Good computer science projects for beginners


COMPUTER. Com-pu-ter! Pretty much that's the biggest revolution that has ever happened in the human world done by, of course, the humans! They are the man-made brain with customized memory, a different array of electronic materials, and yeah, with more of human intelligence. With that being said, Computer Science is one of the happening fields in engineering and with a lot of scope in future. Well, if you are a rookie in this field and feel like lost in a dense forest, worry not, I am just here to help you with the survival, with the benefit of the density of the prosperous forest that you accidentally stepped in for good. Pardon me for the cheesy intro, trust me you won't regret it. Read further to know the answers for the questions that would have probably been striking you for being new to the field: Where to start as a beginner?; What is the best programming language to learn first?; How to come up with a programming project?; What are the good computer science projects for beginners?

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Where to start as a beginner?

With so many questions inside the mind, and with a lot more extra information throughout the internet, it is difficult for a software engineer to dig out the right information for him/her.

To become a good software engineer, one should go through three phases in his/her career. The first stage would be the Coder. A coder is someone who builds the language of a machine and knows how to speak the language of the same. If a problem is given to a machine, a coder finds a way to deconstruct the problem into instructions and makes the machine come up with the perfect solution. And here is the fun part, you need not even need a proper college education to become a coder. The successful Computer Science career can be achieved if you succeed at coding. But, just coding alone would not get you to greater heights, as this could be learnt by many in easy and simple ways.

The evolution in the career is more important to move forward. So, the next phase would be the Programmer. Well, the programmer is just the elevation of the coder, moreover considered as the sophisticated coder. To make you the sense, coders just write a code that does the job, but the programmers write efficient code that does the job. For this, you should know how to use algorithms and data structures, fundamentals, and the understanding of what makes code more efficient and what doesn't. The mastering of this phase could lead you to get employed in even big companies like Facebook, Amazon and Google.

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Securing a good job by becoming a programmer doesn't give you relaxation. Here is the twist, there is a third phase called Computer Scientist. More than nitty-gritty details, you must be looking into a big picture like an architect, when you become a computer scientist. This phase leads you to keep updated with the latest technologies and never makes you relaxed with the knowledge that you have already gained. The cooperation with a bigger team and even managing a team would be pretty much the whole thing you would be doing.

Hence, as a beginner, start learning the codes and master the art to achieve big in this field.

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What is the best programming language to learn first?

Now, with that proper stages of a software engineer's life, you might be thinking which language would be easier to go with at the beginning. Fretting over the programming language to go on with would be a waste of time. Instead, I would suggest you focus on the basics and concepts that you would learn in any language. With this piece of advice, you would become a seasoned programmer. Also, you need not try to fund a "perfect" programming language to begin with. Because such a thing doesn't exist and it actually doesn't matter to an extent. Having said that, I can make a few suggestions that you could learn to understand the coding world.

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1. Python

The first language you can consider to learn is Python. With Python, you could even develop some significant projects in a very short amount of time. Even though it is a very high level of language, it is actually very easy to learn. This lets you write a few lines of code with a real program.


This language could make you learn different programming concepts that do not exist in Python. You will definitely come to know what I mean when you are done learning both the languages. While JAVA is a statically-typed language, Python is a dynamically-typed one. Learning both the languages would definitely gain you more understanding of any coding and this builds you the basic programming concepts in your mind.

These languages are in high demand in every company which would be employable and form the basic foundation to proceed further in the future.

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How to come up with a programming project?

A good and a practically more useful project always comes into existence from a little bit of whining, "Oh God! I really wish this could have been like this." Now, the very thought of the ideas for programming projects will be spawned into our minds. You could even choose your own programming project out of the complaints that you make daily. I am not telling you to reinvent from zero. All I am trying to convey is think of a problem for which you could find a solution or maybe a solution that is reachable for you.

If at all, you could never think of any solution or even any problem at all, there is one more way to pick your programming project. That is reverse-engineering. Take your favourite application and try to reverse-engineer the particular application for practice purposes. In this way, you could really improve and get more touch with the real-world projects and could get a really cool product out of your smart work. Let me give you a few examples to make you kick-start in building a real-world programming project. First of all, think if you can make some things automated. For example, if you have accidentally or accidentally insane and double-tapped in all of your crush's pictures in Instagram [trust me, this would be the most relatable thing that we all have been through :'( ], try to create an app that could un-heart all the pictures of a particular profile. That’s cool right!

Good Computer Science Projects for Beginners:

1. IoT using Raspberry Pi:


As the Internet of Things is becoming more dominant recently, the more skills are demanded in this field. In this computer science beginner project, you will get to develop an electronic device that could automatically send a signal when the temperature exceeds a certain limit. This is built using a DHT sensor and a Raspberry Pi Computer. The signals are sent as an email to the user. This computer science project will lead you to know more about the concepts and applications of IoT, Data analysis with cloud platform and Raspberry Pi development platform.

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2. Machine Learning projects for beginners:


Machine learning is becoming huge and the job opportunities are peaking up for engineers. This course will let you learn the basic concepts to advanced level of skills in Machine Learning. This leads you to build a practical understanding on the concepts of Machine Learning and eventually you will end up building various projects like Movie Recommendation system, Handwritten digits recognition, credit Card Fraud detection and New House Price Prediction.

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If you are a beginner and struggling to build a Computer Science Project, then you could also go through our Python online projects here:

There are plenty of computer science projects that you could take up and start practising the basic concepts of different languages. We, at Skyfi Labs have curated a few online computer science projects that are built with the Python language. Check out our beginner Computer Science projects and do let us know your feedback or even the queries regarding the courses in the comment section below.

Good computer science projects for beginners
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