Vortex Type Bladeless Windmill

As you are well aware of the fact the natural energy is the need of future considering a small initiative by Government of India to supply electric current to every home in the country and supply it for 24 Hours, alternatives to hydropower, which credits natural energy its own importance in the market.

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One step in achieving the free energy is a windmill, where we use the principal of altitude & airflow, turbines blades, alternators etc. but the inertia effects in the mechanical components itself consume a large part of the energy.

A revolutionary step in the optimization of design and appearance in windmill have been made eliminating the blades of the wind. Now the question you might be thinking of is how does it work?

That’s really a simple science – Vortices.

You may know the natural phenomenon of Induced vortices, which is being used by the flocks to fly from one continent to another continent in V- loop.


  1. Vortices at sufficient wind produce enough wind to oscillate the structures
  2. The pressure drag and kinetic energy produces resonance in the structures, results in vibrations and oscillations of the tower
  3. This oscillation movement is then turned into electricity by an alternator

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Features of the Technology

  1. Revolutionary technology in the green & clean energy sector
  2. It converts breeze into kinetic energy, the same kinetic energy is later converted and used as electricity
  3. Vorticity is used as main tool or force to generate power. More the vorticity, more frequency, more oscillations and vibration results inadequate movement of the alternator to generate electricity
  4. Light material like composites used to fabricate because mass is inversely proportional to natural frequency. Carbon fiber & fiberglass can be used as building materials
  5. As the technology is bladeless results in less weight, no harm to flying beings, no rotating parts, no gear mechanism is required, reducing material used, the manufacturing process is simple, no lubrication system is required, no maintenance, the overall cost is reduced.
  6. Approximately 50% cost of maintenance is reduced compared to the traditional turbine
  7. Approximately 50% cost of materials and manufacturing is reduced compared to traditional turbine
  8. The cost to produce ‘X’ amount of energy by bladeless windmill technology is less by 40% compared to Cost to produce ‘X’ amount of energy by traditional windmill type technology

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Vortex Type Bladeless Windmill
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-20

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