EWICON- Electrostatic Wind Energy Converter

As you are well aware of the fact the natural energy is the need of future considering a small initiative by Government of India to supply Electric Power to every home in the country and supply it for 24 Hours, alternatives to hydropower, which credits natural energy its own importance in the market.

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One step in achieving the free energy is the windmill, where we use the principal of altitude & airflow, turbines blades, alternators etc, but the inertia effects in the mechanical components itself consume a large part of the energy.

A revolutionary step in the optimization of design and appearance in windmill have been made eliminating the blades of the wind. Now the question you might be thinking is how does it work? One of the technologies identified is Vortex bladeless windmill.

But researchers have found a new process with uses zero mechanical/moving components and the electric current is generated using the electrostatics principal and the researchers named it as EWICON that is electrostatic wind energy converter

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  1. Thanks to school physics, we are well aware of the fact that the charged particles move from the positive terminal to negative
  2. During the terminal movement, the wind forces with charged particles from in the opposite direction to the electric field, this increases the potential capability of the charged particles
  3. The high potential charged particles are then collected in a charging system which is insulated to earth
  4. Work done by water droplet is 1.13 x 10 power (-2) microJoule
  5. Power produced by for flow rate of 20 ml/hour is 113 mW/nozzle
  6. For 5 micrometer diameter of the water droplet with 70% charged gives a power output of ½ W with 4.7 microAmpere as a current through and 20 G? as electrical load
  7. High flexibility in structural profile as it can be perforated in O shape, rectangle shape, square shape etc.

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EWICON- Electrostatic Wind Energy Converter
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-20

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