Instagram bot using python

Who doesn’t want to increase their Instagram followers? Ever worried for not getting more likes or followers for your Insta page. Forget about it. In this python project, we will develop an Instabot which will boost the followers and likes for your Instagram page or post.

There are so many people who earn money via Instagrams posts and pages. Also, there are some companies such as Kicksta, SocialCaptain, Instavast, etc. who will work to promote one’s Instagram page or post by reaching more audiences. The above-mentioned companies do this by automating the tasks in return people pay them a lot.

So, how we can increase the followers? Basically to increase the number of followers you need to share posts, post new videos/photos, comment on other people’s post and like other’s post. You need to do all these things more often to gain more followers.

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In our case also the exact same thing is performed by the bot based on the criteria set by you. For example, If you have a page related to men’s clothing on Instagram, then you need to instruct the bot to follow, comment and like the posts/profiles mostly of men also the hashtags such as #swag, #cool, #mensclothing, etc. This will increase your profile awareness among your target audience and they will start interacting with your profile.

How this is possible?

Definitely, it is not possible using Instagram Developer API. We are going to use a method called browser automation. By this way, you can give your criteria such as what comments to leave, who to follow, types of posts to like, etc. The Instabot automatically opens the browser, logs in and starts doing the tasks as you instructed. The bot also tracks and saves the list of users that were followed which will be useful for you to evaluate later and unfollow them after some time.

How to automate the browser?

With the help of python, we can do a lot more things. In this python project, we are going to use automation tools like Instapy and selenium.

Instapy - It is an open-source automation tool for Instagram which helps to grow the audience for the Instagram pages/accounts.

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Selenium - It is a widely used automation testing tool for web browsers to perform automating tests. Selenium extends its support to various browsers like chrome, firefox, safari and internet explorer.

Project Implementation

Install selenium and Firefox Webdriver (you need to install firefox browser as well). Now write code to log in automatically into your Instagram account with your account details. In this process, Xpath is used to navigate in the browser. Xpath abbreviates to XML Path Language which provides an easy way to identify various parts of an XML document.

By using Page Object Pattern the duplication of code is reduced and makes the tests more readable.

Now install the InstaPy library in your system. Then give your username and password to log in to your account.

session = InstaPy(username="<your_username>", password="<your_password>")


Let’s discuss the important functions used to develop the Instabot.

The following code will like the posts based on the tags given.

session.like_by_tags(["bmw", "mercedes"], amount=5)

The advantage of Instapy is, it logs every action performed by itself. It mentions the post it liked, location, commented or not, description, etc.

You can use set_dont_like(): to prevent the bot from liking unwanted posts.

Using set_do_follow(): you can instruct the bot to follow some of the authors.

set_do_comment(): makes the bot to comment on posts and set_comments(): instruct the bot what to comment.

You can end the session using session.end() which will close the browser, prepares a report and save the logs which can be examined later.

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Instagram bot using python
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