Neck Movement Controlled Wheelchair for Crippled

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As we all know that we are in an era of advanced technology. The technology is reporting to next step in the ladder and the impact is that we are planning to build home in neighboring planets, we are printing human organs, we are travelling at a speed of sound, we are building a platform of data communication where data transfer rate is equal to or more than speed of light, we are printing materials in space and the list is infinite.

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But the list is incomplete if the inventions, ideas, and innovation do not provide a boon to people who leave every minute of their lifespan as a challenge such as people with disability, people with poverty.

The magnetic bearing supports loading by magnetic levitation without any physical contact with the moving parts. Due to no contact with the moving component, magnetic bearings have no minimum relative speed and they can be used for highest speeds replacing all other kinds of bearing.

The government of India has also taken a great initiative called Accessible India Campaign or Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan with an agenda to ease some part of difficulty which they face in day to day life. The idea of this project revolves around the same agenda.

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This technology is based on crippled personality. It helps a person to move from one point to another point in a wheelchair without investing body effort. The project involves components like proximity sensors, relays, wiper motors, wheelchair frame, and battery.

Working principle is very simple. There are two proximity sensors. One sensor intends to move the chair to the left and the other sensor to right. The signal from the sensor is given to relay. Relays provide a signal to the wiper motors which the wheel of the chair in the desired direction.

The major consideration was taken during the designing the wheelchair is its velocity. High velocity can be risky to operate on uneven surfaces and the reverse motions are also avoided based on safety grounds.

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Neck Movement Controlled Wheelchair for Crippled
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-20

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