7 Best Python Mini Projects (Videos Included)


Have you ever wondered about what forms the basis behind all of your computer applications or what really enables you to interact with the computer system and various websites so dynamically? Well, most of you might be quite familiar with the answer, “Programming Language”. What amazes the most is the actual concept behind their working and implementation.

Depending on the complexity level and how you want your application to function, you can have access to the suitable category that these programming languages come into. To explain in simple words, a programming language is a set of instructions that provides the user an interface with which he/she can communicate with his/her system. Some of the most popular programming languages are C++, C, Java, Python, HTML, etc. to name a few.

Our main focus in this article will be on Python Language and how with its help, you can build some good mini-projects. To know more, keep reading further.

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Aren’t the names themselves so tempting? Well, indeed they are! And we, at Skyfi-Labs are sure too that your experience here is going to be as exciting as these projects sound. So get ready to try your hands on something cool.

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What is Python?

What is Python?

As mentioned above, Python is just another Programming Language that is used for creating desktop GUI (Graphical User Interface) applications, websites, and web applications. Python is a high-level programming language, designed by Guido Van Rossum, and released in the year 1991. It allows you to build the core functionality of specific applications and thus it gets even easier for users to work with Python. Similar to C, Python is really easy to learn. Not just this, Python also provides other several benefits as well. Have a look:

  • Possess the ability to simplify complex software
  • Ensures readability of code
  • Compatible with other major platforms
  • Supports open-source frameworks and multiple programming paradigms
  • Access to standard, well-defined libraries

With these many advantages and ease of using, Python has secured its position among the top ten programming languages. It is now, quite a popular high-level programming language and is now used worldwide.

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How to build Python projects Did you know

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How is Python used in the real world?

How is Python used in the real world?

Python is a dynamic language, meaning that it provides a smooth, interactive interface for the user to communicate with the system. It is capable of modeling the real world and the real-time situations well while enabling users to perform short task deadlines. Python’s use can also be seen in artificial intelligence, face detection, video-audio based applications, data analysis, machine learning, etc.

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How can you choose a good mini-project for yourself?

The correct approach towards selecting the right project for yourself is to first have an insight into what interests you the most. Look into what field thrills you, search more about it, check out some online learning platforms and get yourself enrolled. Go slow but be wise in choosing as these projects not only add brownie points to your resume but also help you find a way to enter into big companies. Well, here, it’s all about skills, learning, experience, and knowledge in your field of interest.

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Good mini project ideas based on Python Language for engineering students

In this section, you will find a brief explanation of some mini projects listed above. This will really help you discover your inner passion, have a look.

1. IoT using Raspberry Pi: In this python project, you will learn to develop an electronic device that streams temperature and humidity with the help of the internet. The main job of this device is to send notifications if in case the temperature exceeds a certain limit. You will also learn about various concepts and data analysis with the cloud platform.

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2. Fraud detection using machine learning: This python-based mini-project helps you to develop a machine learning project to detect credit card fraudulent transactions.

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3. Handwritten digits recognition using machine learning: With this mini-project, you can develop a machine learning model to predict the handwritten manuscripts using the MNIST data. This python-based project will be your gateway to the application of machine learning on computer vision.

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4. Surveillance Robot: Making use of Raspberry Pi and Python Programming, this project helps you to develop a robot that possesses the quality of transmitting live video footage. The main principles that come alongside are working of DC motors, a motor driver circuit, and Raspberry Pi Architecture and programming.

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5. Surveillance Camera using IoT: In this mini-project, you will learn about Image processing and its algorithms, Matplotib and splitting image channels. This application revolves around IoT which is just another flawless technology. Here, in this project, you get to develop a surveillance camera using IoT that can be used to monitor your things.

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6. Movie Recommendation using machine learning: With this python project you can develop a machine learning model to recommend movie titles based on the user’s viewing history. This is very similar to the one that you experience on Netflix.

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7. Sixth Sense Robot: This mini project helps you to build a robot that works using Arduino as a microcontroller. Other special aspects that are a part of this course include Computer Vision, Arduino and Python programming and Robot’s Locomotion.

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8. Computer vision - Text Scanner: As the name suggests, in this python project you will learn how to develop a computer that can extract text from images or other 3D models and can display it on your screens. By building this mini-project you will learn about Optical Character Recognition, image thresholding, and processed algorithms and related perspective transformation.

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Getting to know about such programs and then being able to implement and execute it, is really an exciting job but at the same a tough one as well. This experience is something that can be very thrilling and joyful as you not only get a chance to explore many facts but also learn something new.

As a young and intelligent mind, you have the potential to learn to a greater depth and acquire real-time knowledge that lies beyond your daily curriculum. So it is always good that you take these projects seriously and give a hit on.

To help you in this, we at Skyfi Labs have developed some amazing python-based courses that make project building super easy for you. Unlike other courses you have taken in the past, Skyfi Labs python-based good mini-projects helps you learn the concept by developing interesting projects hands-on.

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To get away with any sort of doubt, you can always contact our experts that can provide you with the correct guidance. Our team at Skyfi Labs always ensures that students avail the best of their abilities here. For this, it’s equally important for the students to dedicate their 100%.

Hope you got some good information on Python-based mini-projects that you build.

If you still have some queries, leave it as a comment below, our expert will get back to you shortly.

7 Best Python Mini Projects (Videos Included)
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-18

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