Top 5 Mini Projects for Computer Science (CSE) with Videos


­­Computer science engineering is one of the ever-green engineering streams. Many numbers of students are opting for the ­­Computer science engineering (CSE) branch. In recent days, Technology is increasing on a large-scale. Daily a new technology is been introduced into society and Computer science engineering students are highly responsible for the smooth running of the technology. This may be one of the reasons for the increase in the number of students opting for Computer Science Engineering.

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From all the engineering streams that are present now, Computer science engineering students have a high chance of performing the projects which are relatively close to the emerging technologies. CSE students also perform real-time projects. By, performing these major projects and mini-projects students can learn how to use the theoretical knowledge which they are gaining in classrooms and convert it into a practical and working model of the project. So, it is in your hand to make yourself outstand from the swarm of students who are graduating every year.

If you are wondering how to select, perform the mini-project or what are the present mini-projects with emerging technologies then don’t worry just go through the blog and all your questions will be answered.

What is a mini-project?

A Mini-project is an assignment performed by graduate students as part of their graduation. Usually, students will perform and try to complete the mini-projects by the end of every semester. These are performed by the students to develop their practical skills from the fundamentals and theoretical concepts they learn from the lectures. 

These mini-projects may have credits in their curriculum but students will perform the mini-projects out of their interest. Mini-projects will help you in boosting your existing technical skills with the help of fundamental and theoretical skills you learn in the classrooms. When you are working with the real-time mini-projects you have a perk of gaining real-world experience which will help you in achieving your dream job or will be greatly helpful in your higher education. 

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How can I get project ideas?

There are many ways of getting a project idea. You can google and get the projects based on the emerging technology, you can also search the project which you want to perform or you can take help from your faculty or seniors and get a good project idea. Besides you can also go through the online journals related to your stream and come up with a good idea. By following this method, you will also know the methodology of the project which will be an added advantage for you. But the best way to get a project idea is critical thinking. You can follow the following tips so that you can come up with a good project idea. 

  1. Try to see the world and the problems faced by people from your perspective. 
  2. Try to come up with the solution for the noticed problem with your theoretical experience. 
  3. Try to perform this project by yourself and you will come up with many more improvements. 

You can take guidance from an expert so that if are facing any problems it can be resolved. These are some of the methods by which you can get good project ideas and also can perform them with ease.

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Innovative mini project topics for Computer science engineering students

If you are still facing problems in finding an idea for your mini-project, I have furnished a list of innovative project ideas of emerging technology. You must select your project such that it includes the knowledge related to your core engineering. As said, here is a list of CSE mini-projects:

1. Surveillance Robot: In this CSE mini-project you will learn to build a robot that you can control and make it move to different places and stream the live video to your laptop screen.

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2. Sixth-sense robot: In this CSE mini-project you will build a robot by using image processing techniques and you will control the robot by showing an object to your laptop camera.

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3. Computer Vision-based Smart Selfie:In this CSE mini-project you will learn and work with image processing techniques where a picture of you will be automatically saved when you are in Infront of the camera. As part of this project, you will also learn the concept of image processing and computer-vision algorithms.

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4. Fraud detection using Machine Learning:In thisCSE mini-project, you develop a project which will detect fraud transactions using fake credit cards.

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5. Data Analytics using R: In this CSE mini-project you will learn data analytics from scratch and work with data sets to gain practical knowledge.

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You can also check the following projects:

After knowing all of these it is evident that perform a mini-project will drastically help you in building your career. In all the above projects certain terms are been repeated like python languageRaspberry Pi and Computer Vision.  The meaning of the above may already know to you but, I will be explaining so that it will clear to you.

Python: Python is a high-level, interpreted, general-purpose programming languagePython is developed by Guido van Rossum in 1991. This language is used to a maximum extent in the industry today.

Raspberry Pi: Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer. It is developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi foundation for promoting teaching in developing countries and teaching students.

Computer Vision: this is a scientific field which will deal with making the computers to learn high-level understanding from the digital videos and images. So, computer vision tasks include collecting, dealing, evaluating and understanding the digital videos and images.


So, if you are curious about learning the above technologies you can follow this link and purchase the online courses along with the kits and start learning in your free time.


So, dear Computer science undergraduates I would suggest you to keep on learning and make the way of life simpler 

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Top 5 Mini Projects for Computer Science (CSE) with Videos
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