DIY Python projects for engineering students


There has been a renewed and sudden increase in the demand for Python developers around the world.  As many applications switch to a python-oriented platform, this demand will only increase. As a fresher, you should try to make the most of this opportunity by teaching yourself Python. Python is quickly becoming a first-choice language for programmers as it has a plethora of uses. Therefore, if you want to make yourself ready for the job market, you should get trained in Python. As is the case with all forms of coding, the best way to learn is by experimentation. Python projects and courses will give you first-hand experience on how to use Python. Furthermore, there are a lot of DIY Python projects which will really help you explore the language. So, here’s a look at some of the best DIY Python projects for engineering students.

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Why Learn Python?

  1. It gives you a higher chance to get a job as most cutting-edge technology makes use of Python in some way.
  2. As the whole world gravitates towards Data science, Python is gaining a lot of momentum as it has a lot of uses in data manipulation.
  3. Python is a multipurpose language that is very versatile. Therefore, you can branch into different things if you learn Python properly.
  4. It is a fastly-developing language that releases updated packages all the time. This means that your knowledge will never become out-dated. You will also be able to learn new things as the community is very supportive.
  5. While no language is tailor-made for Machine Learning, Python is one of the most extensively used languages for ML.
  6. It has very easily readable and maintainable code due to its emphasis on code readability and reusability, making it easy to learn, understand and use. 

Therefore, it is safe to say that Python is here to stay. So, if you want to further your career and grow, then you might as well pick up this great language. What’s the best way to do that? By spending time in developing your own DIY Python projects! Here’s a look at how you can do just that.

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Advantages of Python

  • Heavily used in the field of data science and machine learning.
  • Python interpreters are available for all OSs making it very easily accessible, as it supports high-level cross-platform compatibility
  • Python has simple syntax rules that make it a great language to start your programming journey with, and so it provides a smoother learning curve than languages like Java or C++.
  • Has a stocked and well-furnished library which allows you to quickly import needed functions.
  • Python is a powerful language that has a lot of varied capabilities and functionalities
  • It has Object Oriented Programming concepts making it possible to implement concepts like inheritance
  • Easy declaration as it checks the variable type during runtime
  • Supports several different programming paradigms, such as OOP and structured programming
  • Provides a plethora of open-source frameworks and tools

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What is python used for?

  1. Web Development through frameworks like Django, Flask and Pylons
  2. Data Science applications thanks to packages like Numpy, Pandas and Matplotlib
  3. Machine learning with the help of platforms like Tensorflow and Scikit-learn
  4. Desktop application development using PyQt, Gtk and wxWidgets
  5. Mobile application building and design via Kivy and BeeWare
  6. For teaching students the basics concepts of programming
  7. Scientific and mathematical-based computing
  8. Finance and trading applications
  9. System automation, administration, testing, security and scripting
  10. Mapping and geography application using GIS software

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How long does it take to learn python?

As Python is an extensive and feature-heavy language, the demand for it is growing on a yearly basis. Therefore, every year more and more students start learning Python. One question a lot of students have though is how long it will take them to master Python. There is no straight answer to this question as everyone has different abilities and performs differently. Therefore, people tend to have different learning curves. However, Python is one of the simplest programming languages to learn. If you were to break up Python into three parts, here’s how it would look;

  • Elementary Python, which includes understanding syntax, concepts, looping and functions. This could take you around 6 weeks to learn and master.
  • Advanced Python, which includes learning how to perform multi-threading, socket programming and database manipulation. Learning this could take up to a couple of months depending on how much time you invest and how good you are at coding.
  • Professional Python requires you to know about Data analytics, fluency with libraries, image processing and machine learning concepts. These are very niche, highly unique and sophisticated technologies. Each of these might take around a month to master.

Now that you know how long it might take you to learn Python, and why you must, let us focus on how to learn Python.

DIY python projects for engineering students

Developing projects helps you to learn and understand the concepts quickly. The following list gives you some of the best DIY python projects.

