Best way to learn python - Step by Step guide for beginners

In the present world, coding has been playing a very important role and so does everyone need to learn it for their better future. Python is one of the best programming languages that is widely used for various purposes. Python is also a very popular language in all over the world.

But it’s very important to know the best way to learn Python because everyone will tell you to learn programming but no one will help you to sort the best way to learn. So here this article gives you the best ways to learn Python.

At first, I will tell you what is Python. Further, I will tell you why you should learn Python, the amount of time it will require to learn and some online python tutorials.

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What is Python?

Python is a programming language which is easy to learn and implement. It has been developed by Guido van Rossum and first released in 1991. It is a program which you can learn even if you are a beginner in programming or an experienced holder of other languages. We can use Python for developing desktop GUI applications, websites and web applications.

Often, you will find that many programmers fall in love with Python because of the increased productivity it provides.

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Why you should learn Python?

If you want to learn Python but not sure why you should learn Python, then here we will discuss the reasons to learn Python and the advantages of Python.

Easy to learn: Python is an easy language to learn and master. With regular practices, even newbies can build a basic game using Python in a few periods of time. Another best thing about this programming language is its efficiency.

Python is popular and in demand: In today’s world Python is a quite popular programming language. So, because of its popularity and many uses, the developers are highly paid.

Computer Graphics: Python is largely used in many projects whether it is small or large. It is used to build GUI and desktop applications. It is also in game development.

Data Science: Python is the leading language of many data scientist. Python also deals with the tabular, matrix as well as statistical data.

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How long it takes to learn the python programming language?

As I have already discussed that Python is an easy language, so to learn python programming language it will not take much time. At first, you should try to understand and learn the basics properly, then try to learn more and more. According to me the time required to learn Python depends on the person how quickly he is learning and how much interest he is taking. If you are really interested you can complete it in 2 months or might take a year, so it totally depends on you how quickly you want to learn. But according to my experience, it will just take 2 months for a beginner to learn the basics of Python programming language.

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Can I learn Python on my own?

Many of you might think that whether you should go for tuition for learning Python language or can you learn Python on your own? So, for your clarification I would just say that anyone can learn Python by themselves, you will require only the interest to learn it and a book to do self-study. And If you get any problems or unable to understand on your own then you can do online courses just by sitting at home. I will discuss some of the best courses to learn Python below.

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What Is the best way to learn Python?

The way you feel comfortable to learn will be the best way to learn anything because many feel comfortable to learn from YouTube, some feel to take a tutor for learning, some beliefs to do self-study and learn by themselves. So, everyone finds different ways to learn. But I would like to say that from wherever you learn Python programming language try to understand its logic from basics and try to learn it with interest. Also, you should take online classes rather than any home tutor because you can do online classes at any time as per your schedule.

You should take coding challenges which are available on different online platforms. Also, you can help someone if they get stuck in the program due to error that will help you to understand the mistakes which you will not repeat again while doing the coding. One more suggestion, I would like to give is that try to understand your error codes by yourself. Following are some best python online courses where you can learn the python concepts from basics directly from experts.

Python for engineers: This python tutorial explains all the python concepts from basics to advanced level. As part of this online course, you will learn - working with loops, concepts of OOP’s, working with comparators and statements, etc. You will also develop various projects and build several GUI applications during the course.

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Python for game development: If you are a core gamer then this is a suitable course for you. This online tutorial teaches you the python programming language by developing games. As part of this online course, you will learn to develop 2D games to advanced level games.

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Python for web development: In this online Python course, you will learn the basics of web development and develop a complex website. Following are the things that you will learn from this course – working with databases (MySQL), Django, developing the website, MVC framework, etc.

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Check out the other python courses from the following link –

After learning the basics of Python, you should start doing python projects to develop your programming skills. Here are some of the python projects that you can learn and build:

IoT using Raspberry Pi: This python project will give you an understanding of IoT and Raspberry Pi and you will build a smart weather monitoring device.

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Surveillance Robot: In this python project you will develop a robot that can be controlled remotely and records video footages that can be accessed with the help of a laptop.

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You can also check out the following links to get more python project –

Hope you got some ideas to learn the python programming language. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Best way to learn python - Step by Step guide for beginners
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-07

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