Face recognition using Raspberry Pi

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Face detection using Raspberry Pi
To secure our assets and protect our privacy, there is a strong demand for user-friendly biometric security systems. There are various types of biometric systems that use signatures, fingerprints, voice, hand geometry, ear geometry, face detection and so on. Among these, face recognition appears to be quite exciting and is catching attention.

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In this project you will need a Raspberry Pi, Pi camera, and a Power supply for the Raspberry Pi. You will be using a Linux based OS for Raspberry Pi and Pi camera configuring files and a motion software for recording the video when there is a motion in front of the camera.

Project Description:

Project Description:

  1. Raspberry Pi 3 B: Raspberry Pi is a Microprocessor which has 40 pins with 27 GPIO pins, it has a 1 Giga Bytes of RAM and a SD card slot for the storage or the ROM,it can be used as a mini computer for low computing operations, it has a dual band LAN, faster Ethernet, Bluetooth, it also has USB and HDMI ports for connecting devices. This device can be used as a server which we are doing in this project.
  2. Micro SD card: You will need a minimum of 8 gigabytes SD card for this project, this SD card is used as the ROM of the raspberry pi. Use 32 Gigabyte or 64 Gigabytes of
  3. Display: You can use any kind of display for the project, like monitors, TV or any size display that fits your requirement to configure the Pi.
  4. Power Supply: Raspberry Pi needs a power supply of 5V and 2A Micro USB type.
  5. Mouse and keyboard: You will need this to control, monitor, and to configure the Pi.
  6. Pi Camera: Use the Pi camera to capture still images, live streaming and for video recording.

Project Implementation:

  1. Install the Raspbian OS into the SD card, and boot the Raspberry Pi.
  2. Download and install the Putty software, this software helps us to access the camera remotely through SSH(Secure Shell Protocol).
  3. Connect the Raspberry Pi to a Wi-Fi network and check for the IP address of the Pi.
  4. Connect the Pi camera and enable the camera option in the settings.
  5. Download opencv for the Pi camera.
  6. Write a shell script to execute the commands in the terminal for surveillance, still image capturing when there is a person stands infront of the door.
  7. The picture taken is or keeping the data of the person entering the door.
  8. Raspberry Pi can be programmed to open the door when ever a face is detected, the programming is done in python.
  9. Write a program to detect the face using the opencv dependencies and when there is a face detected the door should open.

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Project Brief:The Raspberry Pi when configured and all the required software has been installed then the Pi is ready to be used for surveillance then write a shell script to execute all the terminal commands one by one in order to capture an still image, or for live streaming or for motion capture. After finishing all the configure steps the surveillance system is ready to be installed in your home, or office, or any place where you want to monitor.

Software requirements:

  1. Raspbian OS(Debian Linux): Raspbian operating systems are based on Linux, Raspberry pi are also compatible with Windows and IOS but prefer any Linux based OS
  2. Putty: Putty is free and open source terminal emulator, serial console and network file transfer application.
  3. OpenCV OpenCV is a software for face detecti, or a circular object detection.
  4. Python IDE 3: Python IDE 3 is compiler where you can write and compile python program.

Programing Language:

    Linux (terminal commands)

    Linux (terminal commands)


Kit required to develop Face recognition using Raspberry Pi:
Technologies you will learn by working on Face recognition using Raspberry Pi:

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