  1. IoT using Raspberry pi
  2. Surveillance robot
  3. Surveillance camera using IoT
  4. Sixth sense robot
  5. Fraud detection using Machine learning
  6. Movie recommendation using machine learning
  7. Computer vision – text scanner
  8. Computer vision-based mouse
  9. Raspberry pi robot using python
  10. Handwritten digits recognition using Machine learning
  11. Computer vision-based smart selfie
  12. Automatic Human following trolley
  13. Instagram bot using python
  14. Rock, paper, scissor game – python project
  15. Tic Tac Toe game - python project
  16. Content aggregation using python
  17. Expense tracker using python
  18. Face recognition gate
  19. URL shortener
  20. MP3 player using python

Can I learn python on my own?

Yes, you definitely can. To help you, here are a few of the best online Python courses for beginners.

1. Digital Signal Processing using Python

In this python course, you will learn about concepts related to Digital Signal Processing. Not only will you learn the theory behind it, but also use it to build python projects. Therefore, this is a great Python project for EEE and ECE students who like coding. The course will touch upon signal manipulation algorithms, Fourier transforms and the development of filters. You will also work on Waveform generation techniques, Convolution and the creation of Chebyshev and Butterworth filters

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2. Machine Learning Python Project


Machine learning allows computers to learn from their experience and improve their performance. It is often regarded as the next big thing in computing. Python plays a huge role in ML ecosystems, and this course will help you explore that field efficiently. In this python online course, you will learn to combine Python and ML to create a program that will compute the values of houses in an area. The Python project will introduce you to ML algorithms that help with real-estate price prediction.

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3. Python for Engineers

Python is a fantastic programming language that engineers need to learn as it has many applications. In this python project for beginners, engineers will receive a crash-course on all the basics regarding Python, and what it can be used for. Students will gain hands-on experience as the course enables you to build several projects, including desktop applications and other libraries. You will be introduced to concepts such as comparators, functions, constructors, loops, and OOP.

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4. Python for Game Development

If you are a game enthusiast looking for a cool Python project, then look no further. Python is used extensively in the world of game development. Some of your favourite games, such as Civilization IV and Battlefield II, are built using Python. This beginner course will teach you how to create games using Python. Students will learn game level design, scene design, and the basics of OOP. Moving on, they will learn to animate objects, design layers, and even add lives, points, and pages to their games.

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5. Python for Web Development

Python is simple and easy to use. So much so that it has become one of the go-to languages for web developers around the world. Many popular sites, such as Instagram, Quora, Google, Dropbox, and YouTube, rely on Python to function. Since many companies depend on Python to power their websites, having this knowledge increases your job opportunities manifold. In this python beginner course, you will learn everything from the basics of web development to using complex forms and validations. Students will get an opportunity to work with the MVC Framework, get introduced to Django and MySQL, and even work on web architecture.

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6. Automation with Python

Production is failing to keep up with demand in various industries around the world. Therefore, more and more manufacturing centers are looking at automation. Python, being one of the most loved programming languages in the world, helps companies with their automation issues. In this cool Python course, students will learn how to use the language to implement simple automation. Students will learn to manipulate Excel and Word files, and even the basics of Web Scrap. Furthermore, they will learn to automate using Selenium and even implement email automation.

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7. Python for Data Science

Everything in the world runs on data. Humans are churning out so much data, that processing it has become difficult. However, this problem can be solved by leveraging the power of Python. This Python course for beginners will help students understand the basics of Machine Learning and Data Visualization. In this course, students will learn how to work with data, clean it, manipulate it, and also various ML models.

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8. Python for Image Processing

Python as a programming language is loved for its simplicity, ease of use, and varied functionality. Image processing is an important aspect of computing nowadays. Everything from face recognition on our phones, to age detection, makes use of this technology. Image processing becomes easier to manage and access when paired with Python. In this python course for beginners, students will get to see how Python can be used in the field of image processing. They will build algorithms that control cursor movements remotely. Other principles they will learn are Canny edge detection, Object detection, and experience working with Numpy and Matplotlib libraries.

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All of this proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Python will continue to grow. Therefore, people who know Python will see an increase in value. Make the most of this new niche in the field of scientific programming and leverage it to grow your career. Master Python with the help of our DIY python projects and move ahead of the pack, with ease!

DIY Python projects for engineering students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-08

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