because of the soul feature of Python short length codes and simple syntaxes. In this final year project, you will learn to develop a surveillance robot that can be operated remotely over the internet.

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3. Surveillance Camera using IoT: This is also one of the many applications of Python. IoT can be implemented using the python programming language to make the detective cameras smarter. As part of this python project, you will develop a camera that monitors your belongings for safety.

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4. Sixth Sense Robot: This python project will guide you into developing a robot using image processing. These kinds of robots serve as the next generation of potential workers. The Robot is developed using Python and computer vision. With the help of python programming, image processing algorithms, object tracking, and colored object recognition, you will develop the robot.

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5. Fraud Detection Machine Learning Project: Credit Card frauds are increasing day by day. This final year project serves as a step towards the same. This python project utilizes machine learning and python programming to develop a system with mean squared error function, linear regression, Gaussian Bayes algorithms and confusion matrix.

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6. Movie Recommendation System: With Machine Learning’s vast growing capabilities, this course helps you to develop a movie recommendation system. Especially useful for the entertainment industry. This system is designed using machine learning algorithms in Python language. As part of this project, you will also get to learn other important concepts of

  • Linear Regression & its types
  • Update Function
  • Clustering in Machine Learning
  • KNearest neighbors

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7. Computer Vision - Text Scanner: From self-driving cars to face recognition, everything is related to computer vision. As part of this final year project, you will learn to develop a text scanner that can scan any text from the image. This is done by the python optical character recognition algorithm.

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8. Computer Vision-Based Mouse: In this python project, you will convert your mouse to a computer vision-based mouse using object tracking algorithms. All the functions of the mouse are governed based on the color shown on the webcam.

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You can also check out the following projects that are related to python:

Machine Learning Projects: This is one of the most interesting sections to make projects for final year engineering students. As Machine Learning is the new is for growth opportunities, Python serves as the backbone for the same. This project will help you develop a deep understanding of Machine Learning using Python from beginner to advanced level. Some of the final year projects related to python are New House Price Prediction, Credit Card Fraud Detection, and Movie Recommendation System.

These were just some of the exciting final year project ideas which you can implement. Apart from these, there are many other ideas which you can pick from. The best way to learn python is by practicing and implementing it in real-time projects.

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Top Python Projects for Final Year Students(Videos Included)
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