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If you want to become an aspiring computer science engineer or to have a bright future in the field of game development or web designing or even to become a Tech Savvy, you must learn the foundational trio of the field - HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. But is it not just making you another grass in the garden? To become a daisy in the garden, that is, to stand unique among the herd of software engineers, one must have hands-on experience on the current technology and go a step further to become acquainted with the technology that has a prominent future. One such feature in the field is called Python programming language, which has become more or less a basic thing to learn by computer science students. Let us know how Python is used, how Python can be learnt, the reason behind the popularity of Python and latest Python-based project ideas for Computer Science Students. 

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What is Python used for?

Python has become a part of every app and technology now. Instagram, Reddit, Spotify, YouTube and Google. What do you think is the similarity between them? [Apart from spending hours of our time on it :-P] Of course, Python! One may not know the widespread use of Python in the field of software services. But it has become everywhere. Moreover, Python is clear to read, easy to learn and simple to write in. It is used in different fields to benefit it. Let us look into the business where Python is used to get the most benefits.

In IoT: An efficient IoT project needs a strong programming language which should be scalable and light too. Python comes to match these demands very well. IoT processes difficult and large data and Python is great in organising and managing complex data. As an interpreted language, Python can test the solution easily without even flashing the device or compiling the code. 

Great for Startups: As a start-up, the company should get done with their projects in hand swiftly without compromising in the quality and efficiency and at the same time it should be easy to do all these from their developer's side. Python is great for these qualities. It is intuitive, ubiquitous, scalable, reliable, cutting edge and what not adjectives you could add! 

In Web Development: A business without a website is not even considered to be an authenticated one. Also, with the world moving completely into the digital era, having a good and better interface does really matter to stand out from the crowd and to gain a good impression among the clients. Asymmetrical layouts, flawless desktop and mobile versions, integrated animations, progressive web apps and ML-powered chatbots are some of the basic features required for a decent website for a company. With Python in hand, these could be done flawlessly and efficiently. 

In FinTech: Python becoming popular in the field of finance like investment banking and hedge fund industries is not a surprise, providing its impeccable flexibility and its features. It has become popular for many reasons, as with its libraries, it simplifies analytics, compliance, and data regulations. It creates platforms for trade and risk management, and it is also used for quantitative rate problem-solving. 

In Machine Learning: Machine Learning is one of the biggest popular technologies in the Digital era. Modern technology needs modern programming. Python is the forefront when it comes to Machine Learning. Python has low entry points, Its syntax is precise and efficient. It also integrates well with the other programming languages. 

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5 reasons why is Python so popular?

Python is a utilitarian, meaning it is used for general purposes. The fact that it is simple to read and write is the important thing for its wide usage by the developers. Here are a few lists of reasons for its popularity:

1. Useful Libraries: Libraries are the saviour while you are working on a huge project to eliminate the time consumption. It has libraries such as Django for web development and SciPy and NumPy for scientific computing. 

2. Accessible: As it is already mentioned Python is a simple and easy language to learn. It is one of the easily accessible languages which has a more simplified natural language. It is great for beginners to learn an efficient language in their career as a Kickstarter. 

3. Efficient & Reliable: As a versatile language, it is great to deploy Python on any of the platforms and it never falls short of the developers' expectations. It is fast in its development, reliable and efficient. 

4. Has Big Data: Python has achieved its status as it uses cloud computing and big data on the process. This is one of the main reasons why it is used in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. 

5. Has Corporate Sponsors: As Java has Oracle, PHP has Facebook, C# has Microsoft, Python was adopted by Google. With big companies in hand, comes with big resources and reliability. Google has created many guides and resources to work efficiently with Python and they advertise in the development field. 

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How to build Python projects Did you know

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Can I learn Python on my own?

Of course yes. With the advent of technology and knowledge resources thrown out everywhere online, one can read and easily learn anything from it. There are a few reliable online tutorials and projects where you can enroll and learn the language efficiently. Skyfi Labs provides various online courses on learning Python language through developing useful projects. Here are a few online courses to build a project that uses Python:

1. Python for Engineers

This python course is an apt one if you are seeking to learn Python from scratch. You will learn the language from the basic level to the advanced level. You will get acquainted with the language and get hands-on experience on it through developing various applications using Python. Various libraries are used during the process and you will build GUI Applications eventually. 

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2. Python for Game Development

You will get to learn about the language Python from the basics to the very advanced level through developing a game application. Also, you will learn the basics of game development through the language. With this language in hand, you will get to develop a game with more levels, multiple lives, cool.animations and more complex things in your game.

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3. Python for Web Development

This python online course lets you learn web development using Python. Also, you will learn the most used concept in web development, that is Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework. With the popular Python's web development framework Django, you will get to create a complex website by connecting to a MySQL database. 

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4. Python for Image Processing

Apart from learning the basics of Python language, you will learn to control your mouse cursor with the help of image processing. You will also learn about various concepts such as object detection, canny edge detection and image scaling. Eventually, with the help of object detection, you will learn to control the cursor of your mouse.

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5. Python for Data Science

Apart from learning the basics of Data Science, you will learn about how Python is used in it, how to use various libraries in it, and how to work with the data. This course lets you learn various machine learning models, data cleaning, data manipulation, plotting graphs and so on. 

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Latest Python-based Project Ideas for Computer Science Students:

Here are a few Python-based project ideas for Computer Science students:

  1. IoT using Raspberry Pi
  2. Automation with Python
  3. House price prediction python project
  4. Handwritten digit recognition using python
  5. Drone programming using python
  6. Expense tracker python project
  7. Surveillance camera using raspberry pi - python project
  8. Credit card fraud detection Machine learning project using python
  9. URL shortener using python
  10. Movie Recommendation using ML
  11. Digital Signal Processing using Python
  12. Raspberry Pi Robot
  13. Automatic file sorter using python
  14. Computer vision-based text scanner project using OpenCV
  15. Snake Game in Python
  16. Graphs in Python
  17. CIFAR10 using TensorFlow in Python
  18. Dice Rolling Simulator in Python
  19. Email Slicer
  20. Python Story Generator
  21. YouTube Videos Downloader
  22. Random Password Generator
  23. Reddit Bot
  24. Instagram Bot in Python
  25. Steganography in Python
  26. Content Aggregator
  27. Language translator python project
  28. Plagiarism Checker in Python
  29. Price Comparison Extension
  30. Music Player in Python

To get sustained in a field like software development and computer technology, learning the current trends and technologies that have futuristic scope is an essential part for a student. Skyfi Labs provides you with the best online tutorials on the projects based on Python with the utmost expertise from our professional trainers. Enrolling into these courses will also let you get the 1-1 dedicated sessions to clarify all your doubts regarding the concepts learnt. Please do leave a comment below to clarify your doubts and queries on Python and Python-based online courses

Latest python based project ideas for computer science students
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