Develop a Supermarket Billing System with Python

You will agree with me when I say that we encounter various software in our daily lives and know the importance of it. Some things would just have been a mess if a particular software had not appeared there to help. But, the software's no miracle. It is all about summing up all the mess and solving it at one-all place at once. So, similar software is a supermarket billing system which reduces so many manual calculations while billing all the items you buy from a supermarket. 

This python project will guide you through the whole drill of creating a super easy-peasy supermarket billing system. You do not need to be a pro coder for it. Just some simple logic and a bit of knowledge of python would do. 

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Knowledge required: Python and its basic concepts.

Tools required: An IDE. (Suggested: Visual Studio)

Libraries to be imported: Tkinter, Math, Random.

The process to build a supermarket billing system will require you to first create the template. Then add the logics to the template. And, then work on bill generation. Let us start.

  1. Import Tkinter. Tkinter is a GUI toolkit in python which you will need to create the template of the billing system. 
  2. Alright, let us come to the template building. Start by setting the standard dimensions for your billing window. You will have to create separate frames for different sections of the supermarket. For example, let’s consider cosmetic, groceries and beverages. 
  3. To build a frame, use various features availed by Tkinter. Start by setting the font, gaps, borders, background color, and font color.

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Pro-tip: Wherever you require to put a title then it is suggested that you fill the background color in the whole x-axis so as to create a header frame. 

  1. Similarly, build frames for different sections of the supermarket such as cosmetics, groceries and beverages.
  2. Additional to all the frames which will involve the products, there will be a frame for customer details. It will contain the customer name, his phone number, and his bill number.
  3. Now, the next step is to add the items/contents to all the frames. Each content will have its label as well as the entry field. The label will be the product name and the entry field will be the number of those products bought.

For example, the cosmetic section will have face cream, bath soap, body lotion, hair gel, etc.

  1. Similarly, build the food as well as the beverage frame.
  2. Apart from customer details and product frame, you will have a billing area and billing menu frame as well. If you want you can add an extra column for additional taxes.
  3. Coming to the logic of the project, create various variables so that you can store all the data from the entry fields. From here the data will be fetched to do the calculation computations.
  4. For the generation of bill numbers, import math, random to randomly generate a bill number for a customer say between 1000-9999.

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Supermarket Billing system using Python
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