Interesting python projects for beginners


Over the years, Python has grown to become one of the world’s most popular programming languages. It has swept into the world of coding and has found a place for itself in this niche. It is a highly useful, interactive, and essential high-level language that offers excellent functionality. Due to its varied uses, it has been able to eclipse other famous languages like C, C++, and Cobalt. The Object-Oriented approach related to it has also become popular amongst people, as is the case with Java. Since it is such an important programming language in the coding world, it is better if every engineer has some basic knowledge of Python. Therefore, here’s a list of some great and exciting Python projects to help beginners get started with the language.

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Why is Python so popular?

  1. It has so many different utilities and functions that make it suitable for various fields.
  2. Python is an incredibly easy language to use and learn, making it very accessible.
  3. The platform and the language are open-source, and hence there is a vast community baking the language. 
  4. The community is conducive and frequently comes out with updates, upgrades, and modifications which help beginners.
  5. It is cross-platform compatible, making it very diverse. It runs on pretty much all kinds of OSs, meaning you won’t have any compatibility issues with your Python projects.

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Latest projects on Python

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What is Python used for?

  • Data Science - Buildbot and Apache Gump
  • DevOps Engineering - Plone and Django CMS
  • Software Development and Engineering and Network Programming - Twisted Python
  • Machine Learning - TensorFlow
  • Website design and development - Django and Pyramid
  • Image processing
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Digital Signal Processing and Analysis
  • Creating GUI applications - Kivy
  • Integrated animations
  • ML-powered chatbots
  • IoT applications - BeautifulSoup

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Is Python Easy to Learn?

Absolutely YES! Python is one of the most natural programming languages to learn because it is easy to understand. Writing a software depends a lot on the quality of its source code, as this simplifies documentation and maintenance. Python’s syntax rules make it easy for you to express your concepts in a hassle-free way. This sort of emphasis that it puts on code readability makes Python easy to learn and understand.

Furthermore, it is very flexible and versatile, meaning you can handle many issues and solve many problems using it. Therefore, there are various methods and approaches to learning Python and using it. It is highly intuitive and interactive, meaning that the process of coding is straightforward and easy. Python also has a very extensive library of code, which makes it easy for beginners to borrow functions and modules. Since the community is very active, they also promote and help beginners making the process of learning Python super easy!

Easy python projects for beginners

Advantages of Python

  1. Offers a large selection of pre-built libraries and modules
  2. Simplifies the process of data and image processing
  3. Provides several functions to help with developing ML-based and AI-based applications
  4. Takes less developmental time
  5. Code converts faster into working prototypes
  6. More comfortable to test your product
  7. Provides higher ROIs

Exciting python projects for beginners

Learning a programming language is not an easy task it requires a lot of practice. By developing a python project you will get to know the real-time uses of the functions, libraries, and so on. This will help you to understand the programming concepts quickly. Following list consists of some cool python projects for beginners:

1. Machine Learning using python


This beginner python project introduces machine learning and python concepts from basics. With the help of Boston dataset, you will develop a machine learning model that predicts the house prices of the Boston area.

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2. Automatic human following trolley

This is a cool python project for beginners, you will program the raspberry pi with the help of python programming language and develop a human following trolley that detects objects and humans with the help of computer vision.

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3. Expense tracker using python

Everyone in our life had this moment wondering about the expenses spent at the end of every month. This python project helps you to keep track of the expenses spent. As part of this python project, you will learn about libraries like pandas, matplotlib, etc.

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4. Surveillance robot


In this beginner python project, you will develop a surveillance robot with the help of python programming. You will use raspberry pi microcontroller to develop the robot. You will program the robot to transmit the live footages that can be accessed remotely.

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5. Weather monitoring system


This python project helps you to develop a weather monitoring system that can detect the surrounding temperature and humidity with the help of the DHT sensor. Raspberry pi microcontroller is used to develop this project and python programming language is used to program the device. 

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Check out the following list for more python projects:

Online Python courses for beginners

If you are very much interested to learn and build python projects you can enroll in some online python online courses that teach all the python concepts from basics practically by building projects.

1. Python for Engineers

Python is a fantastic programming language that engineers need to know about. It has a tonne of applications in various industries and is used for a lot of things. In this python beginners course, engineers will receive a crash-course on all the basics regarding Python, and what it can be used for. Students will gain hands-on experience as the course enables you to build several projects, including desktop applications and other libraries. You will be introduced to concepts such as comparators, functions, constructors, loops, and OOP.

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2. Python for Game Development

If you are a game enthusiast looking for a cool Python project, then look no further. Python is used extensively in the world of game development. Some of your favourite games, such as Civilization IV and Battlefield II, are built using Python. This beginner course will teach you how to create games using Python. Students will learn game level design, scene design, and the basics of OOP. Moving on, they will learn to animate objects, design layers, and even add lives, points, and pages to their games.

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3. Digital Signal Processing using Python

This cool python course for beginners will help students understand how Python helps with Digital Signal Processing. The perfect course for EEE students and CS students alike, the course explores the usage of Python in developing complex DSP networks. Students will learn about signal generation, waveform generation, and Fourier transforms. Furthermore, they will explore the concept of Convolutions and learn to apply Chebyshev and Butterworth filters.

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4. Python for Web Development

Python is simple and easy to use. So much so that it has become one of the go-to languages for web developers around the world. Many popular sites, such as Instagram, Quora, Google, Dropbox, and YouTube, rely on Python to function. Since many companies depend on Python to power their websites, having this knowledge increases your job opportunities manifold. In this python beginner course, you will learn everything from the basics of web development to using complex forms and validations. Students will get an opportunity to work with the MVC Framework, get introduced to Django and MySQL, and even work on web architecture.

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5. Automation with Python

Production is failing to keep up with demand in various industries around the world. Therefore, more and more manufacturing centers are looking at automation. Python, being one of the most loved programming languages in the world, helps companies with their automation issues. In this cool Python course, students will learn how to use the language to implement simple automation. Students will learn to manipulate Excel and Word files, and even the basics of Web Scrap. Furthermore, they will learn to automate using Selenium and even implement email automation.

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6. Python for Data Science

Everything in the world runs on data. Humans are churning out so much data, that processing it has become difficult. However, this problem can be solved by leveraging the power of Python. This Python course for beginners will help students understand the basics of Machine Learning and Data Visualization. In this course, students will learn how to work with data, clean it, manipulate it, and also various ML models.

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7. Python for Image Processing

Python as a programming language is loved for its simplicity, ease of use, and varied functionality. Image processing is an important aspect of computing nowadays. Everything from face recognition on our phones, to age detection, makes use of this technology. Image processing becomes easier to manage and access when paired with Python. In this python course for beginners, students will get to see how Python can be used in the field of image processing. They will build algorithms that control cursor movements remotely. Other principles they will learn are Canny edge detection, Object detection, and experience working with Numpy and Matplotlib libraries.

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As we can see, thanks to the examples provided, Python has so many different applications. It finds a use in most walks of life, and is, therefore, universally loved. When you are a fresh engineer out of college, or a fresher entering college, it is nice to have multiple skill sets. Since Python is a great language to start coding in, these cool python projects for beginners and online courses will help you stay ahead of the pack with ease!

If you have any queries, please let us know in the comments below and find your answers easy and quick.

Interesting python projects for beginners
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-13

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